Chapter 84: Special Promotion

Chapter 84: Special Promotion

All the people looking had a hard to describe look on their faces. Their minds were blank as they didn’t know what to say.
Tenth level … He passed!
The tenth level, The opponent was a vice admiral … All people thought that this was an impossible task for a recruit. But this thought was broken now!
“He actually passed the tenth field.”
“This is really …”
At this time even Kisaru’s face was full of shock.
By his side, Aokiji couldn’t find words to say.
Even Akainu narrowed his eyes. He looked at Roja who was like a fire lord and suddenly thought flashed in his mind. He didn’t know why but he just thought of Monkey.D.Dragon. The narrowed eyes suddenly turned cold.
Akainu pursued absolute justice. When he thought about Garp’s son, Dragon, who joined the revolutionary army and turned into the world most dangerous criminal, He couldn’t help but reveal hatred in his eyes.
In the war, Akainu never called Luffy Garp’s grandson, but he called him Dragon’s son.
Because one name means the grandson of the Marine hero while the other means the son of the leader of the revolutionary army.
“With this talent, if he dares to do anything like Dragon …”
While thinking Akainu’s eyes turned colder as he took a deep breath.
“That kind of thing … I will not allow it.”
“Monkey.D.Roja, Graduation exam third stage, Tenth level … Passed.”
Yamakaji finally recovered from his shock. His tone was trembling. Because after reading Roja’s information, He knew that Roja was less than twenty.
being less than twenty with this kind of power, His talent was just too shocking!
Everyone knows that Momonga has gone all out in this fight. But he still lost against Roja. This was unbelievable, but this turned into a fact now.
Roja passed the tenth level which he also got a perfect score in the third stage of the exam.
The third stage had a total of ten stage. If one passed the sixth it means his qualified to graduate, The seventh is a good score, The eighth is excellent as well as the ninth And finally passing then the tenth level will grand a perfect score.
The first stage of the exam, Perfect score.
The second stage of the exam, Perfect score.
The third stage of the exam, Perfect score!
This is a first since the establishment of the three stages of the exam.
“Good, very good!”
Sengoku couldn’t restrain his emotion anymore as he looked at Garp and said: “Garp, You really have a good nephew!”
“Ha ha ha ha.”
Garp stood at the ruins of the field. He didn’t speak; he just grinned while looking very happy and proud of Roja.
Roja put the Sword into his scabbard and with this move, the flames gradually extinguished.
At the same time, the ground began to turn visible. The field was filled with sword marks which could be seen with a glance.
“Passed the … Tenth level …”
“Even with his opponent being a vice admiral … Roja’s strength improved to such extent ?”
Smoker and the other still couldn’t believe what just happened. They just didn’t know what they should feel now.
This was a scene that was hard to believe even if you witnessed it yourself.
Yamakaji who was responsible for writing the score for the exam gave Roja the score he deserved. Without any doubt, Roja score would be perfect. The word perfect was added in front of Roja’s name.
Then Yamakaji accompanied Roja and the other graduate with Sengoku to decide the Rank that every graduate will receive based on his score in the three stages of the exam.
Sengoku took the paper from Yamakaji’s hands then took a deep breath to calm down. he wasn’t ready to return to the office, but he still could do it here.
“Shuzo*, your first stage score is good, Your second stage score is qualified, and the third stage score is also qualified … you passed the graduation assessment. Your rank will be a Lieutenant Commander.”
*(Tl: Shuzo appeared in the ep 575 from one piece.)
Sengoku looked at the information then gave a rank to Shuzo and by his side Yamakaji directly recorded it down. Yamakaji was eager to know what rank would Roja receive.
Sengoku just looked at the information and directly knew what Rank should be assigned.
“Smoker, The score of the first stage is excellent, The score for the second stage is good …”
When Sengoku finished reading the information, he thought for a little bit and seemed to hesitate to give Smoker the rank of Captain, but he chose it at the end.
After finishing receiving his rank, Smoker was guided by some Marines to receive his uniform.
And at last, is Roja’s turn.
Looking at Roja’s papers, Sengoku could see the three red, perfect words from the three stages. Sengoku hesitated for a bit.
In the elite camp, The best rank that could be granted is Captain.
In the history, only three were directly assigned as rear admirals just after graduating. Those, of course, are the three admirals. Because they had two perfect scores and passed through the ninth level of the third stage of the exam.
Roja had three perfect scores so he meets the condition for the special promotion. But what kind of rank should he assign to him? This is very difficult to decide.
Roja defeated Momonga which was a vice admiral. So there is no doubt that he got the strength to be a vice admiral too.
But Roja was still young, So directly promoting him to a vice admiral is hard.
“Yamakaji, What rank should we assign to Roja ?”
Sengoku pondered for a while then directly asked Yamakaji who was beside him.
“This …”
Yamakaji had an indecisive expression, as Roja’s situation was unusual. Because he is the first to get this kind of score. Yamakaji didn’t know how to decide.
Hesitating for a while, Yamakaji turned to Sengoku and said “Roja defeated Momonga. His strength isn’t a problem, So directly promoting him into a vice admiral should be possible.”
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