Chapter 3: Beware the beasts

Chapter 3: Beware the beasts


Jan couldn’t hide his astonishment after going through the gate. Nobody could argue that the scene he saw was real, but Jan could neither understand it nor accept it: saw people wearing capes and armor, weapon shops. While starting at all of this, one of those people approached him saying: Jan couldn’t hide his astonishment after going through the gate.

While starting at all of this, one of those people approached him saying:

⦁ You’re new here aren’t you?.

⦁ “I think!”. said Jan while still in shock.

⦁ Want to join our guild? We’ll help you out.

Without a thing, Jan refused politely and thanked him. Then he froze there for a second and screamed:

“What?!! Guild?!! Now enough is enough where the hell am I?”.

Some people around him laughed at him but Jan didn’t pay attention to them. He closed his eyes saying to himself:

“I need to calm down!”.

People wondered around him:

⦁ What is he doing?

⦁ Is he meditating?

⦁ I think it’s skill of the mages!

Their talking was cut by Jan screaming “OKAY!”.

He approached them not caring about their shocked faces and asked them:

⦁ Who is in charge around here? I want to have a talk with him.

⦁ In charge?

⦁ He might be talking about the NPCs?

⦁ Oh yeah! You can talk to any knight in the castle; they will answer all your questions. You can’t miss them: they are the ones who were the red capes!

Jan thanked them and went to find one of the knights. He laughed at himself:

“SO dumb of me to get so shocked! This must be one of those towns built around some exotic theme. Well, they did a great job! Everything looks so realistic. It is really weird, how I ended up here, But I should get out of here anyway.”

Right then a troupe of knights passed by him. Jan called one of them and asked:

⦁ Hello sir, can you show me the way to the bus stop?

⦁ I’m sorry but I don’t get your question?

⦁ Come on man the bus! Where is the station?

⦁ I don’t know anything called “bus” around here!

⦁ “Sigh”, you’re sticking to your part that much? Okay. How can I leave this place?

⦁ I can help you with that. To leave Valkyries, go to the main gate up north.

⦁ Oh finally, thx!

⦁ “Beware of the monsters!” said the knight as Jan was turning around.

⦁ Monsters?

⦁ Yeah, those Damn monsters they’re everywhere! Harassing and attacking travelers like you, and sometimes they even try to enter the town. I’ve wanted to end them once and for all, but no way,  they seem to be endless! Just be careful if you intend on leaving!

⦁ “Wow you really sticking to the part!” whispered Jan…

⦁ Excuse me?

⦁ Ah.. nothing. Don’t worry, no monster can stand in my way!

He turned his back to the knight who, astonished by Jan’s guts, saluted him.

A few moments later… At the northen gate

Jan stood out of the gate, froze there for a second and screamed:

“You gotta be fucking KIDDING ME!!”

What he was seeing, was what the knight told him about! Monstrous vicious wolves everywhere attacking people all around him. Jan couldn’t move, He’s never seen anything like that in his entire life. And the wolves didn’t give him room to breathe. It might be because he screamed so loud, or just because he was there in front of them, they gathered around him and attacked him biting chunks of his flesh.






He saw a flesh and opened his eyes. Frightened, he gasped for air just to find himself again in the middle of the city.
“Oh god did I just… DIE?! What the hell just happened? I am sure I was being devoured by wolves!”
He didn’t know what to do, so he wondered around the city looking for answers about those beasts and about finding a safe road, and all they told him nothing that the knight didn’t say to him. He stayed in the city for quite a long time before realizing that can stay there forever if he doesn’t find a way to the next city. He decided to be brave and get out again, or maybe he could find someone to help or to give him a lift. And after a while:
I cannot count them anymore, the times…


You are not going to get a punishment or a penalty. In Valkyries town, you respawn within 3 seconds after death with only 20% of your Heath

【Valkyries City】

God, I don’t wanna die anymore. I don’t know how I come back to life every time, but death here is real. And what in the world are these windows the pop out every time.

“How did I end up like this?!”

He sat again alone in a desolate place, he really needed to clear his mind and think:

“I have to admit this… this is real. The people, the beasts, and the way they live here, this is all real. And if I want to survive this I need to stop being so reckless. What I know now is that this place has nothing to do with the real world. Everything, people, beasts, and even life and death, are different. Yet everything looks so real! Maybe I’ve been sucked into another dimension.  In any case, if I want to survive this, I need to… GOD, I can’t believe I’m thinking about this! Such a pain in the ass! I need to train.”


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