Chapter 54 : Defeat!

Chapter 54 : Defeat!


The Getsuga Tensho from before could already cut Lao G Busoshoku. Now that it’s strength soared what will happen?
The next moment Smoker found an opportunity to launch a distracting attack at Lao G.  While Roja held his sword and swung.
“Getsuga … Tensho!”
The three percent increase in normal Tobu Zangeki was much more apparent in the Gestsuga Tensho to the extent that it was like a bright moon blooming in the air and piercing the void.
Lao G repulsed Smoker whose interference made the former unable to avoid Roja’s strike. So he cast  his Busoshoku and tried to go against it.
But when the fist and the energy collided Lao G’s face changed.
Before Getsuga Tensho could barely cut though his Haki but after the increase in strength It cut though his Haki easily.
This was ridiculous.
Blood splashed while Lao G face turned pale as he couldn’t support his body. He was half kneeling and looked at Roja with awe.
This is impossible.
His Haki was cut by Roja!!
Was this because of the overuse of Haki that let to his power weakening ?
It’s not!
It’s just … Roja just got stronger!
In other words his power increased while he is battling.
Lao G didn’t seem to feel the pain as his face made an expression of disbelief. A pair of eyes staring at Roja who despite being so young had such strength but also his power increased while in battle he can’t let him continue to grow further.
Despite him thinking this way Lao G was already exhausted.
His consciousness began to blur and the world gradually turned dark.
Lao G fell on the ground into a pool of blood.
in front of him was Roja who slowly put his sword back into the scabbard while the flames in the street extinguished.
Lao G the elite member of the DonQuixote family was defeated!
As the flames disappeared. The whole street appeared in a sorry state.
The elite camp members were staring at the two people standing while most eyes were fixed on Roja.
This is Roja’s real strength ?
Even someone using Busoshoke Haki was defeated!
At this moment Z who was standing on top of the central hotel couldn’t help but being amazed. Roja’s performance was out of his expectation from the beginning and that final breakthrough wihch led to Lao G’s defeat made him feel awe.
In Z’s view Roja was completely different from the three admirals.
As the three of them relied on their fruit ability to join the Marine, but Roja had no devil fruit, so Roja’s strength was his own.
With the collapse of Lao G the mission finally ended.
In this mission the most outstanding performance was without a doubt Roja’s. There wouldn’t be anyone making an objection on this.
Seeing is believing.
 Roja’s strength burst on this fight made everyone amazed and shocked. After this mission everyone in the elite camp would look at Roja with eyes of fear.
It’s the same look which they looked at Smoker before!
From this moment no one will doubt Roja’s strength. They won’t need to measure Roja and Smoker’s strength anymore. They only need to know that Roja can crush any of them easily and that’s enough.
In the battle Roja’s gains were many as he used his soul ability to the limit which led to entering the time extension state and comprehending more the way of the sword.
Now Roja could defeat Lao G in a one on one battle
After the battle Roja was tired from the overuse of his physical and mental strength So he directly went back into the warship, Entered his room and fell asleep.
When he woke up the warship had set sail already and was about to reach the headquarters.
He didn’t have any sense of fatigue after waking up he felt refreshed. His body which had some injuries after the fight was cured.
“Well fighting Lao G made this mission have some value in it.”Roja stood up while his eyes revealed excitement.
He gained so much from the fight other then his breakthrough on the way of the sword and entering the time extension state, The energy of his soul sword skyrocketed!
compared to before his energy improved very fast. A total of more then 200 points.
The third stage: smart sword of the soul +2
Attribute: Attack power +165, power +50, agility +50
Special attribute : All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack have additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)
Special attributes : Getsuga tensho – Can release a arc shaped red energy attack. 
Enhanced energy: 291/140 
After his fight with lucifer and the other pirates, his energy didn’t rise by much. But after figting Lao G his energy got to the point where he could strengthen the soul sword two more times.
Because he was too tired Roja returned to his room and directly fell asleep. So he didn’t use energy.
Hum Hum!
After strengthening his soul sword two consecutive times, a  golden light flashed twice from his body.
The third stage: smart sword of the soul +4
Attribute: Attack power +200, power +60, agility +60 
Special attribute : All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack have additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)
Special attributes : Getsuga tensho – Can release a arc shaped red energy attack. 
Enhanced energy: 1/160
“It’s clear that fighting will rise the energy more than normal training.”
Roja muttered while looking at the property bar.
Roja now wasn’t sure if he was already at the level of a vice admiral but at least now he could defeat strong people like Lao G.
“I need to learn Haki so i can face characters with an admirals strength. So the only thing left now is to train in Haki …” Roja’s eyes flashed with light.
Roja was clear that If he was to learn Haki then he will be able to beat any vice admiral character.
And when he could do that he will consider going out and look for the one piece 
(Tl : Shit his going out of the Marine after all  (╥﹏╥) ) (ED: can’t be helped i guess, the gorusei are assholes afterall) 
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