Chapter 78: SilverBack Ape king

Chapter 78: SilverBack Ape king


“Go to hell!”
Di Ross rushed toward Roja with his fists turning black. He can use Hardening.
He possessed great power. Even Smoker and the others looking at this were shocked.
If Smoker were the one fighting Di Ross, perhaps he wouldn’t have any chance to win.
But, the one facing Di Ross was Roja.
Roja instantly used his sword. Black color started to surround the sword as it formed the Hardening.
Di Ross fist directly hit Roja’s blade. The airwaves were visible to the naked eye as they were moving all around.
Roja was standing in his original position, and after the waves disappeared, he took one step back.
“The Zoan devil fruit has high ability indeed. This one’s power isn’t small too.”
Roja looked at Di Ross indifferently.
When Roja was facing Marine opponents his attitude toward them was good. But against a pirate, his killing intent was up and was looking at him coldly.
“Impossible! He only took a step back !!”
Di Ross’s face revealed the extent of his shock. He just punched out with all he got without saying a thing. He Hit Roja’s sword and was waiting for him to collapse due to internal injuries directly.
But he didn’t expect that not only did Roja not collapse but he even only took a small step back.
Roja compared to him was a young boy. HE found it incredible that such a small body could hold this much strength.
“This is my turn then!”
Roja looked indifferently at Di Ross and swung his sword.
The sword fell which made the air seem moving away from it. The sword felt like it’s passing through the void. The sword fell on Di Ross.
This sword didn’t produce energy. All there was in it is the Haki and the power of Roja’s swing.
“Not Good.”
Di Ross could guess the power of the sword. He wanted to escape, but because the distance was too close, it was already late. So he put up his arm while using hardening on them to receive the strike directly.
Roja’s sword cut through Di Ross arms and cut them even though The latter was using Haki.
Blood splashed!
Di Ross Roared in pain as he tried to escape. He forgot that he was in the Marine headquarters.
In the next moment, Roja took a step and disappeared. He appeared behind Di Ross.
Qiang! (SFX)
This sound was produced by the sword returning to its scabbard.
On Di Ross body appeared a clear line with blood stains. His eyes still had the horror he faced before he died.
“The Seventh Level, Pass.”
Roja was fast to end this round which made many people in the audience shocked. The strength, speed, swordsmanship, and Haki that Roja displayed were extremely powerful!!
Strength, speed, Haki, swordsmanship.
Most people only had one or two and weren’t weak. Roja had all four; This wasn’t as simple as one plus one equal two.
Roja’s show of strength had exceeded the expectations of Most people here.
Yamakaji took a deep breath, he looked at the next opponent on the list then exposed a strange look.
“The eighth level, your opponent will be … A giant monster, The SilverBack ape king.”
(Tl: SBAK for short.)
The opponent was extremely different from the one who faced Smoker a while ago. Smoker faced a lieutenant commander, and Roja was to face … A giant Monster.
“Monkey King ?”
Roja looked while surprise was apparent on his face. He couldn’t help but remember the ape he killed in the first exam. It seems this one is called SBAK. It should be much stronger than the other one.
“This SBAK was captured by the G2 division in the new world. It took more than three captains to subdue it and transport it here.”
“Roja you have to be careful. This big guy isn’t easy to deal with.”
Yamakaji reminded Roja and then turned to look.
You could see him looking at the SBAK which was being suppressed. Four people were leading it to the field.
A massive body with explosive muscles power. There is no doubt this will cause trouble to even the elite of the Marine.
“SBAK …”
The crowd of the elite camp heard about the SBAK and couldn’t help but suck in cold air.
They were the Elite of the Marine; Even when facing pirates, they won’t be horrified. But the SBAK far from just the look, He emitted a strong sense of oppression.
“I didn’t think that Roja’s eighth level would be this hard. It’s even more challenging than the previous ones …  I believe that it’s difficult for him to reach the tenth maybe even the ninth level.”
The same Master from before said solemnly. If it were Smoker fighting, he would hold the advantage with his Smoke ability. Because this SBAK can’t-do a thing to a logia type devil fruit.
But Roja wasn’t a devil fruit user.
And fighting such a big guy is not okay.
“Are you ready ?”
Because Roja’s eighth opponent is a Monster. Yamakaji was looked at Roja and said solemnly. 
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