Chapter 194: Roja Vs Shiki

Chapter 194: Roja Vs Shiki

Marine headquarters.
Sengoku’s office, Kisaru was on the side and Sengoku was clutching his head due to a headache.
“there are traces of Silvers Rayleigh in the Shabondi Shotō… Staying in that place, what does he want to do in the end?”
“Silvers Rayleigh… This is a legendary character. If you want to catch him we need to make full preparation.”
KIsaru said in his usual tone.
Silvers Rayleigh was Roger’s Vice-captain, If the Marine were to put their hands on him, then the previous crew of Roger won’t sit idly, Even Shanks was one of the crew.
In other words, Once Silvers Rayleigh was caught, the Marine will have to face a force equivalent to two Yonko’s.
“Damn It!”
Sengoku looked like he had a headache, he shook his head and exclaimed: “Roger, Whitebeard… And also Shiki, those so-called legends are really hard to deal with.”
Kisaru listened to Sengoku, when the latter mentioned Shiki, he couldn’t help but thoughtfully say: “Shiki didn’t appear for more than a decade, Such a terrifying guy won’t die in a corner of the world.”
“Although he didn’t appear for a long time, he isn’t just a nobody. Since he chose to escape from the prison he must have his plan.”
Sengoku knows too well Shiki’s strength, he was at the peak like Whitebeard, and his float fruit is really annoying if he wants to escape then no one can stop him.
Even if there are traces of Shiki, it is extremely hard to catch him, even if he lost his two feet, with his fruit it won’t impact his strength too much.
Thinking about this, Sengoku couldn’t help but sigh.
Presently, there are the Yonko, Silvers Rayleigh that appeared in Shabondi Shotō, there is Shiki and other.
He didn’t know when will the sea truly calm down.
Islands floating in the sky, the center of the largest island, half of the palace was destroyed and a terrible atmosphere could be felt in the air.
Suddenly, two sword energies that formed a cross cut through everything in their direction.
Numerous pirates rolled out of their way desperately.
“That Marine blacked Shiki-sama’s attack directly!”
“I did not expect him to be so strong but… He completely provoked Shiki-sama.”
Those pirates were looking at ruins in awe. this was the legendary Shiki.
They didn’t see Shiki fight for many years, just with this attack, their memories were refreshed.
This is the Shiki that fought Roger and Whitebeard.
At this moment, Shiki was flying, looking down at Roja who easily blocked his attack.
“You blocked it? You do have a bit of strength, But this isn’t enough to be proud of yourself, Let me help you die!”
The moment the voice fell, Shiki’s lifted his legs one after the other and kicked more than ten golden sword energy attacks.
“Shishi: Senjindani”
“Beautiful looking trick… This is all you’ve got?”
Roja stood in the ruins, he sneered and he suddenly waved his sword, a bright white sword energy dashed out facing the ten or so in front of him.
Getsuga Tensho!
The two attacks collided in mid-air and the ten or so sword energies were consecutively cut off.
Roja’s attacked continued toward Shiki which made so many people dismayed.
Shiki didn’t even think that Roja can cut his attacks, he didn’t think that he could be so powerful, His pupil shrunk and finally, he no longer looked down on Roja, His face turned serious as he suddenly kicked with his leg.
An equally huge sword energy flew toward Getsuga Tensho and collided with it, Getsuga Tensho dissipated but Shiki’s attack still moved toward Roja.
Roja’s attack was defeated but he didn’t reveal any shock but instead a touch of excitement appeared in his eyes.
“Sure enough… A sword grandmaster,?”
Just this attack gave him a completely different feeling, That strange unpredictable feeling, even Shiliew didn’t have it.
As a legendary pirate second only to Whitebeard, how could he not be strong?
Mihawk was recognized as the strongest sword grandmaster but it didn’t mean that there weren’t other strong swordsmen.
This is Roja’s first time fighting a sword Grandmaster, even Shiliew was only half a step away from that realm and didn’t step into it yet. In his eyes, there was only this word.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
No matter how strong he wanted to fight.
Roja held his sword and lowly shouted, suddenly a fierce sword energy shot to the sky.
Today, Roja’s could compress the air up to fourteen times, if he goes all out and uses Getsuga Tensho, it can be compared to a Sword grand master’s attacks, the gap isn’t that big.
Not to mention Shiki lost two feet and replaced them with his swords, maybe this is still a sword grandmaster but the intensity wasn’t as it used to be.
Roja used his Getsuga Tensho to the maximum of his ability and when it launched it looked like it will split the sky.
“This guy…”
Shiki initially looked at Roja with some disdain, but that look already vanished as he looked at him as a real opponent now. He lifted his feet and after that, he moved it down.
Roja and Shiki, One person attacked from the bottom and the other from above, the two attacks collided in the sky.
If the sword grandmaster has a higher realm, then Roja’s Getsuga Tensho would increase the force toward the edge of that realm.
This power can even shake a grandmaster.
This moment, As if thousands of lights gathered, the world eclipsed.
As if the sky would split in two and the ground would be cut apart, the collision produced earth-shattering power.
The attacked collided at the center of the palace, a huge wave was created and the clouds were torn.
Behind Roja, a lateral Rift appeared and Shiki was dragged by the force and flipped backward.
These two attacks held the same amount of power.
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