The Strongest Hokage





T.S.H Chapter 181: Absolute Defense!

Whoosh!! The energy slash flew out toward the Kazekage cracking the space around it, it actually looked as if it was gonna split it! In the face of this technique, the Kazekage didn’t dare to underestimate it, with the move of his hand, he condensed the Iron Sand around him forming a huge wall. “Magnet

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T.S.H Chapter 180: Shock Vs Magnet

Suddenly the spear changed its shape, it got descended forming a devastating storm of Iron sand bullets! This scene made all the Sand Shinobis frightened. This was the power of the strongest Kazekage in the history! At the center of the sand iron storm, Naito stood there looking around, and slightly frowning. “This is interesting,

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T.S.H Chapter 179: Magnet Release!

“What an arrogant guy!” The moment he saw that smile on Naito’s face, the third Kazekage expression suddenly changed to a hideous one. In his view, what Naito have done and the way he is acting is simply arrogant! Even the other Shinobis in the place couldn’t bear to see the way Naito was smiling,

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T.S.H Chapter 178: The Third Kazekage

All the Ninjas in the field felt like if they were dreaming looking at this scene. Silent. All of them felt a horrible pain in their hearts. The man who Naito has just killed was the Anbu Captain himself! Just a moment ago, they thought that the Anbu Captain is gonna kill the person who

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T.S.H Chapter 177: Limit!

At the next moment, Naito clenched his fists, and a white light shone out, then he immediately slammed that falling spear. An all out punch from Naito! Naito wanted to test his new power since when he opened the fourth gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tenkou, his shock force has also reached the fourth stage.

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T.S.H Chapter 176: S-Class

The Anbu Captain and Naito stood facing each other while their momentum raised, the killing intent that was coming out of them was very insane, it could freeze the blood in the veins! This kind of killing intent was enough to make an ordinary person tremble and sweat from one stare. After this momentum confrontation,

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T.S.H Chapter 175: The Anbu Captain!

……. The silent controlled the place. The atmosphere was very dark. All the Shinobis were holding their weapons, and the expression under their masks was very cold. The fact that they let someone break into the Anbu building is very humiliation, and if they let this person escape, then they better kill themselves after that.

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T.S.H Chapter 174: New Sword!

Just when he sat back, the ninja start to feel that something was weird. Suddenly, one more person appeared in the room, he wasn’t dressed like the Anbu, and he wasn’t wearing a mask. He looked like if he was a ninja from another village! “Wait!!” The man started trembling the moment that idea flashed

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T.S.H Chapter 173: Break In!

Suddenly, Naito felt his Kusanagi sword trembling, and his face shined with joy and began to follow the traces. The more his sword, the more he was getting close to the other Kusanagi sword. Finally, after he walked for a while, Naito himself start to feel the existence of another sword! At this time, Naito

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T.S.H Chapter 172: Reaching The Sand Hidden Village!

Naito checked himself into a hotel, his appearance now looks no longer as a child, he seems like if he was a seventeen years old boy, no one has looked strangely at him. After sitting down, Naito ordered a cup of tea. Coincidentally, a group of people on the table behind Naito were actually talking

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