Just as the expression of Minato got lost in the confused faces of the others, the people in the room started to discuss the plan.
In a matter of fact, the Shinobis of Konoha are not bad users of the earth release.
However, compared to the Shinobis of the rock who are specialist they’re not good enough.
Moreover, those people have some special equipment which makes them stay for a long time underground, if they try and chase them down they will all end up dead.
After a long discussion, they come out with nothing but a headache.
Jiraiya was trying this whole time, but Naito in the other hand didn’t say a word.
“Do you have any good ideas?”
“It’s very simple, once their up, they will all get killed.”
Naito responded calmly.
Suddenly, all the people in the room had their expression changed to a really weird one.
When they will reappear, they will get killed?!
If it was this easy, then why did we have this gather in the first place?!
These words are based on nothing, he can’t even use Earth Releases, this is felt really awkward.
At this moment, a voice broke the silence.
“The Rock Troop have appeared again!”
When the news came over, the atmosphere of the entire camp changed and become really tense.
The only one who didn’t have a similar expression was Naito.
The moment he heard the news a cold stare appeared on his face.
The Ninja reported the exact location of their attack in a very fast way.
Jiraiya immediately looked toward his team and shouted.
“Everyone, come with me… What?!”
As he was about to complete his sentence, he stopped, then his expression changed.
Naito who was sitting right next to him a moment ago disappeared!
When did he leave?!
He’s really fast!
He regained his focus then commanded everyone to follow him.
Naito is a great support of the team, yet he cannot use earth release, there’s no way he can chase them down, they needed to hurry.
The borders between the Rain and the Fire Land.
In front, you can clearly see the cloudy sky of the Rain Country, even if there was still some sunshine, it still was carrying a very heavy pressure.
In a particular place under this heavy pressure, there was a really great killing instinct roaming around the place.
The two groups were having a fierce battle.
At first glance, you can figure out the identity of the other group since they were all covered in mud and dirt.
They didn’t have a large number, they were about twenty people.
However, almost all of these twenty people are Jonins, and the one is leading them is an Elite Jonin.
They’re very good at Earth release, and they’re especially very good at moving underground, very quick on launching sneak attacks, and they can retreat at any time, they’re an extremely flexible unit, and it’s one of the special cards of the Rock Village.
Yet they didn’t have a large number.
The Konoha side had only a dozen people, and many of them are only Chunins, so it was hardly a battle.
The supplies were thrown on the ground all over the place, the Rock Shinobis didn’t look interested in these supplies, after all, they were nothing special.
They were gonna destroy them anyway, or they would use them to make some traps.
The Konoha supply troop was already struggling, they only had a few people left, and they were all Chunins, they couldn’t hold them anymore.
“Hurry up already, the white-haired bastard will send some of his guys soon.”
As they heard the words of their captain, they rushed toward them and killed every one of them
“Captain, what do we do now, should we go back down?”
“Well we can’t go without leaving a gift for our friends, let’s prepare some traps to welcome them.”
The captain seemed to have a grudge against Sakumo’s side, he said that while he revealed a hint of mockery.
So what if he’s strong, he won’t be able to beat us!
The Rock Shinobis responded to his order then they start preparing the traps.
But in the next moment, an Anbu appeared far away.
The Anbu was flashing as he was moving at an extremely high speed, with every flashing he was covering a very long distance, it seemed like he will reach them at the next moment.
“Who is that?!”
“How can he be this fast!”
Bunch of them took some steps back, in fact, they’re not that good at frontal combats, they’re only good at assassination attacks, so they got really frightened.
If they get stuck in a combat, they will have a hard time to deal with it.
Therefore, as Naito’s figure was rushing over toward them, the Ninjas of the Rock Troop didn’t have any thoughts of fighting back.
Even if it was only one person which is Naito.
“Captain, what should we do about the supplies?”
“It’s okay, he’s alone, destroy the supplies then withdraw, I will stop him, it’s only one person.”
The captain of the troop blinked at high speed, then he started printing some hand signs very quickly.
At this time, Naito came really close.
“Earth Release: Rock pressure!!”
The earth suddenly burst down and cracked in front of him, then a block from the ground got thrown toward Naito.
The ground continued on cracking, then it started waving.
However, in the face of this technique, Naito didn’t think for a moment to retreat or hide, he didn’t even stop he continued on moving.
Without any hesitation, Naito rushed toward the rocks, then suddenly he summoned his Kusanagi sword, and then with both hands, he struck.
The blurry white halo flashed as he waved his hand, then the big block of rock got cut into two halves!


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