Thinking about these shocking scenes, Naito couldn’t help but exhale.
After a short time, Naito collected all the head of the twelve ninjas and sealed them into the scrolls.
Some of the ordinary people of the caravan didn’t survive the battle and some of them just run away.
What a sad end for these people.
“This is an incredible thing you did there.”
Dai finally regained some of his energy, but his body was still weak and exhausted.
“We will encounter more incredible things in the future.”
Naito smiled at him while he was helping him walk.
“Yeah, our youth should burn more and more!”
Although Dai’s body was so weak, he was still full of excitement.
when Naito heard that sentence he felt like vomiting.
But he endured the feeling and just revealed a hint of helplessness.
After opening the Sixth Gate, Although dai muscles didn’t tear apart, yet he was in a very bad shape.
It will take him at least a few days to recover.
Naito couldn’t leave Dai behind, so he carried him along with him, the mission was finally completed, and Konoha was only far by a few days away.
Nothing can be done now.
Naito headed to a small river nearby, then the two of them started walking along the flow of the water.
The weather was cool, breezes of wind were blowing from time to time.
The river was crystal clear and cool.
But suddenly that cool feeling become heavier.
Cooler but heavier, it felt more like cold.
This coldness can be nothing but a killing intent.
Naito and Dai stopped.
A man carrying a sword was standing in front of them.
In the ninja world, such a figure is just ordinary.
But Naito’s instinct made him stop, that cold feeling, the feeling of your blood being frozen in your veins.
The most shocking thing was Konoha’s symbol on the forehead protector of that guy.
But that wasn’t the only shocking thing about him, there were three tomoes in his red eyes which revealed his identity.
He’s… an Uchiha!
Dai wanted to speak, but he lost himself the moment he looked into his eyes.
Naito didn’t get affected but he stood up silently.
No fear, he just stood there waiting for them.
“Not even a mask, this is due to what? the pride of the Uchiha or the arrogance?”
Looking to the Uchiha Ninja in front of him, Naito took a deep breath.
This time another party appeared here.
The purpose is crystal clear.
He wanted to kill him!
However, that guy didn’t even wear a mask to hide his identity, he didn’t even change his dress, it was the official uniform of Konoha.
This is not self-confidence, it was the pride of all of his ancestor on his shoulders.
“Why do I need to hide my self from a dead man?”
The Uchiha gently pulled out his sword.
A cold glow got reflected on Naito from the sword, it seems the feeling got heavier.
This sword looked very similar to the Kusanagi Sword, it looked like a very ordinary sword.
The Uchiha’ sword may look ordinary, but the moment you look at the top of the blade down to its hilt, you will know that this is no ordinary sword.
And it can’t be made by any blacksmith.
His killing intent was all over the place.
Naito slightly narrowed his eyes, then he gently pressed his hand on Dai’s shoulder and freed him from the Genjutsu.
Dai forced himself to open the first gate, he doesn’t have a lot of chakra in his body but that will work.
Counting Genjutsu is a simple task for him.
He only needs to use the Hachimon Tonkou and normal Genjutsu will not work on him.
“This guy… he’s an enemy.”
Although Dai is a little bit clumsy he’s not stupid.
Looking at the Uchiha in front of him, he knew his intentions.
The conflicts between Naito and the Uchiha clan may not be known for all people around the village but Dai was aware of the situation.
But he didn’t expect this.
The Uchiha clan dared to arrange an assassination in order to kill Naito.
This kind of darkness act made Maito Dai full of anger.
“Well, surely he’s our enemy now.”
Naito nodded at him then he seriously said: “You’re in a bad state, let me handle him.”
“This guy… I won’t forgive him.”
Dai took a deep breath, but this is didn’t make him less angry.
They’ve sent a Shinobi to kill Naito!
This is enough!
Uchiha Tsuki without any kind of disguise, he was wearing Konoha’s official uniform, so you can judge his identity from just a glance.
“Give me a chance.”
“Understood… but rest assured I will never let this filthy Uchiha hurt you.”
Dai said that with a very serious tone.
He was ready to open the Seven Gate.
But Dai had some confidence in Naito that he will not get defeated this easily, so he will wait before he opens the Seven Gate.
He may have some confidence in Naito but he can’t have full confidence.
In Dai’s view, Naito is strong enough to defeat a Jonin, but not all the Jonin are the same.
Yuu Naito is just a kid filled with youth flames but he didn’t grow enough yet.
He’s still a green leaf that should be protected.
Although it’s really dangerous he is ready to open the Seven Gate.
Dai is only capable of opening seven gates, The Seven Gate is his limit.
Once he opens it, the side effects will be similar to the one Lee had at that exam.
However, there’s no other way.
“Maito Dai the Eternal Genin, I heard a lot about you, and it looks like the stories are true.”
The Uchiha mocked Dai when he looked at him.
He is not worried about Dai, he needs thousands of years before he can even stand against him.
Dai is not worthy to even look at.
Even Yuu Naito is a similar case.
He may be able to kill Samui.
But Uchiha Tsuki is on a whole different level.
Tsuki finally moved his sword.
And it was pointed toward Naito.
This moment.
Tsuki looked more focused.
The fight started!
Uchiha didn’t try to use Genjutsu on Naito, didn’t even try to cast a Ninjutsu.
He rushed toward Naito while he was holding his sword with two hands, his killing intent was all over the place.
“So he’s a Kenjutsu user just like Sakumo.”
Naito’s expression changed, but he wasn’t afraid.
This is not enough to scare him.
You want to kill him, then it’s war!
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