One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate





S.P.P Chapter 129: Huge Sandstorm

The strange voice made Rogen and Jason look at each other. “Take the necklace, and help me please!” The man who just talked has very chapped lips, his eyes were vain, and his face was pale. He seemed to be in an unconscious from walking. Biting his teeth and squeezed those words from his lips,

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S.P.P Chapter 128: Don’t Save Him!

Seeing the anger expression on his face, the black-suited man directly kneeled on the ground. “The elders are angry!” He exclaimed loudly. “Which made me angry too!” The majestic man kept looking at the agent in front of him while he was kneeling down, and suddenly, he hit him on the face with his crutch.

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S.P.P Chapter 127: Shame!

“This era became very berserk, Crocodile!” “If your men are just a group of weak chickens, then we won’t meet again!” As Doflamingo laughed, the feathers on his pink coat trembled. After a brief encounter, both sides became aware of each other’s strength, and they didn’t rush again. In this sea, unless the strength has

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S.P.P Chapter 126: Pirate’s strong intersection!

With the words of Crocodile, everyone looked at him and found that there was a group of people on the cost in front of him. The leader of the team was very tall, 50 centimeters taller than Crocodile, reaching an astonishing height of three meters. He was a light blond-haired, very lean and muscular with

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S.P.P Chapter 125: You did it.

The sea breeze waved gently, and the sun rays shone in the early morning, reflecting the sparkling sea surface. Fishes with different color and type were jumping out the sea then plunged into it again, and made a beautiful spray. A wooden boat moored quietly on the sea and swaying with the sea waves. Soon,

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S.P.P Chapter 124: I won’t forgive you!

This time, The Buddhist palm was three times bigger than the previous one, it was about 35 meters, and if it fell down on the ship, more than the half of it would be crashed. Crocodile was angry, and his right hand slammed down again on the deck, which was still intact under his feet.

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S.P.P Chapter 123: SandStorm!

Crocodile’s body was directly inserted into the deck, and his head was on the ground. His blood was on the deck, and its smell was sharp. His whole body was scratched and bruised by Jason’s fierce punch. The natural power was amazing, and Jason was very strong, he was absolutely stronger than Crocodile without devil

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S.P.P Chapter 122: Join us!

After knowing that the water makes this Devil Fruit user weaker, he rushed to get his hands wet by wiping his clothes, which made him very happy. “This is good, I’m not afraid of you, haha!” With a laugh, Jason walked two steps forward. He was naturally strong, and after eating the Devil Fruit, he

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S.P.P Chapter 121: Water Stains

The arrogant tone, the indifferent eyes, and the words that were full of self-confident made Jason a bit surprised. “What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked, and he was confused. The first thing that this captain said was, “Be my man!”, it was something unbelievable for Jason. The captain’s eyes condensed, and there was obvious anger

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S.P.P Chapter 120: Be My Man!

When he was striding forward, Jason didn’t care about the deck that was breaking under his feet. His purpose was to destroy it, and he didn’t care about the lives on that ship. While he crossed the broken deck and rushed forward fiercely, the pirates shook their eyes, they became brave, they took their weapons

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