“Naito-Sensei, when are you coming back…”
Konan’s face had a sad expression, in fact, what she really wanted to ask if Naito will ever come back.
She wanted to see him again.
“I can’t be sure, but I will definitely come back.”
Naito patted Konan’s head, then he reminded Yahiko: “Be careful, don’t expose the fact that you’re a Ninja, don’t use Ninjutsu to show off, and you will be safe.”
“I will never do such a thing.”
Yahiko smiled, but in fact, he already was thinking about these things!
He’s a child after all, he became a Ninja, and of course, he wanted to show off some of his skills.
Naito shook his head slightly, but he didn’t say any more words, then turned and left quickly.
He can’t waste time.
At the rear, Konan and Yahiko looked at his back with a sad look on their faces.
Yahiko tried to comfort Konan and said: “Naito-Sensei is so strong he wouldn’t have any problem, after he finishes his work, he will definitely come back to us.”
Konan gently nodded.
She also felt relieved when she thought about Naito’s strength.
Indeed, they could die, but Naito will never die, she should worry about her own safety now.
The sky got full of dark clouds, and the weather became really cold.
In the forest, there was a large number of Shinobis who were wearing the forehead protector of the Rock Village.
However, this forest is really big, no matter the numbers they had, finding someone in here is not easy.
“Look carefully, we can’t let this woman escape!”
In addition to those Shinobis of the rocks, there were some people wearing special masks.
These people where Ninjas from the Anbu department of the Rock Village, they have different masks from the one the Konoha Anbus wear.
The Anbus were assisting the Shinobis from the Rock on searching.
“Track down any sense of Chakra, divide yourselves into groups of two people and search carefully!”
One of them had a really angry face.
Ambushing this team from Konoha should have been a very easy task, but this damn woman murdered a whole team by herself.
After she entered this forest, the whole situation became more complicated.
Although they managed to hunt some people from her team they couldn’t find her!
They even found two of their most fine men dead!
The ambush itself has failed.
Now, if this woman escapes, it will be a complete humiliation that no one can take.
The whole troop of the Rock were feeling the pressure.
This is worse than dying first on the battlefield.
A lot of the Rock’s Shinobi were gathering here in order to Kill Tsunade.
Under this high pressure, its very likely they will find her sooner or later.
“We’ve received some information that Konoha is sending some troops in here to rescue this woman if this continues we will need to retreat.”
An Anbu looked at the Team Leader of the Rock unit, then said that with a cold tone.
He bit his lip then replayed: “We cannot afford to let her escape, this place is already surrounded, we will catch her.”
“And this place is on the opposite side of the Konoha camp, there’s no way they will make it in time, we will catch her and we will have plenty of time to retreat after that.”
“Use your fucking head will you!”
The Anbu was really angry, they had the chance to finish the whole team, but sill they’ve wasted the chance.
And now they are relying on their numbers to surrounder Tsunade so she can’t escape the forest.
This ambush took a lot of time.
He felt that these guys are wasting his time.
“You don’t understand don’t you? this woman is unbelievably strong, she also extremely good at medical treatments, otherwise, how did she escape the ambush in the first place?”
The situation was really tough, and the pressure become hard on them the more they spent more time in the forest, and he estimated that this Anbu was questioning his qualification of leading this unit, and things got more worst.
“You think you’re better than me? You wouldn’t succeded too if you were in my place.”
“What a Moron!”
The Anbu stared at him.
“You piece….”
The Leader team let this one slide, he didn’t want to escalate the matter anymore, because this Anbu was working directly under Onoki, so he status was really high, and complicating things with him won’t benefit anyone.
The weather was rainy as always in the Rain Village, but since the trees were really huge it was blocking most of the rain.
But even so, the ground was really soft.
Under one of these trees, there were several injured Ninjas resting there.
And their leader was Tsunade.
At this time, Tsunade was really ashamed, she couldn’t even treat her team since she couldn’t afford losing Chakra.
Af these kind of situation, even the slightest amount of chakra, the slightest amount of strength, can save your life.
There were only two healthy Ninjas around Tsunade, but the others were all injured.
However, they all had first aid and used some special herps so they can hide the smell of the blood, otherwise, they would have already been caught.
“Tsunade-Dono, the Rock’s Shinobis has already got close to this side.”
One of these Ninjas had some veins on the side of his white eyes.
He was a Ninja from the Hyuga Clan.
In this kind of places, the Hyuga members are so useful.
Becuase she’s a medical Ninja, Tsunade is really good at controlling Chakra.
But the Hyuga members are better, in fact, they’re proficients.
Even sensational cannot be compared to them, forget about sensing enemies when you have a 360-degree vision.
If this Hyuga wasn’t here with them, they would have already been caught.
When she heard this news, Tsunade expression got more complicated.
“If we go through this route, we will get out of the forest and enter the Rain Village, but there should be a lot of Shinobi over there.”
“Also there’s a lot of the Rock Shinobis searching for us in the other three directions…”


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