Chapter 8 : Examination Begins

Chapter 8 : Examination Begins


“In this island … Is there pirates ?”

The recruit looked at the island while hearing the roars coming from it and felt some fear .

The vice General sneered “Fight pirates ? your too tender . Pirates are extremely cruel . This place is more suitable for this examination.”

“Your mission isn’t to fight and kill every monster in hear . There is no limit to weapon except for heavy weapons . So firearms are ok “.

“Hunting each creature will give you some points . The strong monster will more point than weaker ones . You can hunt as a team but the point will be divided equally between all the members.” Said the Vice admiral .

When he suddenly become more serious, everyone quieted down .

Although they are recruits , they weren’t some random people . Even so they felt the chills run through their backs.

Only a handful of people looked the same shuch as Drake.

In Roja’s face there was some surprise ”So the examination wasn’t about fighting pirates, but it was fighting monsters?”

This was something Garp should’ve known but Roja didn’t ask and the Former didn’t tell . Its not that he forgot about it but he probably didn’t say it delibrately.

The vice admiral was mostly satisfied with that reaction and after some time continued ” This island is full of surveillance equipment including the sky.”

“These monitoring device will serve as a recording to every thing you kill also if someone faces a crisis, we will send someone for his rescue but he will be disqualified.”

“But …” The admirale said solemnly “This still guarantee the safety of everyone . If one of you were to encounter the strongest monster here he will be crushed before help could get to him.”

“Check for the time so we can regroup after three days from now . I wish you good luck.”

Ordinary marine courses didn’t carry such practical assessment . But the recruits in the Marineford as the elite of the Marine have to go through this baptism . as they say : without going through blood and fire, elites won’t be born.

Soon all recruits were on the island .

Most of them were carrying guns . The other carried swords or other type of weapon like
Roja and Drake .

Drake only took a sword and an axe and Roja only had Honoo no tsuki .

Few people people didn’t have firearms so they had too much attention and most people will look at them with envy and awe Like when Drake Got down from the warship.

Drake strength was known to all and in thier eyes, he is very strong and didn’t need firearms because ordinary firearms are useless to him .

at this time Roja also got down .

Many people looked at him unintentionally . They were surprised as Roja also didn’t have firearm and only carried a sword.

while looking they felt that Drake was confident in his strength as for Roja he was only being arrogant.

Didn’t he know that this examination is very dangerous ? he will probably die.

Many recruit seemed to look at him as he as an idiot then someone said

“Hey did you come only to die?”

Hina also looked at this scene (TL : Tina was Hina all along . i got it wrong sorry. )

She couldn’t stay still so she reminded him ” I suggest that you bring a gun with you . This examination will be very dangerous”

Hina suddenly said but Roja Looked at her and felt that she was familiar . The next moment he remembered her . isn’t this Hina that had the devil fruit Ori Ori no Mi ?

But is seems that she still didn’t eat it.

“Sorry , but i really can’t use guns” Roja looked at Hina and shrugged his shoulders.

Although in this world there is some strong people that used firearms But Roja chose the road of the sword not firearms. Morever as he is now ordinary guns can’t harm him at all.

“You !!”

Although Roja was telling the truth, but when Hina heard it she thought that he is fooling her . She didn’t say anymore and just run into the forest .

Roja also rolled his eyes at Hina’s attitude . He felt really helpless . she got angry from him telling the truth .

He shook his head and also headed to the depth of the forest.

Inside the warships.

In a wide room that was full of projected images . The screens displayed all of the archipelago .

In this room all instructors were present and watching the display . they were recording scores for each of their group and prepaing to rescue any of them if there was any danger.

As for Instructor Z the Former admiral he crossed his arms while scanning the monitoring screen as for Garp he was eating his rice crakers by Z side .

“That’s your nephew Roja ?” Z asked Garp while pointing at one of the screens.


Garp gave a vague response seemingly ininterested . In fact he shoul be the most one concerned here .

“I heard that he trained under you for a month . But before that he was lat ranked among all the recruits . althought you want him to enter the elite camp . I think it will still be difficult.”

Z Looked at the screen that displayed Roja moving throught the forest while shaking his head.

a month in Z’s eyes seemed too short as Roja was really bad so even with Garp’s special training, he estimated that he wasn’t that strong now.

However , since it’s Garp nephew Z didn’t mind accepting him in the elite camp and teach him whatever his results were . after all he had been Garp’s friend for decades now.

“Haha haha , Z, I think That this kid is stronger then you think he is .” Garp listened to Z and then took a bite on the rice cracker and swallowed after laughing .

“Oh !! Let’s wait and see then.”

Z listened to Garp’s words and said . He didn’t continue to argue with him . He just continued to watch the screen.

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