Chapter 20 : Mastery

Chapter 20 : Mastery


It would be easy for Roja to remember the plot of the original story but in order to figure out how to use “the rhythm of everything” he would have to spent a lot of energy.However this book contain the essence of the sword and “The rhythm of everything” was explained clearly.

The word rhythm of everything sound extremely complicated but if we use another word to describe this state and make it simple that would be …


Yes it’s such a simple thing But even if it sound simple it’s still very difficult to learn.

For ordinary people to completly concentrate without any distraction and focus on just a single object would be hard.

But when they could do it then that would give birth to a very different feeling.

This is the so called “rhythm of everything”.

“In state of absolute focus on the sword and absolute focus on the object to cut would reveal a different kind of power from the same strike.”

Roja looked at the sword while remembering the word from the book .

The book was compiled from all the books of the Marine database there must be numerous people who did read and found it easy to understand .

But understanding it is something and excuting it is something else as it’s hard to concentrate without getting distracted by anything.

Many swordsmen after several years or even dicade of continous training could finally enter this state.

This state will be enough to block the road of countless swordsmen.


Roja looked at the content of the book and tried reding it again and closed his eyes after a moment and placed the book to the side.

In general Most swordsmen will need to keep swinging the sword countless times until they can concentrate on it without any distractions.

But Roja felt that doing it won’t be necessery.

“A heart without distraction … ”

Roja closed his eyes and murmred in his heart and began to adjust his breathing and thought .

Roja was different then ordinary people he died once and come to this world and his soul could be said to be on a differet level than ordinary souls.

And with this power he could aproach that state really fast and could control his thought with force.

At the beginning.

Roja forced his line of thought but still encountred many difficulty as a lot of idea kept jumping out in his mind and continued to interfare with him.

But Roja litlle by little made those idea disappear .

Gradually he didn’t know when it started but his heart begin to become focused.

In silence Roja opened his eyes . A pair of clear eyes could be seen . There wasn’t even a trace of distraction.

Everything between heaven and earth is silent the only thing he could hear is his own heart beat.

This is a very strange state.

This isn’t sate of daze because he could clearly observe his surroundings as he was fully conscious of what his doing but there wasn’t any complicated thought jumping in his mind.

“This is the heart without distraction the completly empty state?”

After entering this state Roja Heart was filled with surprise But he soon calmed down.

This is state is not a normale “Focused” state but an ethereal state extended from the other.

Roja began to try with his mind completly focused  on the objects beside him. It seemed faint but he was able to hear the table , chairs , cups and the ground breathing.

“Is this that state?”

Roja suddenly doubted becasue this state and the discription are somewhat similar.

In his heart an explicable feeling arised .This state is the realm of swordmasters and it seems really powerful.

This state gives the user a domineering feeling to him.

However , Roja couldn’t get this feeling from Garp But he knew that Garp know this state .It shows that he glimpsed at the first level of the swordmaster realm.


Roja’s eyes looked at his sword.

He gently pulled Honoo no tsuki and then picked up a piece of paper and threw it on the air.

“If i want the sword to cut something then i cut it, if i don’t want the sword to cut something then it won’t cut it  … try it”

Roja mind focused on the piece of paper sliding in the air while holding his sword in his hand.

The next moment Roja suddenly waved and a sound burst out through the air with the sharp sword in his hands and hit the paper.

The paper … wasn’t cut.

wanting to cut a plain paper is naturally a simple thing but wanting to use a sword to hit a paper without cutting it That was the realm his looking for.

“This is it.”

To see his own sword fall on the paper and did not damage it a bit. Roja’s eye flashed with ray of light and got out of the focused state.

“Is it this ismple?”

He but his sword back into his scabbard Roja looked at the peice of paper and suddenly shook his head “No ,i was in a completely quiet place so i could enter that state.”

“But it won’t be easy to maintain this state while in battle.”

Thinking to here Roja eyes cleared.

Sure enought his way to force out his thought through his soul power is feasible

want to comprehend this state normally you will have to train for days and days until you could gradually become one with the sword and finally comprehend and control this state.

And another kind of method is this special methode Roja used . This methode was stated in the book but most people couldn’t use it.

Roja was suitable to use that method.

“Then the next thing is to try and enter this state at will in any place then it will be stable.”

“It still feel too simple.”


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