One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate




S.P.P Chapter 111: Internal Power!

“Human acupoints, such as stars, are distributed throughout the whole body. Chi connects each acupoint in series, wantonly navigates through the body and lights one by one.” “This is the method of human body operation, every time after the operation, can drive the potential of the human body, and converge into energy, the formation of

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S.P.P Chapter 110: Another Bird!!

Jason was very excited, but Rogen expressed his helplessness. In addition to that, he lost his desire to keep talking. “What do you mean I have his blood? So what? I’m his brother, not his son!” “His blood is inside his body not inside me!” Rogen took it as a big matter, and he didn’t

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S.P.P Chapter 109: Black Phoenix

“Waaak!” The empty sky seemed to be full of ripples because of the light of Rogen’s eyes. “Waaak!” The huge Tetoria, when it saw the blood-red eyes, trembled and issued a hiss. That pair of blood-red eyes were continuously enlarging unexpectedly in front of its eyes and then obscured all its vision. In an instant,

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S.P.P Chapter 108: Control!!

Jason saw Rogen’s confident expression, he was stunned, and in a glimpse, Rogen stepped forward. Just a few steps forward, Rogen came directly below the 100-meter giant bird. Watching this huge Tetora at a close range gave them a mix of different feelings. Looking up from the ground, Rogen clearly saw the sharp claws at

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S.P.P Chapter 107: Hard To Catch!!

That mighty blow, the horrible vibration potential swept the sea, and directly set off a tsunami, and made the pirates fly directly into the sea. Ten seconds later, it was slowly moving forward. The floating island has already disappeared in front of every one of the White Beard’s Pirates. “Terrible, so scary!” Until then, the

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S.P.P Chapter 106: Go Back!

Checking the wanted poster in his hand, the giant man touched his crescent-shaped white mustache and smiled. “Very interesting! Just after Roger death, he came out with such a fascinating kid!” He stood up suddenly, three or four times taller than the average person, standing there like a hill. Jason’s figure was huge enough by

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S.P.P Chapter 105: The Mighty Roar!

On the Grand Line, a white-haired middle-aged man who had just stepped down from a merchant ship and headed for the interior of the island saw the flying wanted posters in the sky. After raising his eyebrows, he reached out and caught one of them. At first, it was just a cursory random sweep, but

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S.P.P Chapter 104: Billows

This figure was close to the entrance of the lane, and he was dressing completely different from the marine, a black suit, with a black top hat. Also, his eyes under the sunglasses were indifferent and ruthless. He looks powerful, revealed a cold and robust momentum. “Understand!” Whispering coldly, he hung up the Den Den

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S.P.P Chapter 103: The God’s Mountains!

Then they saw a very spectacular scene. A white paper, like small newspaper pieces, it was unknown how many gulls were there, fluttering wings, flying over the sea, and then into the town. One newspaper after another, sheets of paper, falling from the sky, like white paper snow. A large number of seagulls passed the

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S.P.P Chapter 102: Urgot Island!!!

After spending 150 million possession coins, Rogen was satisfied with what he got that time. Looking at the system balance again, Rogen nodded. “90 million possession coins.” There were still 90 million remaining, all of which remain and can be used next time. Next, Rogen’s plan was very simple, practicing the Dragon Elephant Prajna, combining

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