Chapter 226: Tastes Bad!

Chapter 226: Tastes Bad!


After devouring the Devil fruit, Sen Maboroshi returned to its original form with a sudden light coming out from it, then the light subsided.
Is it over?
Roja waved the sword for a few times, there was no strange feeling, then he looked at the property bar and still didn’t find any change.
“Hey, You swallowed the devil fruit, and not to mention evolving and having a space type attack, there is not a little bit of change at all!”
Black lines formed over Roja’s head while he looked at his sword.
However, It transmitted a faint thought to Roja, And if we use our language to translate it will be…
Tastes bad!
Roja almost sprayed blood, he looked at the sword and shook his head twice: “You aren’t even sorry? You just ate a Devil fruit you know?!”
However, it didn’t respond to Roja, as it again entered its slumber.
“I probably got a Face Zanpakuto.”
For his own Zanpakuto to swallow a space type Devil fruit and without providing any explanation, Roja felt tired.
After shaking his head, Roja sent his sword back into his soul space, He couldn’t ask anything now since it entered its slumber, so he could only try and upgrade to the next level.
After the devil fruit was swallowed, Roja didn’t have to think about it anymore, He was now concerned about the ability to see into the future for a short period of time.
Although Katakuri couldn’t do a thing in the last battle, if that ability was given to Big mom than the outcome of the fight won’t be the same.
“Fortunately, His ability is to see the future not to change it… Changing the future, This was the ultimate villain in the world of bleach.”
Roja recalled the fight and couldn’t help but lose himself in his thought.
He deduced from this that the Kenbunshoku Haki like the Busoshoku has several levels, The basic attacks prediction, and the more advanced is seeing into the future. With the highest in one piece being Roger’s voice of all things.
However, comparing it to the Busoshoku, few people in the world have practiced the Kenbushoku to seeing the future let alone hearing the voice of all things.
Because of this, When Roja practiced with Garp and Z, they didn’t say that there was a distinction between the two types of Haki.
If one practiced Kenbunshoku to the extreme than he could see the future and hear the Voice of All things.
“In contrast, Enel’s Mantra is very strong but with the help of his Goro Goro no Mi, He could hear everyone talking on an entire island.”
Roja pondered, if he expanded his Kenbunshoku he could cover a small island, But it won’t be enough for a Medium or large one.
And he can’t hear their voices, he could only see black and white images of them.
“Kenbunshoku Haki…”
Roja’s soul is extremely powerful, if he practices, he could reach Katakuri’s level, it should be a simple matter.
Roj thought about his own Kenbunshoku Haki how to improve it.
Half a month later, Several warships docked on the Cake island, and some Marines were busy carrying all sort of things.
“Ready to leave?”
Roja nodded: “The Desserts are really good, but I am already tired of it after eating for half a month, After all, I am not Big mom.”
Aokiji shrugged and said: “Arara, After resting for two weeks, you’re not going to leave again and play with the other three right?”
Aokiji’s expression touched Roja that he couldn’t help but chuckle.
“That’s terrible, Do you think I like dealing with the Yonko?”
Aokiji nodded.
Roja was silent for a second, then shook his head: “This kind of thing will shock the world only once, doing it again won’t matter as the people would have turned numb already, So there is no meaning to it.”
Aokiji: “…”
Is this your goal for doing it? Is this really your reason?!!
Roja didn’t care about Aokiji’s expression.
The Yonko turned into the Sanko now, He didn’t have any interest in Kaido as he fought with him before, as for Shanks, he’d like to have a meal with him.
He was mostly interested in Whitebeard as the latter is still at the peak of his strength, Roja was kind of excited just thinking about the fight with Whitebeard.
But before that, Roja want to find a quiet place and learn his new Kenbunshoku first.
if he practices the Kenbushoku to the level of seeing the Future, then it would be regarded as a powerful ability even in the world of Shinigami.
Then, When Roja returned to the Marine headquarters, He did nothing, even tough Aokiji and Kisaru were Lazy, Roja was lazier.
Which gave Sengoku a stronger headache than ever, When Roja was serious he did some earth-shattering things, He destroyed a Yonko, Even if all the Marine forces moved to them, they weren’t guaranteed to do it, And Roja did it alone.
But when he is lazy, he is far lazier than Aokiji and Kisaru together.
Kisaru is working for his salary, Aokiji began to doubt the so-called justice after the Shichibukai system was created, so he became lazy, And Roje is even more crazy, Once he started doing something he won’t see anything else.
Standing behind those three so-called Admirals was Sengoku.
The other thing is that after recovering, Akainu chose to not retire but continue being in the headquarters.
He still couldn’t trust Roja, What if Roja did the same thing that Dragon did?
This protest was rejected by the world government, but he didn’t get angry, he wanted to see what will Roja do in the end.
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  • Raúl Javier Fernández Trillo

    I actually like Akainu in this novel… He fights for his own justice and he only fears that the MC is gonna become a problem as big as Dragon, he tried to stop it and now that he found out that he couldn’t he just want to see if he was right or wrong.

    Perhaps he has accepted destiny and now he is only curious about what will happen.

    • isThatSo

      But is Dragon really a problem, when he is actually the only way most people outside the nobles can even experience “justice”?

      • Raúl Javier Fernández Trillo

        What is justice?, it’s a belief. Akainu has his justice and Dragon has his too. Who is right and who is wrong?, Akainu believes in order while Dragon believes on freedom.

