Chapter 196: Shiki’s fall!

Chapter 195: Fuwa Fuwa No Mi powers
Chapter 197: East Blue

Chapter 196: Shiki’s fall!


“My head…”
Seeing his head full of burn marks and his whole body black, Shiki was enraged.
“You damn little brat!”
Shiki used his ability crazily, A few island that were floating were moving.
Seeing this scene the pirates were appalled.
“This is bad!”
“It’s really bad, Shiki-sama using that skill!”
The pirates looked at the island coming from all directions with a look of panic and helplessness.
Some people tried to calm him down but Shiki couldn’t hear them anymore due to his anger. At this moment he just wanted to kill Roja.
“This move is bad news!”
Roja looked at the gathering islands from all direction then rushed toward Shiki again.
Woush! Woush!
 Two people constantly collided in mid-air.
Shiki used Nitoryu and every single sword strike would have the strength of Roja’s Getsuga Tensho. If it wasn’t for his legs getting shopped he would have easily surpassed Roja using his hand to wield the swords.
In the air there were hundreds of millions of petals under Roja’s Control, Shiki almost couldn’t keep up with him.
After Another collision, Shiki suddenly retreated as one of the islands has come!
He was a Duel Sword grandmaster, coupled with the ability to control the islands he was at a level above the Admirals even though he was weakened due to his legs.
Three islands were moving toward Roja while making whistling sounds.
Although Shiki was also surrounded by the islands, he wasn’t afraid of them as he has mastered his ability long ago.
“Experience despair!”
“Shiki… If this is your full power then you aren’t worth much.”
Roja looked at Shiki, his thirst for battle diminished, his eyes became dull as he arrogantly said: “Within ten breaths, you will die here!”
“Hahahaha, You can only succeed in saying that not doing it. Even daring to spout something that arrogant, it seems you think highly of yourself, You simply can’t compare with that bastard Garp!”
Shiki seemed to take Roja’s words as a joke as he laughed.
“Is that so?”
Roja’s gaze has calmed down as if he no longer had emotions, and within a second a strange force surged from him.
After a moment, this weird force poured out of his body and his uniform and the cape behind him was covered by it and turned into a black and white robe. (Tl: Shinigami’s outfit I think.)
Shinigami’s mode, open.
At this moment, Roja’s body gave a strange feeling, everyone who looks at this would feel terror, even Shiki felt unease in his heart when he looked at this.
This is the strength…
At heart, Shiki was vigilant of Roja’s move.
In the first breath, Roja’s sword moved, he defeated Shiki’s sword energy strike and moved toward him.
Second breath, third breath, Roja waved his sword and hit the island n his rear directly splitting it in half.
Fourth breath, fifth breath, Roja continued to chase after Shiki and waving his sword, Shiki panicked an tried to avoid and another island was split in two.
Sixth and seventh breath, Shiki was overtaken by Roja in the air and waved his sword from the sky and Shiki was smashed in the ruins from above.
The eighth breath, Roja came down from the sky and waved his sword.
Soon an earth Shattering Roar was heard, Shiki tired to rise from the rubble but it’s already too late to dodge So he could only use the Lion head to try to stop the strike.
But that strike wasn’t a normal Getsuga Tensho, it was Bakuretsu Tensho.
Then, Numerous retreating pirates were shocked watching this spectacle, Above the island a huge cloud in the shape of a mushroom above the palace was seen, and the palace was blown into pieces.
“t wasn’t ten breaths yet, I didn’t expect him to only last eight breaths.” Roja stood in the sky and looked at the island indifferently.
Shiki’s body was on the island, despite Shiki using his Haki in the last moment to defend against that attack, he still couldn’t defend against Roja’s Bakuretsu Tensho.
The moment that Roja’s voice fell, all the islands stopped and quietly started to slide into the sea below.
The pirates who were still alive fell with the islands.
They looked at Roja who was still floating in the sky and their eyes were full of disbelief.
“This isn’t possible, Shiki-sama was actually…”
“The islands are falling”
Some people spoke drily, their eyes showing their shock.
The islands were falling toward the sea, this would make it clear for anyone.
The islands floating in the sky were relying on the devil fruit ability to fly when they started falling down this means… Shiji has lost.
The one who was a legend standing with Whitebeard and Roja, the first to escape the Impel Down in the History, This was who Shiki was.
The sea witnessed again the death of a Legend, leaving only Whitebeard now!
The island fell from the sky and made terrible waves like a tsunami that moved in all directions.
Roja, while he was coming down, took a Den Den Mushi into his hands.
“Hey! This is Sengoku!”
“Roja’s talking!”
“Oh Roja, what’s up?”
“Shiki was killed by me just now.”
In the Headquarters, Sengoku was holding the Den Den Mushi with one hand and a cup of tea with the other, suddenly the cup if tea slipped down quietly.
With a click, it smashed into the ground.
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Chapter 195: Fuwa Fuwa No Mi powers
Chapter 197: East Blue
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