G.O.S.S Chapter 189

Hi, This is Today’s chap, Hope you like it, Thanks for your support and good night!


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  • Dodoloco

    Ai mano sou brasileiro e cade os capítulos vei,posta mais, tenho dinheiro para entrar no paterno não… >=/

  • ThatKnight64

    I used to read this story but I’m visually impaired and since you removed the copy function my text-to-speech program no longer works on your site. This is sadness.

  • Magnic

    Cool that it’s “updated” everyday…

    • Chris

      Go on Patreon, make an account, follow Translatin Otaku. If an announcement comes up you will get an email with the contents.

      • Magnic

        “IF”… What’s important is current announcement from feb 19. I’ve gotten hooked up on this series, and if i don’t get to read it quick enough it will be another novel i lost interest in despite actually wanting to read it.

        Being depressed for 15 years does many strange things to a man.

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