Chapter 21 : Looked good

Chapter 21 : Looked good

Understanding what he had to do he directly began to practice. Roja’s practice this time is simple both his hand on the sword like he was going to swing but he didn’t .He was trying to enter the focused state.

Roja thought that he will fully control it a month’s time but to his surprise his spiritual power was stronger than he imagined.

To freely enter the focused state only took him three days.

This time Garp didn’t interfere with Roja’s practice as he knew that he need to chose the road  he want to walk and after that he would help him.

At the sunset.

Roja was holding Honoo no tsuki in his hand standing in the end of the courtyard constantly swinging it . There seemed to be a faint glow on the edge of the sword passig through the air.

This was the Tobu Zangeki realm.

Although his body was covered with sweat, but Roja’s eyes stayed as clear as  water as if he didn’t feel the muscular pain.

At this moment Roja had complet control over his focused state.

After waving a few more times he stopped.

“Now as long as i am willing i can enter and keep this state.”

Roja looked at his sword while it was reflected into his eyes  and suddenly waved the sword then said.

“Really this is completly different. Entering that state brought such a huge difference.”

After staring at his sword Roja recovered and smiled. His eyes  flashed with rays of light and then once again entered the focused state.

Holding Honoo no tsuki in his right hand Roja turned to  face the wall then

wouch! wouch! wouch!

after waving his sword he put it down.


Roja approched the wall . Impressively criss-crossing lines emerged on it.


The same instant the side of the wall collapsed into a large number of stones and scattered into the courtyard.

Here in the Marineford the building material aren’t normal stones but very hard stones . A hardness second only to steel and kairoseki ( seastones ).

And even with such hardness Roja’s sword cut it like he was cutting tofu.

This is certainly because honoo no tsuki is one of the o wazamono swords series but also  because Roja mastered the focus state.

After all ordinary people won’t be able to cut it even with the best sword in the world.

And Roja at this moment if he encountered another brown back ape he could break it’s defense easily.

Looking at the callapsed wall Roja’s face showed  satisfied smile and gently put the sword back into it’s scabbard .

At this moment a voice sounded.

“What’s happening ?”

Garp who was woke up by the sound of the breaking wall went into the courtyard.

He was still sleepy but still got up to take a look. The next moment his sleepiness disappeared without a trace.

Garp looked stunned at the large number of stone that were cut neatly by Roja’s sword .

“Roja !! What the hell did you do you brat ?”

“Just tried the sword.”

Roja completely mastered the focus state and his mood was rather good so he looked at garp with a smile while saying that.

“Tried the sword !!!”

Garp looked at Roja after saying this sentace and stared at him then said again “You had to cut the wall to test your sword ? why didn’t you use other things ?”

“Because it looked good.”

Roja said seriously.


Garp staggered almost falling and was about to spit out blood. Mainly because he heard this sentence before more like he was really familiar with it . Because when he used to fight all kind of destruction would happen and when someone asked him why destoy everything he would say “because it looked good”.

He didn’ expect this result and couldn’t respond to Roja.

“If there is nothing then I am returning to my room.”

Roja then waved at Garp and then jumped directly to the secand floor from the window in his room then shut the window loudly.

Leaving Garp alone in the courtyard.

After a while Garp clutched his head and said ” Really this brat learned the wrong way from me . when did he see me destroy my own house ? i always destroy other people houses why didn’t he learn that.”

Garp said this sentence without shouting but Roja still coul hear him clearly.


Roja who was drinking water couldn’t help but spray all the water in his mouth.

Roja knew that Garo will be angry at him if he destroyed the wall but still did it However he din’t expect such an answer.

destroy someone else’s house … what way of thinking was this.

Roja didn’t just know Garp for a day or two and he was accustomed to his unexpected  personnality. But he ignored that as Garp always solves the troubles he make.

“Now that i mastered the focus state ,I need to master the tobu zengeki .”

Roja toughtfully murmured and all of a sudden he though about something . imediately with a thought the property bar appeared before him as he didn’t look at it at all those three days.

The last three day Roja focused on contomming the focus state and didn’t look at the property bar unti today when he could freely control that state did he remember to look at the property bar.

“Although for three day i practiced the focus state but my phisical strength didn’t fall behind and i should’ve gained some energy.”

Roja took a look at the property bar .

The second stage: the ancient sword of the soul +7

Attribute: Attack power +80, power +22

Special attributes: All things in the world , turn to ashes! – sword attack have additional fire damage (the evolutionary condition isn’t met)

Improved energy: 146/80

The above still didn’t have any change but when seeing the bottom of the property bar Roja was shocked.

The energy not only full but it even had an overflow of more then 60 point ?

What the F**k?

Roja was stunned while looking in daze at the property bar He thought about why he had so much energy.

Roja thought that in those three days he would only get a little bit of energy as he didn’t exercice, but to his shock he got all that energy.

Looking at the energy value Roja thought then he gradually come to a conclusion.

” I see . So it’s like that .”

He guessed before that the reason fighting increase the energy value faster because fighting help nurture the potential of the soul.

And in those past days he fully mastered the focus state which should be counted as a breakthrough in the power of his soul.

Therefore the energy shot up as such.

“That’s about it .”


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