        Who is the true justice?, no one can answer, is it wrong the actions of both?, who knows.

        They only fight for what they believe, nothing more, nothing less. Akainu’s justice goes against the one of Dragon, so of course he will oppose him.

        • isThatSo

          Well, if your justice is at the expense of others and leads to mistrust and corruption you’re probably the baddie.

          True justice exists outside the bounds of emotion and ideology. It’s the actions taken to reconcile conflict and dissidence in the most objective manner. The Marines are a good example of justice* in principle, but because they are lead by corrupt individuals it gets twisted into something far removed. Dragon and the revolutionary army are also a good example of justice* in principle, and because they take action to confront the injustice* that can be observed throughout the world they are technically the “good guys” no matter how you spin it.

          Beliefs have nothing to do with the equation when you factor in monetary gain and social hierarchy/constraints. As long as there is a slave class and people above the posted laws, they cannot be the representative force for justice. That is tyranny at best, and despotism at worst.

          • Raúl Javier Fernández Trillo

            Beliefs and justice are the same, if a man killed another one without a motive what would you do with the killer?, many people would say that revenge isn’t justice but at the same time there are some who thinks that justice and revenge are the same.

            While you ask about the corruption of the system I would like to ask a question, is it impossible to change the system from within? do you need to destroy and make a new one?.

            While it’s a flawed one because of the corruption it still made more good than bad, Dragon chose the path of blood to the change, this isn’t what I would call justice, it is revenge at a flawed system, paying with blood it’s defects.

            Even more, our world still has people above laws and there are slaves that are blinded of their condition. The world hasn’t changed from the past social hierarchy/constraints, only the rules of it evolved with the passage of time.

            A revolution isn’t something as kind as you think, they killed many good people just because they didn’t share their ideals, those people had a family, that suffering that you generate in the name of change is it justice?, can you actually do anything you want if you are shielded by that word?.

            Both sides are flawed, that’s why I can’t say who is wrong or if there is a better answer. At the same time both are justice, based on the belief that what they are doing is right.

          • isThatSo

            Your views are too subjective and you make a lot of assumptions using that view to make your statements. I mentioned that true justice can only be objective, and the majority of your points completely ignore that statement. And I’d suggest you try to avoid talking about the real world and your views when discussing a novel. You have no idea what I’ve experienced and over-generalizing, even with dramatic flair, doesn’t explain your point. At this point it’s probably better to cease the discussion before it further devolves xD. If you actually read my response, I didn’t say anyone was right or wrong. I explained technicalities and why the base logic is flawed since the justice* discussed only exists in a subjective sense from the perspective of whoever is justifying* it. You just extrapolated your own conclusions based on my response in, yet again, an entirely subjective way. You can’t find common grounds or make compromise when you only focus on your point* and not what is actually said in the discussion!

          • Raúl Javier Fernández Trillo

            This is how I saw the conversation so that it is more clear:
            -I comment that Akainu has his own justice and because of that fights Dragon justice and see’s it as a problem.
            -You ask if Dragon is really a problem, obviously under my first message I didn’t say he was a problem but that under Akainu view’s he is a problem.
            -Because of that I explain that justice is a belief, they have two different beliefs that oppose each other.
            -A total unrelated message to the point that I made, at this point I thought “does he think that everything that Dragon did is right?”, you just talked about true justice and tyranny and gave me that perception.
            -Because you talked about that I focused on trying to show my point “I don’t believe in true justice” and “I don’t think that Dragon is right, it’s just another justice view”. Tried to give examples or explain my view as best as I could.
            -Your last message was pure nonsense for me. Because I felt that you didn’t understand anything that I wanted to say and the irony is that to make a compromise the first thing is to understand what the other person is saying.

            The thing is… as you can see what I perceived over your messages it’s quite possible that it wasn’t what you wanted to say, the reverse is true too. And that’s the ironic thing about your last message, that it’s incredibly subjective, I just felt that you didn’t understand the point I was making. I just hope that it helps you understand what I meant and why I’m not directly answering your last post.

            Perhaps you aren’t wrong on what you are assuming about what I said from a third point view, but it isn’t what I wanted to communicate and that’s always the key of a misunderstanding.

            Meh, let’s leave it at that.

          • Raúl Javier Fernández Trillo

            Ironically my last answer disappeared?, basically what I said is, be aware that you have made as many assumptions that I made if not even more thanks to your last message, which is incredibly subjective.

            Quick resume of what I was thinking about our whole conversation:
            -Akainu has a view of justice and because of that Dragon is a problem.
            -You ask if Dragon is a problem, under Akainu’s view he is, which is what I said.
            -I explain the relation between belief and justice
            -You go over the “true justice and tyranny” which for me it was unrelated to what I said. I got the feeling that you thought that Dragon was right.
            -I explain why I don’t believe in true justice and why I don’t see Dragon as justice in that sense (but yes in the belief one). Tried to explain as good as I could with examples I could think of.
            -Your last message I just can’t even describe how subjective, ironic… felt for me. I didn’t add a tone, I didn’t generalize just tried to explain, my opinnion IS subjective the same as yours and the first step for communication is understanding what the other person said.

            I just want to say that this was my quick resume of the conversation and it will be different from yours, but you did so many assumptions on that last message… let’s leave it at that shall we?, if I truly did answer on my first impression over it, then this wouldn’t go well, your first impression over my last message was wrong, as I suppose it is what I’m getting from yours. Gonna delete everything except my first message and this one after I know that you read it.

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