G.O.S.S Chapter 124-125

Hi, Sorry guys I was on a field trip related to work, I will publish two chaps now and one later. Enjoy!




Link: 124    125

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    Thanks for the chapter..

  • Masked Lucy

    I guess I can talk for all when thanking like this…

    Many thanks for fixing the website. Now there isn’t loading issues.
    Did you even found out what was causing the issue? If you want to reply.

    And I can’t read more of this! Hope you can keep going translating this until you reach the original current chapter. And yes, I got to learn some spoilers in story and I must say I WANT YOU TO TRANSLATE RIGHT NOW!

    • Omrane96

      Well, There was someone trying to overload the website, that caused the crashes and everything else. I am still trying to remove the spams that’s why the comment need to be approved first, Sorry about that just bear with it for now.

      • Masked Lucy

        Oh I remember seeing those comments which makes no sense about your blog or whatever.
        Good luck with that.

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