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R.P Chapter 154: Proceeding

The steam lingered, Su Xiao and Hange Zoe stood on Eren’s back. ”If there is no large hook lock device, we can’t control this guy, and it looks like he will recover soon.” Hange Zoe looked worried. “Expel, all expelled.” The whispered sound was very small, which made Hange Zoe somewhat stunned. “Have you heard

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R.P Chapter 153: Gap

Roar! The Titan that Eren turned into screamed loudly, his fists swayed at Hange Zoe and Mikasa. Boom, bang. The surrounding buildings collapsed, and the smoke and dust rose. It could be seen that Eren did not want to fight against the people surrounded him. His goal was the ordinary Titans in the distance. “Try

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R.P Chapter 152: This is what it feels like to fly

“Go die, you damn titan.” Mikasa was gliding in the air, the rope of 3D Maneuver Gear was nailed to the shoulder of Eren, after spraying a gas at the back waist, Mikasa rushed to the back neck of ‘Eren Beast’, which was the body of Eren. If she cuts off his back neck, it

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R.P Chapter 151: Come on, Eren beast

Running on the street, Su Xiao and the Titan which was made by Eren getting closer. Suddenly there was a black shadow in front, Su Xiao stopped immediately and stared at the figure wearing a black hood. “Brother, do you want to buy some good products?” The voice of the man with hood was a

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R.P Chapter 150: The head of the team, do not leave us behind!

“Eren!!!” A sad female scream spread far away with vaguely crying sound. Blood rose that led the contractors back to the third zone just heard this scream. “Something happened, hurry up.” They walked faster, after arriving in the third zone, they saw that Mikasa who was holding a broken leg was crying. The contractors were

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R.P Chapter 149: Executing The Plan!

At 4 o’clock the next morning, in the Wall. Rose. The breeze blew, there was a cloud of smoke occasionally rising in the chimney of the house, and the civilians inside of the wall started a new day with fear. Although the Wall. Rose had three-hole, it was guarded by the contractors, Titans did not

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R.P Chapter 148: Greed!

Clap. A Mars appeared from the fire since firewood was burnt, gradually annihilating in the air. ”This is the harvest today, a green treasure chest and three white treasure chests.” Bloody rose sat on the side of the bonfire in front of the campfire, with four treasure chests in front. Su Xiao was not interested

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R.P Chapter 147: The fraternity

The defense of the battle line was still going on. Under the alternate defense of Su Xiao and bloody rose, several titans were fought back. After bloody rose killed a titan, the titan gradually turned into a large piece of steam, and a halo of green light emerged in the steam. “Green treasure chest.” The

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R.P Chapter 146: Plan

The black man contractor that was killed made all the contractors surprised. The looks toward Su Xiao changed. Dust saw this scene and was surprisingly relieved. The situation in the third zone was already chaotic. He and bloody rose were all in a group, it was not good enough to compare who had more advantages.

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R.P Chapter 145: The red letter day

After Su Xiao solved the two Kiko Shu, the pressure on the battle line slowed down noticeably. “Who dares to escape, I will kill it.” Su Xiao screamed and let the contractors who wanted to withdraw strategically stopped. Some contractors were obviously angry, but after seeing Kiko shu’s corpses under Su Xiao’s feet, they immediately

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