Chapter 109: Roja VS Diamante

Chapter 109: Roja VS Diamante


On the pirate’s ship.
“Sir Diamante, There is a Marine rushing toward us!”
“I see that.”
Diamante said with ‘I’m not blind expression’. Then he said: “Why would the Marine rush over using Moon Walk?”
“No wonder, This person is probably someone from the Grandline. He is confident that he can take all of us together.”
After saying this, Diamante sneered. He took out a sword and suddenly that cloth turned into a sharp sword.
Diamante is a Paramecia devil fruit user, his fruit give him the ability to turn anything he touches gain the properties of the fabric, making it flat, drastically reducing its weight and becoming flexible and flattering, but also retaining its natural characteristics such as toughness, strength or sharpness.
“This is really ridiculous.”
Watching Roja getting closer and closer, Diamante’s eyes were like the devil’s, he sneered: “Even if he is a rear admiral from the Grandline, I have defeated many like him.”
When Roja entered his range, Diamante was first to launch an attack.
“Hangetsu … Glaive!”
Diamante waved his rapier from his side to above his head where he swings it down.
Suddenly, a huge Green sword energy flew toward Roja.
This strike was pure swordplay, Diamante didn’t rely on his devil fruit to execute it.
“Did Sir Diamante use his full power?”
“It seems like he doesn’t want to waste time.”
Usually, Diamantetoy with his enemy, like a cat toying with a mouse. But this time, Diamante want to quickly end it.
seeing this, many pirates looked at Roja with pity in their eyes.
Roja who was in the air sensed Diamante actions long ago with his Kenbunshoku Haki. He didn’t reveal any tension, instead, he looked at this strike with arrogance.
Facing Diamante’s strike, Roja pulled out his sword and waved.
“Getsuga Tensho!”
Red sword energy flew toward Diamante’s strike, The two issued a roar as they collided.
The collision emitted terrible waves in all directions and it seemed like the two strike faded after the impact, but Roja’s only lost much of its power and went through right toward Diamante.
Impressively Roja won this exchange.
Diamante’s eyes shrunk.
He found it hard to believe, he didn’t expect his strike to lose.
The pirates were prepared to see Roja cut in two, but seeing the scene in front of them they were shocked.
“Sir Diamante’s strike … was overwhelmed.”
“How can this be!”
“What is this guy, Even his swordsmanship is stronger than sir Diamante’s?!”
The pirates broke into an uproar while looking at Roja.
Roja looked very young, he was unknown to them, he should be famous with this kind of power.
On the warships.
All the Marines saw how Roja just cut through Diamante’s strike, Including Tika, their look of tension faded and what replaced it is a look of excitement. Some even applauded.
The depressing atmosphere disappeared with Roja’s strike.
“This guy …”
Diamante revealed a gloomy face while looking at Roja, his sword strike was defeated by this guy.
Although Diamante wasn’t a Marine, he knew their ranks. Seeing Roja’s uniform he knew that Roja was a Rear Admiral, he should be the new leader of the West blue first base.
But … When did the Marine send such a strong person into the West blue?
He estimated that with that one strike, Roja wasn’t on the bottom amongst the swordsmen
of the world.
“Top officer in the DonQuixote family, Diamante!”
Roja now was above the pirate’s ship. He looked proudly down on the pirates.
“Take one of my strikes.”
Sword flow, Cremate!
Roja’s soul sword was upgraded to the fourth stage, His flames were a lot more powerful compared to when he was on the third stage. After he swung his sword, the sky was dyed red.
As if the sky was collapsing, The flames swept down. Before it hit the ship, all the pirates could feel the heat.
Diamante looked at Roja, he thought that this strike would be another energy strike, he didn’t expect him to project such a monstrous flames at them.
Without hesitation, Diamante went all out, trying to deflect the flames.
Although he has a fruit ability, It was impossible to ignore the heat.


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