G.O.S.S Chapter 141-142

Hi, Yesterday I didn’t publish any chap in patreon, so I didn’t publish here too. Anyway, I just published the chaps 167 and 168 in patreon and tomorrow if I can translate 4 chaps, there will be 4 chaps here too. Enjoy the chaps and good night!


Link: 141     142

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  • Python

    Thanks for the chapter

    • Anggit

      Thanks for the chapter Ganbatte

  • Carlos

    Stop translating?

    • Omrane96

      nope just returned

  • paulo

    man more chapter plzzz

  • KKK

    hey there ! waiting for the releassse

  • paulo

    Does anyone know when they will get more chapters? I come every day and I’m feeling bored.

  • paulo

    *bored = sad (sorry)

  • Yo

    Sigue activa esta novela?
    Y the strongest hokage?

  • Nikkless

    When will you release the next chapter?

  • Nikkless

    Are you going to release them here or are they only in patreon

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