Chapter 186: Ambush

Chapter 186: Ambush


“Even the Warship won’t attack us.”
The pirate leader looked at the far away warship, at first he was nervous, but seeing that only Roja got down from the warship, he relaxed.
He was carrying the Mayor while a cruel smile appeared on his face.
The Mayor looked at the distant warship that really didn’t attack and that only one Marine descended from the warship, in his eyes, you could only helplessness.
“What’s wrong with this world?”
Several girls were tied up felt their last hope crush and their hearts were about to collapse.
Just at this time.
Roja who was still far away disappeared and re-appeared near them.
“Who allowed you to be so arrogant in my presence?”
With this cold voice, several men who were dragging the girls toward the ship collapsed with blood splashing everywhere. Shock was apparent on their faces as they didn’t expect Roja to attack.
The pirate leader saw this and was stunned for a moment than panic covered his face and said: “Hey! Hey! My master is one of the Shichibukai, Doflamingo, you Marines can’t catch us!”
“Doflamingo huh…”
Roja’s eyes were cold and full of ridicule as he said: ” My eyes aren’t for show, even if he himself was here I would’ve killed him without mercy.”
A sword light flashed, the pirate leader who wanted to resist couldn’t react as a clear line appeared on his neck.
He desperately covered his neck, but blood still poured out. He had no way to cover it, as he looked at Roja’s eyes he fell in a pool of his own blood while he couldn’t believe what just happened.
“What’s wrong with this world?”
Roja quietly stood there looking at the Mayor from the side as he calmly said: “The world is ill.”
After leaving such a sentence, Roja’s figure flashed and entered the town, just a few seconds and all the gunshot and screams come to an end.
Roja walked out of the town while he put his sword into his scabbard. (Tl: Like a badass!)
The Mayor looked blankly at Roja’s back and suddenly coughed blood, then he said to Roja: “Did… Did we just get rescued?”
“You have.”
Roja didn’t look back as the Word Justice on his coat was fluttering in the wind gently.
Roja returned to the warship and looked at the sea after ordering to set sail.
A legal looting and killing, he didn’t see any problem with it, but if he sees it, he won’t abide by the rules, he will make his move.
Not to mention, Dofamingo’s ship, even if he himself was here he will kill him.
If you want to keep the world in balance, you don’t necessarily have to establish the Shichibukai system, Do they really think that if something was to happen to the Marine they will come?
Pirates are pirates.
Roger was the one who opened the pirate’s era, he attracted a large number of people to seek the dream, but something won’t change, Most pirates are like cancer.
The NEw world, In a certain area of the sea, DonQuixote’s ship was moving slowly.
Doflamingo was making his future plan as he was ready to seize a country, Dressrosa. The term seize was a little inappropriate as it belonged to the DonQuixote family originally.
But now the Royal family didn’t belong to the DonQuixote family anymore, if he wants it back he needs to think of a way.
“Doffy, there is information about Roja.”
Trebol crawled from afar and came beside Doflamingo.
The DonQuixote family have too many transactions and most of them are dealt by his followers, only the important matters will be reported to him.
“Roja… Did that guy leave Marineford?”
Doflamingo raised his head and looked at Trebol showing his evil smile then said: “Fufufufu… Finally left, I was afraid that he will be staying there forever. Give his whereabouts to those people.”
“I dod not expect you to Survive Kaido’s attacks, you even killed Jack, I hope you can survive now too.”
Doflamingo stood up, his face was showing a smile.
Him being defeated by Roja was his shame, of course, it’s impossible for him to forget this, only by killing him would his shake wash away. So he kept looking for opportunities.
At the time of battle between Kaido and shanks, Roja left the headquarters, but too many units left at the same time so it was impossible for Doflamingo’s spy to know where Roja would go.
And after that, the war was held and this wasn’t something Doflamingo expected.
Half a month later, Roja’s warship reached it’s destination and transferred the material toward Vegapunk’s lab.
Vegapunk didn’t come out himself. (Tl: he said that Roja didn’t see him… isn’t this obvious if the guy didn’t come out…)
After the delivery, the warship was heading toward the headquarters now.
And just as the warship passed a certain area, a shadow appeared in front of the warship.
It was a huge boat.
The warship now had a Marine who was at the highest place on the ship, he held his telescope and looked at the ship.
“Pirates ship?”
Encountering a pirates ship, most of the Marines didn’t panic after all Roja was here.
But, in the next moment, most of their foreheads was overflowing with sweat.
In the distance, from all direction after a short period of time dozen of ships appeared.
“What the hell!”
“Is this… A force under one of the Yonko?”
The Marines on the warship looked at the pirate’s ships surrounding them, all revealed a panic-stricken faces.
Is this a Joke?
A Yonko pirates force can go against the entire Marine forces, It’s not a place for a single warship to face.
“No, they aren’t forces under the Yonko!”
This time a Marine said with cold sweat running from his back: “The ship at three o’clock in the east… If I am not mistaken, it should be the Chinjao Family, his bounty is 500 million berry.”
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