Chapter 130: Z and the Task

Chapter 130: Z and the Task

A few days later.
The world government announced the Shichibukai system officially, and instantly the world was in chaos, countless forces paid attention to it.
Those three days, Roja continued to practice with the thirty tons.
Those thirty tons played some role, after a few days his strength improved a little, also now he already mastered the eleventh compression and nearly mastered the twelfth.
When the news about the Shichibukai system reached his ears, Roja wasn’t surprised.
(Tl: I think the Gecko pirates aren’t the pirates of that Gecko Moria after reading the next line.)
“Doflamingo was released after he was caught by me, So most likely the candidates won’t change.”
While warming up with the thirty tons, This idea flashed in Roja’s mind.
Garp left a few days, He said he was going to the East blue to take care of his grandson, he left in a hurry, Roja felt a bit strange, but it appeared that Garp left after the words about the Shichibukai. He left most likely because he didn’t want to get involved.
Suddenly the door of the room was pushed open, Someone with purple hair appeared.
Roja was surprised and turned around and said with a friendly smile: “Teacher Z, Why did you come here?”
“Nothing, I just wanted to see you.”
With a cigar in his mouth, Z went to the side and sat down.
Roja put down the weight he was carrying and sat next to him then said: ” It seems like Teacher isn’t satisfied with the Shichibuaki system.”
From all people, Roja was someone who appreciated Z’s emotions.
“How can pirates be recognized? How can justice and evil be put together, this system shouldn’t exist, but I can’t do anything about it, I am simply enabled to change anything.”
Z tone was lonely and very disappointed.
The world government issued the order, so not to mention that he is just an instructor, even if he was an Admiral now, he won’t be able to do anything about it.
These days, Z used various channels, he even talked to the three admirals to not approve this system but to no avail.
It can’t be helped that he begin to question, What is the Marine, Why was it there.
Does the world government really represent justice?
Or, is the world government itself, is a group of powerful pirates that control the World?
“I can understand teachers feelings.”
Roja shook his head.
Every senior officer is Z’s disciple, Z cultivated most of the kids in the Marine, but suddenly those kids will turn to be allied with evil.
This change will bring disappointment.
 If Roja wasn’t present, in the next few years, Z will be attacked by the pirates and most the recruits on the ship will die, two people and Z with an arm cut.
And a few years later, after the war, Z will be completely disappointed by the Marine and the world government and will be hunting pirates to cleanse the world.
Roja didn’t know what to say, He and Z are different, he came from another world, he had a clear goal, and that is to be the most powerful in the world, Whether he was a Marine or a pirate, whether he represents evil or justice.
But Z wasn’t the same.
For a disappointed Z, he can only say words that Z would like but it had no effect.
Z finished his cigar, patted Roja’s shoulder and said: “Anyway I won’t be able to change this.”
“I hope you can change the world in the future.”
Change the world?
Hearing Z words, A picture emerged in Roja’s mind.
Want the world’s wealth, Want fame and power of the Marine king, A word from me Monkey.D.Roja will change the Seas.
Do want my power? Do you want my wealth? Then join the Marine, I put everything I have there… from there the world greatest Marine era begins.
(Tl: Looooool.)
Thinking of this, Roja’s head was full of black lines and he suddenly erased this idea from his head.
Z saw the change in Roja’s face and his eyes flashed.
“What happened?”
Roja took a deep breath and said: ” Nothing, but if teacher Z wants that, then I will create a new era.”
Seeing Roja’s firm look and hearing his determined words, Z showed a happy smile, all the loneliness disappeared.
He patted Roja’s shoulder and stood up to leave. Although his back was still a little bit lonely, Roja’s words pleased him a lot.
But changing the era isn’t easy, he has to be more powerful than an admiral and even more powerful than the Yonko.
Even with Roja’s amazing talent, alone, he won’t be able to change the era, but perhaps Roja can do it, perhaps there is hope.
The hope to see that day.
Z left the practice room.
Roja watched Z leave, Roja will certainly won’t forget Z’s teaching, So he won’t look at Z in his most difficult time, he doesn’t want his image to collapse. 
“Sir Roja!”
The secretary came to Roja while holding the document in his hands.
“Reporting, There is a new mission Sir…”
“What is the Mission?”
Roja looked at the Document, he originally didn’t care, but after a glance, he was surprised.
“This task… Really is unexpected.”
This is Roja’s first task after becoming Vice-admiral, the degree of danger isn’t high and it wasn’t a combat mission, but there is a possibility to fight.
This was a recruitment task for the Shichibukai system in the Amazon lily island.
As the name of island suggests, the island is full of women, there wasn’t a single male there.
And the one he had to recruit is, the Snake Princess, Boa Hancock!
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