Chapter 2: HOW MANY TIMES?

Chapter 2: HOW MANY TIMES?


How many times?
A 100? Maybe more…
I cannot count them anymore, the times…


You are not going to get a punishment or a penalty. In Valkyries town, you respawn within 3 seconds after death with only 20% of your Heath

【Valkeries City】

God, I don’t wanna die anymore. I don’t know how I come back to life every time, but death here is real. And what in the world are these windows the pop out everytime? How did I end up like this?!
He remembered, back when he was connected to Royal Road, the first sound that reached his ears was a feminine voice.


He looked around to find who had spoken, but there was no one, just an empty void all around him: It was the activation process for entering the game.

⦁ Name: Jan Wylde

⦁ System Check

⦁ Completed


⦁ Choosing YOuRace: Skipped…

⦁ Creating your Character

⦁ Completed

⦁ Your account has been activated.

*Logging into Dimension*

In a heartbeat, he found himself in Valkeries City. While he was still wondering about what is going on, a window appeared:


【Welcome Jan Wylde to Dimension
Dimension is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.
As a newbie, you can start in Valkeries Town
Dimension currently Has 50 races.
A newbie can choose from the 25 beginner races
Due to unusual circumstances, your race has been chosen for you.
Your race is “Divine”
To get access to your bag, shout “BAG”
To activate your skills, shout the name of the skill
if you want to read more instructions shout “INSTRUCTIONS”.】


Jan closed it without reading a single word saying: “How should I know where to go while you are in front of me?”

*******Title: Son Of ZEUS*********

【Your Father is shouting from the Sky
“We have faced far worse than this one fallen mortal.
But we are the gods! We whom the mortals worship.
We who rule over this land.
We who will not be swept aside by this petulant fools! SON,
We will unite. We will stand together.
And WE will wipe out this plague! Olympus…will prevail!”
Just like cyclopes granted your Zeus control over lightning, making him king of all gods and mortal beings, your father shall grant you the same reward! to let that fate repeat itself again!】


Jan closed this window and yelled:
“STOP THIS BULLSHIT! I actually thought these windows are of some value, but it seems I’m wrong. More importantly, where the hell am I?”.


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