T.S.H Chapter 19

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  • how often do your update chapters on patreon?
    I would like to support you but chappter 19-34 will be a short read for me.
    Updates one chapter per day or 8 chapters on patreon per week?

    If translations take allot of your time, why not use LNMTL raws as reference to save you some guess work time.
    Thanks for everything, wish to have faster releases of Strongest Hokage.

    • Hello there,
      I update at least 20 chap per month in patreon ( 10 T.S.H + 10 G.O.S.S ) just for 2$
      and of course there is other option with more chaps for the people who want to support more 🙂

  • Romaine Bailey

    Hey otaku i had patreon for you one tim
    e but now i tried to go back on it wont let mi what can i do to solve it ??

    • maybe u got blocked try to create a new one or give me you’re user name and i will solve this for u

      • Romaine Bailey

        Thanks for the reply my user name is romainebailey and thanks again.

        • you’re not blocked, contact the support or simply just create another account 🙂

          • Romaine Bailey

            Support how do i contact them exactly?

          • Hey there, like i said contact the support of patreon so they can help you out or creat a new account.

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