Chapter 187: [Title at the end]

Chapter 186: Ambush
Chapter 188: All Killed
“At three o’clock in the west, the pirate ship should belong to the Dark blade pirates, they disappeared over a decade ago, the captain has a 550 million on his head.” (Tl: This should be a new guy.)
The ship kept being identified by the Marines, each one knew one of them. Most of the Marines’ backs were full of cold sweat.
“How could this happen? Many pirates that didn’t appear for a decade are here, why did all of them gather here?”
The identity of the last ship was known to a Rear Admiral, his eyes were aghast as all the pirates that appeared had 500 million or more on their heads.
Even if they weren’t as strong as Doflamingo and Jack, but together they could form a terrifying force.
“A bunch of clowns came out?”
It was at this time that Roja’s voice was heard, he went to the deck and looked at the pirates surrounding his ship, his tone was kind of dull.
Almost impossible not to guess the connection between them, they all had some resentment toward Garp.
Quickly, the first to arrive were the Chinjoa pirates, a bald old man with Haoshoku coming out of his body and his eyes were full of killing intent.
“the Little devil… You didn’t sin, but you have to pay the price for the guy who did!”
Following that, the Captain of the Dark blade arrived as said with a cold tone: “Garp killed my brother and today I will use your blood as payback!”
One after the other, the ships didn’t open fire as they encircled the warship. In such a situation there was no need for cannons.
Seeing them one after the other gather around them, the Marines including Roja had helpless looks on their faces
And at this time, another figure appeared from the sky, his appearance became The straw that broke the camel’s back. Many Marines became desperate.
(Tl: I think this is an Arabic idiom not even Chinese but I don’t really know exactly.)
DonQuixote Doflamigo.
Stepping on an invisible line, Doflamingo stood high in the sky as he looked on Roja from above, he exposed his evil smile.
“Fufufufufu, Ghost Sword Roja… How do you like this gift that I prepared.”
The Marines now were full of fear looking that those more than 500 million big shots and Doflamingo.
So all of this is Doflamingo’s doing… What a lowly move!
This kind of group could probably attack an Admiral.
How could they resist?
This is simply desperate.
“Not bad!”
Roja glanced at the nearby pirate’s ships, he looked up toward Doflamingo with arrogance and said: “You can’t do it yourself so you went and called those big timers?”
“Fufufufufu, Although you are indeed strong and I’m no match for you… you want to see the sun of tomorrow now.”
Doflamingo sneered, his hand was like a claw as he waved fiercely toward Roja.
A large number of strings formed a thick rope that went toward Roja, Doflamingo used this trick to split the entire first base in the west blue, That time Roja couldn’t take it on easily.
In the moment Doflamingo attacked all the big shots attacked after him.
The deck of the warship exploded, many Marines in the vicinity flew directly and some Marines looked horrified at that sight.
“Vice-Admiral Roja!!”
Many Marines had followed Roja for a long time, in their eyes, Roja was the most admirable person, How could they sit still?
Someone clenched his fist as he bit hard on his teeth while looking at the pirates in every direction, he was ready to desperately fight those pirates.
But at this time Roja’s loud proud voice passed through the dust.
“This is all you’ve got?”
Suddenly the smoke dispersed, Roja’s figure appeared without a speck of dust on him.
“This is impossible!”
“Those attacks… Were blocked?”
Doflamingo and the other pirates revealed their shock.
Roja’s momentum suddenly burst, all the dust was cleared away, his eyes glanced at the audience and his figure flashed, he first came on top of Don Chinjao.
He waved his sword and a grand Sword energy was shot out, Getsuga Tensho.
Chinjao heart was surprised, it was too late to avoid it now so he hardened his heart and used his Busoshoku on his head and went toward the attack.
But as it touched him, it directly went through him and directly landed on the deck of his ship, the entire ship was cut in two and below it, a huge gully appeared in the sea.
“You group of losers are not different from those losers in the Eternal Hell, I have already killed hundreds of them already… You alone want to kill me?”
After the first strike that killed Chinjao and cut apart his ship he went toward the next one, his monstrous momentum swept in every direction.
“Not good!”
“Kill that kid!”
The rest of the pirates saw Chinjao getting killed just like that and couldn’t help fear terror. Although Roja killed Jack they didn’t think that his attacks would be this terrifying.
At this moment, everyone attacked again.
A variety of attacks once again smashed at Roja, but Roja didn’t flash to evade, he used the sword and swept at them.
Bakuretsu Tensho.
A thunderous roar was heard and those countless attacks coming toward him were defeated just like that. But his attack didn’t slow down after defeating their attacks as it was headed toward the 550 million bounty holder, the captain of the Dark Blade, As it landed everything burned into nothingness.
The flames exploded at the ship and everything was swept clean.
Another pirate is dead.
“What a terrifying attack…”
As he saw that against every one of them together, Roja could win like it’s nothing, Doflamingo couldn’t help but reveal a hint of fear.
Roja was very strong but not to this extent!
What the hell did happen?
Chapter 187: Sweeping The Audience (Tl: My title “Destroying Everyone!!”)
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Chapter 186: Ambush
Chapter 188: All Killed
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