Chapter 6 : Combat assessment

Chapter 6 : Combat assessment

In the Month that Roja trained with Garp the recruits completly forgot about him .

and in this month a message spread like wild fire in the entire camp.

“Have you heard about it ? the combat assessment is about to begin.”

”Of course i heard all the training from before is for this combat assessment … and it’s said if you get first or if your performance is good you’d be able to get in the elite camp and be trained by admiral Z.”

Recruits talked about and admired former admiral Z . They couldn’t help but show worship and respect for him .

The Marine is not a nursing home it’s where they fight the pirates and especially the elite in the headquarter.

and so

The Marine would organize an assessment . an actual combat that are created by the admirals and all recruits have to participate.

The camp is divided into an ordinary camp and an elite one . There is about about 10 group for the ordinary camp led by 10 instructors and the elite camp had only one group.

And the highest rank after graduation for the elite camp is Captain and the lowest is Lieutenant Commander .

and the most important thing is that the elite camp’s istructor is former admiral Z .

Entering into the elite camp is like a dream for all recruits because all the Marine current admirals were trained under Z in the elite camp.

Everyone was excited thinking about this.

There are some people who already know that they don’t have a chance, so they discussed who from the recruits will enter the elite camp.

“I estimate that Drake from the 5th group will be first”

“Drake ? … Yes no one can win against him . His is far too strong . I heard that he killed the 8th group strongest in a spar.”

Talking to here the man couldn’t help but feel fear.

Even if all of them are recruits, the strongest in each goup can easily beat other recruits.

and even the strongest from the 8th group perished under X Drake’s spike there is no doubt he is the strongest this year.

“Yes Drake is the strongest, but can he still be in the elite camp?”.

Hearing this someone from the crowd couldn’t help but laugh .

“strongest ? didn’t you know that all those in the elite camp are mosters?”

People next to each other looked left and right . Most of them shook their head apparently they didn’t know anything about the elite camp . So everyone’s eyes directed at the one who spoke.

That recruit seeing that many eyes are looking at him , took a deep breath and turned serious and said “It is said that The current elite camp’s strongest is someone called Smoker and he got the Moku Moku no Mi.”

“Do you know what that means ?”

After a moment of silence.

suddenly after understanding his meaning everyones eye shined .

“Isn’t that the stongest type of devil fruit? the Logia ? Is there anyone who can win against him?.”

“This is awesome.”

“If this is true, then i think no one can win against him.”

In the courtyad .

The sun was hanging up in the middle of the day.

At this time Roja wielding his honoo no tsuki and swinging it down . His arms werre going numb bu he still tirelessly continued .

Practicing to the limit of his body . Normale training won’t do he got to bread through his limit again and agian .

Roja’s body was getting stronger and breaking the limit become harder and harder.

That’s okay.

This is Garp teaching . although it become difficult he still can go on.

He has the sword of the soul . So Roja was more interested in swordsmanship , and sometime even consult Garp about it .

And Garp answerrs where beyond Roja’s expectations.

Garp said To him That everyone has his own way in the sword there is no fixed path . The final road is always different .

To practice your swordmanship you need physical strength arm strength and movement speed.

as for the so called rokushiki . it can augment you strength to certain extent but it’s not good to rely only on it .

although Garp is not strong at fencing but as he is one of the stongest in the world he already saw many strong sword masters .

Even so, getting such an answer from Garp wasn’t expected. Roja’s current training is to strengthen his core . Something essential for sword users.

And that is By just swinging the sword in a mothion that seems like haking.

Suddenly Garp came to the courtyard and waved his hand.

“Roja you can take a break”.

“Ok ?”

Roja stopped his and looked at Garp strangely.

This month even if Roja was so into the training and drained all his strength when practicing Garp didn’t say go rest even once .So how come his telling him now ?.

Looking at Roja’s face Garp put his finger into his nose and said “The combat assessment that require all the recruits to attend will begin tomorrow.

although Garp can easly get Roja out of the assessment . He didn’t want to.

Even if Roja’s talent and will is strong . He still need actual combat expreriance . He has to experiance real blood if not he won’t become strong.

“What is that ?”

Hearing Garp’s words Roja eyes flashed and stroked his mouth that was slightly raised into a smile .

A long time ago Roja found that the energy in the soul system will increase faster in a real battle.

Not to mention that for a long time Roja wanted to test his strength in a real battle so he will certainly not refuse a challenge.

Now that his sword of the soul strengthened to +6 although the distance is still far away from the Shikai in the fifth stage, but his not that far from the third stage and most likely in the third stage he will experiance another transformation .

So for this Roja was looking looking foward to get that level up.

  • Primal

    “And that is By swinging the sword in a mothion that seems like haking”
    should be
    And that is by swinging the sword in a motion that seems like hacking

    “although Garp can easly get Roja ouf od the assessment.”
    should be
    Although Garp can easily get Roja out of the assessment

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