G.O.S.S Chapters 127-128

Hi Guys, Sorry about this weak, I publish five chaps today and two chaps daily for the next two weeks, Btw I will publish chap 157 and 158 later on patreon for those who are intrested.




Link: 127     128

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  • AlucardDCLXVI

    Thanks for the chapters!

  • Kazzh

    No problem. Take your time, no hurry. You just made my day.

  • master_

    Thanks for the chapter, every day I went in to see if there was an update, I really like the novel :), and I’m still BR and I use google translate

    • Jv

      Me too kkkkkkk. Google translate is life.

  • ShadowOfDemise

    Bro when will you upload a chapter for the strongest hokage???????

    • Omrane96

      sorry sometime soon

  • paulo

    Thanks for the chapter, more plz

  • Shinn154

    Thanks for the chapters.. i love the novel cuz im fan of both series.

  • Well I Guess we didnt get 5 chapter the other day and didnt even get chapter and 2 chapter daily on next 2 week. Ill just wait and hope to update this novel. Well the translator more focus on patreon so we can only wait in this site.

    • Omrane96

      well sorry (m_m) today will be many chaps in bulk (like 7 or so…)

  • paulo

    Please, more chapters, I can not take it any more, I go in every day and do not have 1 T ^ T

    • Omrane96

      today i will publish some in bulk.

  • Too bad

  • licht

    i can’t wait anymore please upload MOARRRRRRR!!!!
    this Novel has 400+ chapters still Ongoing
    but he’s already this strong at 127. i want to see what will happen at 200 or 300th chapters

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