Chapter 4: A True Brother

Chapter 4: A True Brother


Jan stood up and started roaming the city. Jan stood up and started roaming the city.
« If I want to survive I need to adapt my lifestyle to this place.

And even more important, I need to leave this city so I could gather more info and to find someone who could help me out.

I can’t depend on getting back to life every time, I don’t know why that is happening and it might stop happening at any time, then I’ll be doomed. If that means I have to train myself, then training is what I will be doing!

And my training shouldn’t be just physical, I need to work on my mental strength as well. I might be fit, I do know some martial arts, but all that did me nothing good against those beasts.

Just as they attacked I froze in place every time, even though I could see their movements. Well getting stronger might get me more prepared mentally but I can’t do this on my own: I definitely need some guidance! »

He stopped at a bar and went in, just to find the knight that he met before: “Speak of the devil!” he said to himself, as he greeted him.

“Oh, it’s you!” Said the knight, “Did you manage to leave the city?” Jan took a seat by his side, asked the bartender for a drink saying to himself: “You don’t really get to know someone until you get ridiculously drunk with them”

⦁ It was just like you said with those beasts, they were all over the roads chasing people.

Rollo Hit his glass on the table: “Wow he’s wasted!” Jan murmured.

⦁ “What a shame! So many years that I spent with my brothers fighting side by side against those beasts! And they never seem to end!”

He barely managed to stand up and shouted:

⦁ “I, the fourth commander of Valkery’s knights, how taken the vow to spend my life defending this city, or to give my life for it, for if I don’t, I shall never face Odin with my head held up high! WHO’S WITH ME?”

“ Hahahaha Odin? That’s it!” said Jan to himself. And to the shock of Rollo, he stood up and started singing:

Those who cannot face death shall never go inside

I’ll never go through Valhalla’s gates if I ever weep or cry

For a true son of Odin shall face death with a smile

To join his brothers in Odin’s dwelling, he ’s ready to say goodbye

Rollo put his arm over Jan’s shoulder and they carried on:

To this world, and its ways, to its fights and his mates

Gladly, I shall be drinking ale, with the AEsir up high

The days of my life are ending, I laugh as I die!

【Speech rises by 1 point. (+1)】

【Speech rises by 1 point. (+1)】

【Speech rises by 1 point. (+1)】

【Speech rises by 1 point. (+1)】

Jan whispered: “This is going way better than I thought it would!”

Rollo looked at him and said: “You brother, are a TRUE BROTHER! I know this might be too direct but do you

wanna join us, Valkery’s knights? It comes with many perks! I also want to train you myself! So what do you think?”


【Quest: Joining The Brotherhood】

【“Valkery’s knights commander Rollo is frustrated about the increasing number of beasts around his town.
Despite being so drunk, he could recognize your bravery and asked you to join him.
Accepting the commander’s offers will give you perks that most regular players cannot usually get. It will also mean you are joining the Brotherhood!】

【Difficulty Level: E】

【Quest requirements:  ⦁ Close friendship with Rollo

⦁ Getting Rollo really drunk ⦁ Making Rollo acknowledge your courage】

【Will u join the Brotherhood(Y/N?)】


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