Chapter 65 : 3 stages


Z looked at Roja. He saw determination on Roja’s eyes, His heart was pleased but he also felt some loss. He finally nodded and said.
“I approve of it.”
The CP executive looking at this scene and a Z. He grunted then turned away to leave while saying “Let’s go.”
The other officials already left as they were unable to stay after they lost their faces.
Garp didn’t care about their departure. His eyes were fixed on Roja. he couldn’t use words to describe the complex emotions his was feeling.
Garp always wanted his son, Monkey.D.Dragon to be a good Marine. But as a result Dragon ran to the revolutionary army. He became the world’s most wanted criminal. Although on the other hand. Dragon was strong so Garp was proud of him even if he didn’t follow the direction that Garp wanted him to follow.
And now Roja made him very satisfied and proud.
“These guys …”
Sengoku looked at the world government crowd. He didn’t call them back. He only shook his head then looked at Z and said “For the exam, Tomorrow come over and apply for it formally.”
Because the graduation of anyone from the elite camp will be someone with a high rank, The graduation exam has to go through Sengoku himself.
“That would be good.”
Z nodded his head.
Roja already reached the graduation criteria but although his strength isn’t a problem, the rank he will get after the exam is the final result. So whether he become a commander, a captain or a Commodore all depend on him.
The exam had three stages you won’t graduate unless you complete all of the three.
The first stage is a simple physical test. Like a strength measurement, speed, attack power and so on.
The second stage is very different as he need to set out with the Marine and catch or kill a pirate that has at least 100 million berry.
And the performance while doing the arrest is to be assessed. If his performance is poor he won’t pass.
Also this time Z won’t be saving the one who take the exam as he need to depend on himself. And if he become a little bit careless he might die there.
Finally it’s the third stage which is a to fight against ten prisoners, monsters or even some strong Marines.
if he won then he will pass.
Although Roja joined the elite camp for five months or so, He still understood structure of the exam.
In Roja’s view the first stage was set so the recruit won’t apply for graduation easily. The second test was considered the real graduation exam.
If you can pass the physical test then you can participate in the real exam.
The third stage is the same as the second. after the physical test those two test will focus on combat ability and training results.
“It seem soon we will get another good fellow Marine.”
Aokiju looked at Roja then continued ” The third stage of the exam i will be there to watch.”
The elite recruits graduation exam’s third stage is exiting for many people of the elite camp. As their performance will be seen by Aokiji, Akainu, Kisaru and others high ranked Marines.
But they were rarely interested in this.
The current three admirals have set a record in their graduation exam.
But Roja’s talent is extraordinary. He got outstanding powers. It doesn’t seem any less the them when they were his age. What’s more this guy is Garp’s nephew. So Aokiji was very interested in to watch the third stage of the exam.
“i wonder what will Mr.Garp’s nephew do in the third stage?”
Aokiji heart flashed with an idea as he glanced at Roja then turned around to leave.
“Didn’t expect Teacher Z to have taught such a good student. it seem that teacher isn’t old or anything.” Kisaru at the same time looked around and continued “Even if i was busy when he will have his third stage of the exam i will still come and see.”
Kisaru and Aokiji left the field.
“Well if i had time i will also come and watch.”
Sengoku looked at Z and Garp with a smile then turned away.
in the blink of an eyes the world government official and the high ranked marines all have gone. Only Z and Garp are still with the other elite camp members.
Z looked at Roja and said ” Tomorrow submit you graduation exam application. The day after that we will hold you first stage of the exam so you can prepare.”
Z said this while knowing that Roja didn’t have anything to prepare. he meant for him to go and get some rest.
And so Roja left with Garp. Seeing them leave among the elite camp crowd someone spoke.
“Teacher Z i’d like to apply for graduation.”
“Me too!”
The first to say this was impressively Smoker. After that many followed as they already were preparing to apply for the exam but they didn’t expect that Roja would take the chance to be the first to apply.
Z didn’t find this situation surprising.
Although the elite camp members can apply for graduation at any time but usually there is someone leading to it. And after that person lead all the other will follow him to do their graduation. And this time that person was Roja.
“Smoker, …”
Z will apply for graduation for those he called by name. After a bit he said “Is there anyone else ?”
No one talked.
Seeing this Z nodded his head and turned away.
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