Chapter 93: Gecko pirates


“Did the Gecko pirate enter the Grandline before ?”
Roja stood up, touched his chin and asked while walking toward the door.
Although he asked that question, But in his mind, he didn’t really care why did they stay in the west blue. The Gecko pirates in his eyes were just ten thousand points for him to claim.
If there is more of those kinds of pirates he will soon accumulate the point needed to get the Saiji O Wazamono sword.
“We thought the same thing, but we just received information that they are on the nearby island.”
The officer who comes to report saw Roja get out of the office and followed behind him while his eyes revealed his fear of those pirates
The pirates always avoid the Marine but there wasn’t a case were a Marine avoided a pirate. But Gecko pirate is different.
They were defeated by those pirates before and even their former Boss was killed by them.
Because of this, the Marine in the first base held fear toward them.
“Mr. Roja, What should we do? Do we request support from the nearby bases and attack or …”
Roja glanced at the captain beside him and said “Even if the second base rushed to our base it would take them a long time to get here. Moreover, Do you really want people from other bases to come to Support us ?”
“This …”
The captain revealed his hesitation after that question. If they were to request support from other bases they would be the laughing stock of all bases. The dignified first base of the west blue couldn’t handle a mere pirate in the West blue.
Roja knew the idea that was on the head of the captain before him, he smiled and said: “It’s not necessary a troublesome problem.”
Hearing Roja’s word  The captain was surprised ” Mr. Roja, the Gecko pirates aren’t trivial pirates. even the former leader was …”
Talking to here the captain paused while face paled with fear then said “Rear admiral Tika isn’t in the base now. It is best to wait for his return before doing anything.”
After hearing this, Roja stopped and looked at the captain.
The captain thought that Roja accepted his idea, Then he was surprised by Roja who suddenly laughed.
“Don’t you want to regain this base’s reputation? being so fearful and having no courage at all, don’t worry I will bring back that fame.”
“This …”
When he heard Roja’s word, the captain’s face was constantly changing. And when he was about to react and respond to Roja he found out that Roja has long gone.
He hesitated a little then bit his teeth and followed up.
Roja was the base’s leader, So he didn’t have any power to refute his decision. Not only the Captain everyone wanted to revive the reputation of their base.
And the best way was indeed to catch the Gecko pirates!
He heard from those who were with Roja on the Warship that Roja was quite strong and they couldn’t measure him just by his age. Since that’s the case, he chose to believe their words.
Roja departed on a warship along three captains from the first base.
The enemy defeated the Former leader of the first base, Roja’s order went smoothly as they now went to suppress the Gecko pirates.
The atmosphere on the warship was terrible, a lot of Marines were afraid to go against the gecko pirates.
Such an atmosphere made Roja laugh.
Roja didn’t say anything. At least those Marine had some courage. He was standing on the deck with the captains. They were looking at the information about the Gecko pirates. They were dead set on chasing after them.
ON the sea, a large pirate ship was slowly moving forward.
“The last preparation is Done…”
The captain of the Gecko pirates had a cold and terrifying face, He was standing there grinning creepily.
“Captain, are we heading to the Grandline now ?”
“Kishishishishi, I want all people on the Grandline to know my name.”
The other people on board revealed their excitement. There was no need for them to continue and stay in the West blue anymore.
And at this time, a pirate suddenly ran over and shouted.
“Captain, we found a Marine warship in front of us.”
The captain of the Gecko pirates with his sharp teeth felt surprised for a moment he suddenly grinned.
“The Maine still want to cause trouble for me, Before we head toward the Grandline, I will make them know who am i.”
“Hey Hey!”
The cadres saw this and were excited. They grinned while picking their weapons. They didn’t fear the Marines at all and their eyes thirsty for blood.
In front of the Gecko pirate’s ship was a medium-sized warship from the First base.
On the warship, a captain was looking puzzled at Roja who was on the deck then said to him anxiously “Mr. Roja, The enemy had entered our range. Do we dire at them ?”
The biggest advantage the warship hold on the pirates’ ships is the firepower. Even if it was a good pirate ship it will be hardly comparable to the firepower of a warship.
In accordance with the Marine rules and practices, Once a pirate ship enters their range they will immediately start firing so they can hold some advantage over them.
but its still a decision of the leader whether he should attack or not.
But this time Roja didn’t give the command to start a fire even after they were already in their range.
Roja didn’t issue the command which made the three captain’s hearts anxious. but they still didn’t dare to make the decision themselves.
“Mr. Roja please allow the start of firing.”
The captain forehead was full of cold sweat. they didn’t expect that Roja won’t follow common sense. He planned on attacking the Gecko pirates but still didn’t command the attack.
Is it because he is still young and never fought on the sea before?
Thinking about this made the captain foreheads full of cold sweat. Now the opportunity to start the fire is lost, their hearts gradually sunk to the ground. They always felt that he was too young to be a leader.
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