Chapter 64 : Apply for graduation!

Chapter 64 : Apply for graduation!


“Sword flow , Cremate!”
Roja was holding his sword while the flame started to extinguish. When they went out completely Roja swung his sword. A flame projectile formed and flew through the air.
a terrifying red flame broke out, countless eyes couldn’t contain their shock as a monstrous fire formed.
Lucci looked at this scene in shock as he tried to dodge the flame by moving to the side.
But in the next moment, another attack came from the side.
Boom! Boom!
Roja continued to swing and the flames continued to shoot out. the flames swept the field from all directions. the place where they were battling was covered in flames.
The temperature continued to rise with every release. The entire second floor turned into hell.
Lucci was fast and the flames couldn’t hit him. But just the temperature and the waves of flames suppressed him completely.
The situation turned completely one sided. (Tl : Like it wasn’t from the start.)
The temperature continued to rise. But Aokiji, kisaru and te others weren’t effected by it. on the other hand the elite camp members as well as the CP members started to sweat like there is no tomorrow while their eyes held their shock.
The CP members Jabra and the others, looked at this scene and couldn’t believe their eyes. The Marine recruit had someone strong to this extent ?
Lucci was completely suppressed. He had no chance of winning which was incredible.
Was Roja really just a recruit ?
“Enough !”
The world government Officials looking at the fire in the field, Their faces become uglier as the time went by. And one of them couldn’t help but open his mouth.
“Does that mean i won ?”
Roja didn’t continue after the other saying this. he put his sword back into his scabbard.
At the same time the flames which had enveloped the entire field slowly faded down.
Roja’s didn’t wait for the answer. Of course he wouldn’t lose to lucci. And as he knew the purpose of this fight he wouldn’t continue needlessly.
Lucci retreated without speaking a word. He looked at Roja who seemed to be like a flame general with his eyes full of fear.
The Marine recruits … Had such a strong guy …
The elite recruits were eager to see Roja win against Lucci. They wanted to hold their head high  and be proud. But when Roja really won and regained the face that they lost it felt unreal.
“Sure enough … No one can defeat Roja.”
“Roja strength grew once again. He is in completely different level from before.”
Many people in the elite camp saw Roja’s back and couldn’t help but mutter.
While Drake and the others who came with Roja from the ordinary camp looked at Roja with a complex expression. Especially Drake who sighed in his heart.
The gap was really widening more and more.
At he first he could see Roja’s back. But now Roja went further and further ahead to the point he couldn’t see it anymore.
The CP executive had an ugly expression the entire time.
The CP was just an intelligence agency after all.
Their overall strength can’t be compared to the Marine. And after so many years they finally found a genius just when the Five big shots(Gorusei) of the world government issued this challenge.
he thought this time he could gain face in front of the Marine.
Who would think that an even more powerful genius appeared. And he even learned Haki. Also he had that strange ability to control flames.
“Are you really a Marine recruit ?”
The CP executive looked at Roja and couldn’t help but ask. Although he knew that Roja was young and most likely he isn’t fake. But he was still reluctant to believe.
Roja looked at him and at the same time looked at Aokiji and the other then said.
“I am. But soon i won’t be a recruit anymore.”
“What do you mean ?”
Hearing Roja’s words The CP executive frowned as he was puzzled.
Roja didn’t answer but turned around to Z and said ” Teacher Z , Thank you for teaching all this time .”
This sentence made Z feel a little strange at first then he suddenly thought of it’s meaning. his eyes flashed a few times.
Could it be that …
Sure enough, in the next moment Roja said calmly with a serious tone.
“I am now applying for the graduation exam.”
This sentance made most people surprised for a moment.
If they remember correctly. Roja joined The elite camp for less than five months.
In the elite camp you could stay for three years and learn everything from Z. While also you could use the Marine various training equipment and other resources. They also could get that delicious meat and they won’t have any life threatening experience as Z will protect them in the missions.
Before, the elite camp members would only apply for graduation in their third year.
But Roja didn’t complete even half a year and he want to apply for the exam.
but with a closer look Roja applying for graduation isn’t a problem. As Roja’s was powerful enough to apply for it. And he can only grow stronger in face of the life and death situations.
He will never become strong if he was always was under Z’s shelter. Z was clear about this so he wouldn’t stop it.
“I already decided.”
Roja nodded earnestly.
he had learned almost everything he needs. And for him there won’t be any point if he stayed in the camp.
He wanted conquer the sea and stand at the highest point of it. From when he came to this world that was always his dream.
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