Chapter 132: The Island Full Of Girls

Chapter 132: The Island Full Of Girls


An anxious female guard suddenly reported to Hancock who was about to throw Nyon-ba.
Everyone’s expressions changed, Even in Hancock’s eyes, a vicious flash appeared as she put Nyon-ba down.
Nyon-ba’s forehead was full of cold sweat, then she thought about something and asked: “Several warships?”
“one… Only one.”
Hancock moved forward and said: “let’s go and see.”
In the island port.
The warship docked and countless arrow was pointed at it from below. All women, they were all warriors capable of using Busoshoku Haki, If they attacked it will be more powerful then bullets.
But this time no one attacked because the Marines in the warship were also holding their pistols and aimed at them.
The two sides confronted each other.
No one attacked and no one put down his weapon.
In front of the Marines, Roja was wearing his Vice-Admiral coat which wasn’t flattering because there is no wind in the calm belt.
Roja eyes weren’t on the warriors in front of him, he looked away inside the island with a trace of interest.
And in the next moment, The female warriors suddenly began to open a path from the rear, A girl with no language capable of describing her appeared and was moving step by step.
This beauty was really out of this world, Roja could describe this as … Charm : +10086!
“What is going on?”
The girl was, of course, Hancock, She saw the warship docked and there was no fight so she asked.
“Hebihime-same, They said they didn’t come to fight and they didn’t open fire.”
“Not to fight…”
After hearing this, Hancock’s eyebrows rose, She was about to ask but suddenly her expression changed and said: “Then tell them to leave.”
“Wait! Hebihime!”
Nyon-ba rushed from behind Hancock and stood between the female warriors and the Marines.
“Since they didn’t come for war, then they got to be here to recruit you to be one of the Shichibukai, Right?” Nyon-ba looked at Roja and Roja spread his hand to say his not hostile.
Roja’s eyes were fixed on Hancock, he was not love struck but he looked in interest and appreciation.
Hearing Nyon-ba’s words, Roja’s eyes were removed from Hancock as he nodded and said: “Yes.”
This was going better than Nyon-ba expected when a look of surprise appeared on Hancock face then she said: “Hebihime, This is a golden opportunity, The Marine took the initiative to recruit you into the Shichibukai, as long as…”
Her voice was getting smaller and smaller and cold sweat appeared on her forehead.
“Because in front of her Hancock’s face was very angry.
“Who allowed you to stand in front of me… are you commanding me?”
Hancock grabbed Nyon-ba and threw her, she flew in an arc shape then fell down quite a distance away.
“Hebihime… Hebihime-same!!”
Standing behind Hancock, the warrior’s foreheads were full of cold sweat and they couldn’t help but exclaim.
“How could you tread an old woman like that.”
Hancock turned around and looked at them, She completely changed from the overbearing woman who threw their elders to a charming and delicate girl.
“I accidentally…”
All the warriors, even when they are all female, they couldn’t resist such charm. all of them nodded.
“Yes, yes, No one told her to be careless.”
As for Nyon-ba, no one even cared about where she landed.
In the warship.
“… She really is exactly the same bad character.”
Roja stood in front of the Marines, looking at the scene that just occurred, he chuckled, He looked at her with a faint smile.
Seeming like she heard Roja, Hancock turned again toward the warship.
When her eyes fell on Roja, her brows slightly rose, she felt a very strange atmosphere around Roja.
But, Hancock didn’t mind, she leaped into the sky and fell directly on the warship in front of Roja.
She glanced at Roja and the Marines behind him, She held an arrogant look as she said: “Shichibuaki… Not interested, you will leave everything behind and go home.”
The Marines behind Roja has long been fascinated by her charms and when they heard her command, some started to move thing from inside the cabin.
Roja looked at the Marines behind him and couldn’t help but reveal a helpless sigh.
Roja turned again toward Hancock and looked at her directly into his eyes: ” I say, are you really… really okay with this?”
Roja’s attitude wasn’t serious, This was Hancock’s first time seeing a Vice admiral who isn’t serious and what’s more important he is really young, Even so, he wasn’t affected by her charms.
How can this be?
Hancock had absolute confidence in her own charm, Be it a man or a woman they won’t be able to resist her charms, but Roja didn’t which she couldn’t believe.
“No matter who it is, They will all recognize this empress because… This empress is really beautiful…”
Roja: “…”
(Tl: Facepalm!)
Although Roja had some memory of this, but witnessing and hearing those narcissistic words, Roja was left with a twitching mouth.


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