Chapter 116: Roja Vs Doflamingo

Chapter 116: Roja Vs Doflamingo


West blue, The sky was cloudy, it appeared gloomy and depressing, Two large warships are moving toward the first base.
In both warships, there is a total of three high officers, Two rear admirals, and a vice-admiral.
This Vice admiral is really special.
And that’s because he is called… Garp. (Tl: loooool RIP Mingo.)
Garp was standing on the deck while performing the mysterious standing sleep, and the other two were standing behind and looking at the sea.
“We’ll be there in a few hours.”
“Vice-admiral Garp doesn’t look worried at all …”
The two of them were relaxed, laughing with each other, if Garp wasn’t worried there was no need for them to worry. They estimated that there will not be an accident.
Suddenly, a Marine rushed with panic all over his face.
“Mr. Garp!”
“What is it!”
Before he could get to Garp, one of the rear admirals stopped him, he didn’t want him to disturb Garp’s sleep, so he frowned while scolding the Marine.
“What is there to be so nervous about?”
The Marine stopped while cold sweat was apparent on his forehead, he was very nervous, he looked at the rear admiral before him and said while trembling.
“Sir… Big problem! We… just received information… That DonQuixote… Doflamingo… Appeared in the first base of the west blue.”
The sound of this Marine echoed throughout the warship.
Doflamingo… Appeared in the first base?
The expression of the two changed, They had a really bad feeling about this.
Doflamingo already rushed toward the first base but they still have a few hours before they could reach there which was really bad.
Their faces paled.
At the same time, Everyone on the warship stopped after hearing this news, horror appeared on every one of their faces.
The atmosphere suddenly changed, the white clouds suddenly turned Dark.
“It seems that it will be raining soon.”
In that silence, Suddenly Garp said with his eyes sleepy, he looked at the dark clouds in the sky and murmured.
After that, he turned around and saw that the expression of all people on the warship didn’t seems right, he made a strange expression as he said.
“What is it? … What happened?”
The Harbor of the base.
Doflamingo didn’t continue speaking, he stretched his hand while his face still had that evil smile, he didn’t come here to chat, he comes here for just one reason and that is to kill Roja.
Even if Roja did have Haoshoku, it didn’t matter, He didn’t need to say anything because his purpose was clear.
The next Moment, Doflamingo’s killing intent soared, he made a claw with his hand and waved toward Roja.
 Five threads emerged from the tips of his fingers which seemed sharp enough to cut steel, the threads were almost invisible as they rushed toward Roja.
Even if they were really invisible, Roja used his Kenbunshoku Haki to capture their trajectory, he was calm as he swept his sword.
Sword Flow, Cremate!
A pillar of flames rose, violent and unstoppable.
Without thinking Roja directly used his flames, with people such as Doflamingo as his opponent he didn’t need to hold back.
Doflamingo wasn’t like Diamante, he wasn’t careless, from the information he gathered he knew that Roja has an ability to wield flames.
So, when Roja used it, he wasn’t surprised and didn’t panic, he didn’t even avoid as his hands just kept on waving.
The flames in front of him were cut apart, and at the same time, five threads collided against Roja’s sword.
Even though those threads had the sharpness and toughness of steel, they were strangely flexible.
Suddenly sparks started to fly from the collision.
Doflamingo’s attack didn’t work so he used the other hand.
This time Doflamingo the threads weren’t invisible, they were five colored thread the size of a nail that rushed toward Roja.
Facing this attack, Roja directly used Soru, as he moved tens of mater from his position.
After avoiding this attack, Roja looked at Doflamingo and waved his sword.
“Getsuga… Tensho!”
A red crescent-shaped sword energy rushed toward Doflamingo while it brought every building on its way down.
Doflamingo’s expression was the same, he was shaking the flames, then he suddenly stretched his hand forward.
“Kumo no Sugaki!”
The threads formed a spider web in front of Doflamingo, A dark color was attached to the Threads that formed that web which is the effects of the Busoshoku Hardening.
Roja attack hit the spider web directly, with the collision came the sound of metal hitting against another metal.
Sparks scattered while the spider web and Getsuga Tensho tried to push each other.
Then suddenly Getsuga Tensho rushed forward like crazy, the spider web scattered and deformed into the shape of a basketball net, But he still couldn’t get through as this spider web was really though.
“It’s useless.”
Doflamingo stood behind his spider web while showing his evil smile to Roja, seems that he expected this, Those threads were as though as steel but still as flexible as a spider’s web, and after attaching Haki to it, it was almost impossible to cut through it.
Doflamingo was relaxed as if the outcome of this fight was in his hands from the very beginning.
After the sider web Blocked Roja’s attack, Doflamingo stretched his hand and made a palm in Roja’s direction.
“Over… Heat!”
Countless threads combined together and formed an extremely thick one, then rushed toward Roja with an extremely fast speed.
This thread was destroying everything on its way, and suddenly the thread was on top of Roja, the line appeared at the base behind him.
Obviously, the base was split in two. And even against such attack, Roja’s expression didn’t change, he just waved the sword in his hand.
Hiru and Doflamingo’s attack collided, and roars sounded.
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