H.R.P Chapter 217: Tsunade’s New Apprentice

“The Mangekyo Sharingan?!” Tsunade saw the six-pointed star in Ryo’s pupils and was shocked. Ryo had already shown his Mangekyo to the 3rd. With him knowing about it, the council also probably knows as well, and Ryo no longer had any reason to hide this. Therefore, he actually went and exposed it before the Senju

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H.R.P Chapter 216: The Worst Gambler in the World

With Ryo’s persuasion, Rin could only continue the search, although feeling a bit uneasy.  By the afternoon, the two still did not find anything. She wanted to object again when she realized that Ryo’s eyes were shining bright as he looked at a certain Casino to their right hand side. “Hey, Ryo, we shouldn’t go

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H.R.P Chapter 215: Answer to the Pressure!

In the two days after Ryo’s departure, the majority of the clans in Konoha exerted pressure on the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance. The pressure was great on all levels for each clan. The three heads gathered their clans to discuss the situation together. Like always, Shikaku was the one to speak: “Everyone, we all know this matter

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H.R.P Chapter 214: Unexpected Trouble

After leaving the Waterfall Village, Ryo took Pakura back to the Sand Village, and then returned to Konoha together with Shisui. When reaching the village, he went straight to the 3rd’s office to report on his mission.  As he entered, what surprised him most was the fact that in the 3rd’s office, Minato was sitting

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H.R.P Chapter 213: Sealing the Nanabi

The Nanabi’s hiding place was actually very close to the hill. Because of its previous failed encounter with Ryo, it was actually very reluctant to go out, choosing to hide and wait for a chance for revenge. But Pakura’s Scorch Orb took him by surprise! He actually realized that this should probably be a method

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H.R.P Chapter 212: A Moth into the Flame

Ryo wasn’t in much hurry to locate the Nanabi, for he thought he could locate it at will; such Chakra wasn’t exactly going to blend in with that of other Chakras around. However, when Ryo tried to locate it with his spiritual energy, the beast was nowhere to be found. “He’s very fast!” Ryo whispered,

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H.R.P Chapter 211: The First Battle against the Nanabi

After talking to the leader of the village, Ryo began his mission!  The rest were too weak to help him at all, so the mission wasn’t really helping the village; catching the Nanabi was really just his task. “Shisui, you and the Ninjas of the Village wait for me, and I’ll find the Nanabi and

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H.R.P Chapter 210: The Nanabi’s Capturing Mission

In the Hokage’s office, a young man looking in his early twenties was fully anxious before the 3rd. After he finished speaking, he took out a scroll and handed it over to the 3rd. The latter’s face was very gloomy when hearing the young man’s description of the events. Then, when he opened the scroll,

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H.R.P Chapter 209: News on the Nanabi!

After many experiments, Ryo finally determined that this Chakra extracted from Zetsu could gradually be recovered through exposure to Natural Energy.  It was just that the speed of this recovery was too slow. On top of that, it wasn’t an efficient process; Ryo had to pour in a lot of his Yin Seal’s Natural Energy

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H.R.P Chapter 208: Zetsu’s Chakra

After the new weds showed themselves, the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony peaked. The guest sent their sincere wishes to the two. After sending the couple away, it was party time for the rest!  The 3rd chatted a little before leaving, for too many matters were awaiting him in his office. His departure made the

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