Chapter 114: Facing Doflamingo

Chapter 114: Facing Doflamingo


Roja finally arrived.
Roja height was similar to ordinary people, Maybe just a little higher while Doflamingo was 3 meters high.
When they were standing in front of each other, Doflamingo’s momentum didn’t have any effect on Roja, It felt like there was a crack between the two of them.
Roja’s mouth revealed a slight smile as he looked at Doflamingo, he then said: “What is his name again, Diamante? He is in the prison and I’m not sure if he’s alive or not … Well, he shouldn’t be dead.”
Roja’s voice died down and at the same time the thread suddenly couldn’t take it anymore and snapped.
With the thread broken, a terrifying wave rushed from all directions, which made Roja’s cape fluttering and Doflamingo’s pink feather coat shake.
At the same time, the airwaves pushed the Marines back.
Now in the harbor, there are only two people.
Roja and Doflamingo.
Doflamingo didn’t directly attack but stared at Roja through his weird sunglasses. He smiled a smile full of evil.
“Fuffuffuffuffu … Fuffuffuffuffu … I have information that you have the potential to be an Admiral, you are overestimating yourself because of this, right?.”
Doflamingo looked like a demon and said to Roja: “Look at you, you guessed that I’m coming here, yet you didn’t leave in advance?”
“Why should I leave?”
Roja held the hilt of Hiru and chuckled, then he looked at him for  a moment, then with an ‘oh’ he said: “Yes, I would have totally forgotten if you didn’t mention it.”
Roja turned around and faced those Marines, which were still nervous, he lightly laughed and said: “This fight won’t be easy, so … you can leave, by the way, take the people in the base and go to the other side of the island.”
This was his order.
He was really relaxed when he issued this order. He even chuckled, which made those Marines suppress their fear.
“Mr. Roja … you …”
“I’m fine here by myself.”
Roja turned around, no longer looking at the Marines.
His words were plain, his actions were simple, he didn’t talk big, but for the present Marines, they couldn’t describe what their hearts felt right now.
Since Roja came here, No one died, and almost alone destroyed the Gecko pirates, And now he was facing the DonQuixote pirates alone.
They never encountered such a leader before, Almost all the leaders would let their men attack while they watch.
“Mr. Roja …”
The Marines suppressed the fear in their hearts. They felt excited, anxious to take their weapons and fight against Doflamingo, but they knew that they will only hinder Roja.
So all they could do was retreating.
No one said another thing as they all retreated at the same time, they looked behind from time to time, eyes full of worry, even though they retreated, their hearts were restless.
Roja was outrageously strong, But his enemy this time is a well known big pirate.
The Marine headquarters ship still had a few hours to arrive.
Doflamingo looked at Roja, he didn’t stop the Marines from retreating, even though he wanted to use them to distract Roja, but he won’t do that. Since Roja dares to face him alone, then he will never avoid a challenge, Because he is … The Tenryubito, DonQuixote Doflamingo.
If he was afraid of such a minor challenge, then the Hoashoku, as well as the qualification to be a king, is a waste on him.
“Fuffuffuffuffu … The other side of the island? Do you think that would be useful?”
Doflamingo’s tone was very evil, if an ordinary person heard his voice they would be frightened to death.
Roja looked at Doflamingo, his expression was calm as he said: “There will be no use, that if you defeat me.”
“Is that so?”
Doflamingo kicked out and rushed toward Roja.
He didn’t use his Fruit ability, just a simple use of Busoshoku Hardening.
In the face of Doflamingo’s attack, Roja was without fear, all he felt was his blood boiling from excitement.
It seems it’s been about two years since he came to this world, and from an ordinary person; he mastered the flame ability, mastered Getsuga Tensho, and recently mastered Senbonzakura …
It’s almost time to let this world know his name.
In the face of Doflamingo, Roja used a very simple horizontal strike with his sword, while also using Busoshoku: hardening.
As they two collided, there wasn’t any special power, but cracks appeared in the air.
The two used the same thing.
Hoashoku… Haki!
Doflamingo wanted to use Hoashoku to make the Marine before him, know who is the master here.
But, he didn’t think that his powerful Hoashoku Haki would be confronted by a more tyrannical Hoashoku Haki.
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