G.O.S.S Chapter 129-133

Hi, First five chaps, Enjoy!


Link: 129   130   131    132   133

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  • Nikkless

    Thx for the chapters 😁
    Next Release date?
    Dont like cliffhangers

    • Omrane96

      One hour or so… another 5 chaps.

      • Nikkless

        Thx 😁

  • AlucardDCLXVI

    Thanks for the chapters!

  • TheBigDragonWillRise

    thanks for the chapters

  • Emiriot

    Subiras mas caps mñn?o hoy? xD o la otra novela q tbn traduces?muchas gracias x la traduccion

  • paulo

    hahahahahaha more more more please, thank you for the job

  • Finally its boa’s arc!!!!

    Thank you so very very much!!!!

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