ِChapter 1: Dimension

Chapter 1: Dimension


In the city of Dallas, Texas, lived a young man who went by the name of Jan Wylde.

Dallas is a pretty crowded city: it is, after all, the most populous city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States. It was also full of interesting thing. As a very modern and developed city, it became the main touristic destination in Texas.

Despite all of that, Jan managed to stand out amongst his peers. Jan was a tall, good-looking, black-haired, well-mannered, 18-year-old young man. Everyone who ever got to know him said that he must be the most talented person in this world. Whenever Jan tried anything, he excelled at it. It was too overwhelming to the point that can make you feel like fate itself was standing by his side. That is because he wasn’t just talented, he was also incredibly lucky, to the point where his acquaintances claimed that is he should ever lift a rock, he would find a dollar.

But also, there was another thing that everyone who knew him agreed on: Jan was really, really lazy. His trademark sentence was: “It’s a pain in the ass”.

He said it whenever he was asked about the reason why he declined an invitation to an event or quit a certain activity he did at the time.

The school bell rang. All the students when out of their classes happy about the end of the school term.

One of them said:

“Come on, let’s go to a karaoke spot!!”

And everyone agreed: “yeah let’s have some fun at last !!”.

One of the girls said:

” Let’s invite Jan!”.

“Leave him alone!” said one of his classmates

“he’ll just refuse like always”.

Another classmate mimicked him saying: “What a pain in the ass!!”.

Everyone laughed, and Jan who listened to all that while passing by whispered to himself: “So annoying!”, while leaving the place.

While walking on his way back home, he said to himself: ” How in the world can I end this torture? I hate School!

These hours and hours of sitting doing nothing but listening to a teacher repeating things that can be learned by just being read one, I hate em to death! And even though I’ve completed high school, I still can’t quit because my parents won’t just let me! Nah I’m lying to myself it’s not school, it’s this boring world we’re living in!

Why am I fated to live in this reality where we are all controlled to become copies of one another, living this cycle all together!

Study get a job get money for someone else so you get some of it yourself and end up rotting in a hole after not doing anything fun for your entire life! I just wish I had the chance to pick up another life for myself!”.

Just right then, a small window, just like a computer window, popped out of nowhere! On it was written:


【YES】           【NO】

Jan was shocked! “What the fuck is THAT!” he yelled… He calmed down, and said to himself “Must be some new technology thing!” He tried skipping it and it just followed him, so he just pushed the NO button while saying “What a pain in the ass!”.

the window disappeared for a second just so another smaller one popped out, With another question written on it:


【YES】           【NO】

Jan quickly pressed on YES. But the 1st window reappeared, he pressed again on NO just for the second one to appear once again! Jan was Pissed, pressing on YES, screaming “YES YES YES LEAVE ME ALONE!!
And this time, a new third window appeared:


【YES】           【NO】

Jan felt like this window was giving up on inviting him to the game, so he rushed to press yes.. and just as he was about to touch the window, the question changed to the 1st one… He didn’t want to press yes this time but it was too late!



[ Chapter 2: HOW MANY TIMES? ]


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