Chapter 184: The Spar

Chapter 184: The Spar


Unconsciously, the three months of the mission had ended,  except for Kaido’s attack, there wasn’t anything else.
After all, Except for the Yonko, no one will dare to attack this place even if it’s someone like Doflamingo, And if the latter was to be put in here he won’t be able to escape too.
Of course, Luffy’s luck is an exception.
“It’s been two months now since Kaido attacked, it’s likely that he won’t attack again.”
Roja stood up from the cold ice, the place he was sitting on had a weblike pattern that spread to all directions.
This wasn’t caused by Roja’s attack, it was caused by his Haoshoku.
His mission was to protect the Impel Down for three months, and today those three months end.
Roja patted his body to throw the ice and then left the freezing hell.
Along the way, some jailers and guards saw Roja walking out and looked at him with reverence until his back disappeared.
And those beasts who saw him were shaking with fear.
Once there was a guard who provoked Roja, the result was his head went into his stomach, even someone as strong or even if they can ‘revive’ they won’t dare to go and provoke Roja.
Roja returned to the warship and saw his men.
He learned that there was no news from the headquarters, Even if they wanted him to continue here for some time he won’t do it.
It doesn’t make sense to stay here anymore.
Roja took his warship and left the Impel Down and returned to the headquarters.
When he first arrived here, Many guards had a skeptical attitude toward Roja. And now, including Domino, a group of Jailers and Guards looked at him with admiration and awe.
A dozen of so Kilometers away from the Headquarters.
There was only open see without any island or boats, but there was a completely frozen place and above that, two figure were fighting.
They were Aokiji and Roja.
After Roja returned to the headquarters, he had a meal with Aokiji and afterward, Roja proposed a spar to Aokiji. After Roja suppressed the Eternal Hell alone, Aokiji was curious about his strength so he directly agreed.
In the spar, naturally, there was no need to find an island like Aokiji can easily freeze a place in the sea to be their battlefield.
Aokiji and Roja’s figure clashed, With a wave of his hand, fice icicles suddenly formed and moved toward Roja, Two were broken by Roja’s sword and the rest his Roja and began to freeze him.
Sword Flow, Torch!
Roja was frozen for a moment, holding his Hiru, a sudden flame burst out from the ice.
The flame color was golden red, it’s temperature was very high, far higher than ordinary flames.
Aokiji complexion changed, he retreated to avoid the flames and waved his hand, numerous ice spears condensed from thin air and flew toward Roja.
Roja held his sword with both hands and didn’t retreat, he used his sword to hit the ice spears in crisscross chops then he gently dropped his sword.
“Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.”
Hundreds of millions of petals rushed toward Aokij, they were black colored giving a hellish atmosphere.
Aokiji complexion changed, from his right-hand, ice burst, it condensed into a huge bird that crashed into the petals.
“Ice Block: Pheasant Beak”
With hundreds of millions of petals colliding with the ice bird, the petals in the front were frozen, but they broke through the ice and crushed the bird.
Aokiji’s figure has long disappeared.
Unexpectedly, Aokiji was as fast as Shiliew, he appeared behind Roja with an ice saber in his hand he attacked.
Roja using the Kenbunshoku Haki, he could tell Aokiji’s place, he held his sword with his two hands and waved.
Roja used Getsuga Tensho to the limit, Although Aokiji using his ice to block, Roja cut the ice.
Aokiji once again retreated and once again froze Roja to prevent him from continuing his attack.
Crimson flames burst again, sweeping the ice from all direction.
“Let’s stop now.”
Seeing this Aokiji stopped and no longer attacked as he said to Roja.
Roja nodded and the two stopped.
If they continue the fight, Roja will have to use White sword emperor, it would be a life and death move and this was just a spar so there was no need for it.
“I have absolutely no way to suppress you, you improved a lot compared to three months ago, this rate of improvement is really terrifying.”
Aokiji came next to Roja, he couldn’t suppress the excitement in his face, his mind was vibrating endlessly, three months ago, Roja strength wasn’t anything near what it is now.
Now when confronting Roja, it was difficult to suppress him.
If Roja fought Jack now, he will kill him easily, Even him now he didn’t dare say that he can 100% win over Roja.
Roja returned the sword into the scabbard and smiled: “Don’t forget that I crushed the Eternal Hell, the battle was really fierce, if I was a little weaker then I may have fallen there.”
His mouth spoke but his heart was judging the outcome of this spar.
The fight didn’t last long, it was just half a day, Roja didn’t use Killer moves and Aokiji didn’t as well.
Roja felt that when he didn’t enter the Shinigami state and used just white Sword Emperor or Bakuretsu Tensho, in the end, he may have 40% to win against Aokiji.
If he was to enter the Shinigami state, then the odds would greatly increase.
Before going to the Impel Down, Roja’s had only about 20% to win against anyone of the three Admirals, but now it has risen to 40% which is close to fifty-fifty.
Roja now could be said to have the qualification to be an Admiral.
Aokiji is very surprised at this, though it has long been known that Roja will certainly achieve this level, he didn’t expect it to be so fast, if there was a vacant position for an Admiral, Roja would be the one to sit there.
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