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Chapter 191: The Road Leading to the top.

Chapter 191: The Road Leading to the top.


In Marijois, The meeting for the next Shichibukai was held, Many officials were seated, but in the Shichibukai seats, there were five empty seats out of six.
“Out of six, only one came?”
Sengoku entered the room, looked at the people present and shook his head and said: “It no one want to wait any longer, let’s get started.”
As he talked Sengoku went toward his own seat.
But at this time there was a sound of footsteps coming from outside, then a man with a hat and a long black sword entered the room.
The world’s strongest swordsman, Mihawk.
“Well, I didn’t expect you to come, this is a bit unexpected.”
Sengoku slightly turned and looked, from the Six in the Shichibuaki, the most unlikely to come was Mihawk, because he didn’t want to even talk through a video call.
No one could expect him to go as far as coming here personally.
“I’m a bit interested in someone.”
Mihawk calmly said and went to his seat, he put the sword beside him and sat down.
Roja defeated Doflamingo and received the Ghost sword title, This made Mihawk slightly interested in Roja, Then the latter killed Jack and killed the other who ambushed him and destroyed the DonQuixote family…
Ghost sword’s title was already getting more and more famous.
Many people are even guessing that Roja might even surpass Mihawk and become the strongest Swordsman!
So Mihawk wasn’t someone who would sit down after he heard this.
Sengoku glanced at him and didn’t say a thing, he then turned to his front and  said: “So the Meeting to decide the next Shichibukai will start…”
With Sengoku’s words, the conference began.
In the highest floor if the same building, the Five old men were sitting there (Tl: btw I say oldmen but he calls them Supreme powers of the world or the strongest of the world or something like that.)
“Moria didn’t come, Crocodile didn’t come, Jimbei didn’t come and Hancock also didn’t come, these bastards have really ignored the rules set by the world government.”
One of them was drinking his tea with an indifferent expression as he expected this long ago.
Another one said: “As long as they can maintain the balance.”
“Mihawk came, this was really unexpected, apparently he came for Roja.”
“Is it because his position as the strongest Swordsman is threatened?”
Those five started talking, they were calm and not showing any emotions, as expected from the supreme power of the world.
“Doflamingo defied the rules and ambushed a Marine, although he deserved to be removed and killed, Sengoku started this operation without receiving my instruction which disregards the rules.”
The man with the sword spoke coldly.
In fact, All of them knew that it’s almost impossible to remove DoFlamingo from the Shichibukai, because of his identity and the information he knew about the world government. It was hard to deal with him unless something like Roja killing him happened.
“Although Roja ignored the Rules, it would be a great help to get rid of that trouble.”
“But Roja’s identity… Although nothing is revealed yet, it is unknown whether he will become a figure like Dragon or not.”
“According to the period of observation it’s unlikely, Roja is more like Garp, The only problem is that he is a troublemaker. And his strength now is a great help for the Marines.”
The tall and the thin old men stood up and started walking into the room and the room turned silent for a bit.
After a while, one of the five said:” Roja’s strength can already be considered as strong as an Admiral, so him staying as a Vice-admiral is a little bit inappropriate, There are three Admiral, but we could make a slight reform.”
Garp refused the promotion, So the five were helpless and now they want to make Roja an Admiral but there was no room.
“This thing is for Sengoku to deal with.”
“It’s true that Roja can be observed again.”
Someone said this and all of them nodded, this topic will temporarily stop here.
After a few days in the Amazon lily, Roja left.
This time when he left, Hancock’s attitude toward him changed greatly, it wasn’t as strong as the illness in the original story but her tone became moderate.
He still had a long way to get her.
Roja indeed enjoyed Hancock’s temperament and unlike Luffy, he decided to take responsibility for the bath accident.
Hancock used to be a Celestial Dragon’s slave. This identity was dangerous if he wants to protect her he must have a strength above everyone else.
This is Roja’s goal from the beginning.
Back to the Marine’s headquarters, Roja began to practice.
Half a month later. Roja broke the shackles of the flesh and reached more than 50%, he successfully mastered his shinigami’s powers and was ready to enter that state whenever he wants.
Roja in that state will be in the known Shinigami’s clothes, his appearance slightly resemble Byakuya’s the captain of the sixth division.
In this mode, his spiritual power consumption will increase and in exchange, his abilities will get stronger and stronger.
In this state, Roja’s power is even above the Admirals he is nearly as strong as one of the Yonko.
After mastering it, Roja didn’t stop his practice, he wants to break the shackles completely so he would make his soul free and completely liberate its ability, so he continued to practice and enhance his soul sword.
(Tl: Second Volume … End!!)
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