Chapter 28: A 3 Men Fight

Chapter 28: A 3 Men Fight


Early in the morning the next day, in the third training ground, Minato introduced his Sensei to the rest of the bunch.


“Little demon, what are you doing here?” Jiraya was surprised to see Ryo again.


“Wow uncle, you really turned out to be who you said you are! I just didn’t expect that one of the legendary Sannin was a peeping pervert!” Ryo looked at him with a large smile!


“He’s the disciple I’ve told you about! And how many times did I tell you to stop with the peeping? Now you’re becoming a joke to someone young enough to be your grandson!” Kushina answered Jiraya with great disgust!


“Disciple? And grandson? Who’s disciple is this?” being the cheeky man he was, he turned a deaf ear to Kushina’s and Ryo’s criticism.
“Kushina is his Sensei! And they’re right about the peeping part you know!” Minato has always been trying to get him to quit!


“Kakashi, Ryo, always stay away from this guy! Minato you too should do that!”


“Haha, come on Kushina don’t be so stingy!”


“Sensei, don’t irritate Kushina.” Minato was trying to calm things down.


“Hey! Minato, don’t you interfere! Today I’ll be teaching this old man a lesson.” Saying that, red Chakra oozed out of her body, and three tails appeared behind her!


“Hey, Hey Kushina, aren’t you taking it too far?” Minato was surprised that she’s going into this mode!


“No! And it’s doesn’t stop here! Ryo!” With his own teacher Kushina on what side, and the Ero Sennin on the other, Ryo made the easy choice!


“I’m sorry about this uncle!” Ryo had no intentions of holding back, directly activating his Ice-Lightning Charka mode!


Is his opponent strong? You bet he is! Jiraya is clearly one of the strongest ever!


In the Data-Book, his scores were “5 In Ninjutsu, 4.5 in Taijutsu, 3 in Genjutsu, 4.5 in intellect, 4.5 when it comes to strength, 4.5 in speed, a full 5 in stamina, 4.5 when it came to forming hand seals! Amongst all of those were mentioned in the data book, he was second to none, with only Itachi Uchiha matching him in the overall score. (Translator note: The Author got all scores right, but on a scale of 0 to 10 instead in each category –so everything was doubled-. So the overall score was 71 instead of 35.5. While that changes nothing really, I used the scores I found in the data book.)


When it comes to fighting abilities, he was able in his Sage mode to take on 3 of Pain’s paths with no knowledge of their secret. 6 of Pain’s paths were enough to take on all of Konoha! Beating 3 in those conditions is enough to testify for his strength.


After all, to Ryo, the 6 Paths of Pain are the final boss in the “Human” Category, with ones that came after like the Rikodo Sennin, Uchiha Madara, and Kaguya being more on a “Godlike” level.


In short, this man could easily rank amongst the top 5 “still Human” ninja! Faced with such a strong opponent, Ryo can’t afford not to give his best, even if Jiraya is not at his peak.


Jiraya became more serious as saw the appearance of the two. 3 tailed V1 Kushina is already on Kage level, while Ryo looks like he had enough to possibly be a threat.


“I’m 1st Jiraya-san! Come on!” Seeing the Lightning-Ice Chakra mode, Minato waved to his teacher that Ryo should be taken seriously! Since he doesn’t know about his strength, and because he is not the speed demon that Minato is, this mode might be dangerous to him.

Ryo disappeared as a lightning bolt suddenly appeared behind Jiraya. Chidori was about to hit the latter when he was replaced by a block of wood. Ryo’s surprise attack was faced successfully by Jiraya’s experience.


“Good speed, as it should be with the lightning chakra mode!” Ryo’s attack wasn’t so simple, he actually disappeared and re-appeared with Chidori ready to hit, meaning that he was able to form the seals necessary, charge the attack, and change his position to his opponent’s blind spot in the blink of an eyes.


“This is dangerous, so dangerous! Are children really getting this scary nowadays?”


“The real danger is at the end, uncle!” With Kushina’s help, Ryo attacked with a Rassengan coated with Red Chakra!


“[Earth Release: Mud Wall] [Earth Release: Earth Dome Prison]” Jiraya used 2 earth release defensive techniques.


Rassengan easily broke through his defenses but it gained him time to escape and use [Earth Release: Hiding in Rock Technique].


Jiraya’s speed with seals was incredible. Ryo wouldn’t find him if he didn’t have the awareness of a Yamanaka.


“[Water Release: Water Dragon], [Freeze], [Ice Release: Ice dragon]”[Ice Release: Ice dragon] is Ryo’s take on Hashirama’s [Wood Dragon].


The Ice Dragon Technique consumes a lot of Chakra for its formation. But once it was formed, it only required Ryo’s spiritual power to control it. As far as this battle was concerned, Ryo is only the assist, and the main attack is to come from Kushina!


The moment Ryo used his ice technique; Jiraya who was a master of senjutsu sensed a fluctuation in natural energy. He found out that some of that energy went into the Water Dragon, and that it turned Into ice immediately after that.


The dragon rammed the rocks where Jiraya was hiding, crushing them into bits while staying unscathed.


Jiraya was so surprised to see such a natural energy technique. [Summoning Jutsu] he summoned Gama the toad.


“Gama, use you oil. [Fire Style: Toad Oil Flamethrower]” Jiraya used Senjutsu in the attack, so that ice dragon started to melt!



In the face of that huge fire, Ryo was out of options. Even after the Oil stopped fire was still coming.


“Ne-chan, Go!”


Kushina immediately created out 50 clones with Kyubi Chakra. Ryo used his lightning mode to escape and stood away to watch the show.


Ryo used lightning to leave the battlefield and stood waiting for the show.


“[Shihōhappō Shuriken]!” Fifty Kyubi Chakra infused Shuriken were launched at the same time.


“[Earth Release: Mud Wall] x4!” Four walls of mud were raised around Jiraya. But the Kyubi Chakra’s shuriken broke through them easily.


The moment the mud wall was completely destroyed, Jiraya used “Mud Spore” deflected some of the Shuriken.


In the next few moments, he released a multitude of Jutsus, but in vain. He couldn’t deflect all the shuriken. Seeing the rain of death falling upon him, he cried for help: “Minato: Help!”


Minato, who’s been watching the battle, heard the call for help and immediately used “Flying Thunder God” to get his teacher out.


“No fighting, no fighting, you two want to kill me!” Gasping, he barely was able to say that to the two.


“Since you’ve given up, you should be more serious from now on and stop peeping!” As the winner, Kushina declared the conditions for the armistice.


Jiraya could only give her that promise.



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