Chapter 32 : The Uzumaki’s Fuinjutsu

Chapter 32 : The Uzumaki’s Fuinjutsu


The next day, Kushina went out and got a lot of food for Ryo, with plenty of food pills as well.


Kakashi and Ryo were walking behind her, discussing further development of Chidori.


In the evening, Ryo told his mother Chinse, that he wanted to go to Mount Myoboku for training. Although she didn’t want to let him go, she knew that this was the only way for her son to evolve.


She was able, as his mother, to read through his mind. She just nodded in agreement.


On the next day, Jiraya and the usual 4 met up in the 3rd training ground.


As usual, Minato worked on his [Flying Thunder God], Kakashi practiced Rasengan, and Kushina taught Ryo about seals.


As Kushina didn’t know for how long Ryo will be gone, and she already has finished teaching him [Five Elements Seal] and the [Evil Sealing Method].


Ryo doesn’t have enough time to apply what he’s learning right now. He must open his Sharingan, watch and record details, and then do the application later on at his own pace.


“Ryo, the next seal we’ll study is one of the few S-Class Seals of the Uzumaki clan.” Kushina stood up as she talked about it.


“What is it Ne-san?”


“It’s the [Yin Seal]! This technique was originally developed for Uzumaki women to keep their young appearance and look youthful forever. But after being further developed by Mito-Obachan and Tsunade Nechan, the advanced [Hyakugou Seal] could have been adjusted to make them use it for fast recovery during fights.

Ryo knew the “Yin Seal” all too well. Tsunade and Sakura used it to store a large amount of chakra over a period of time in the Seals on their foreheads.


Ryo thought that the lasting youth was a well welcomed side effect of the seal, but it seems like it was the main motive. In both of the worlds he has lived in, eternal youth is women’s greatest dream.


“Kushina Nechan, can I use such a seal?” Ryo couldn’t resist the appeal of the S class Seal.


“Of course you can. But for male users it will only store Chakra and then release it for a moment. Long term youth and regulating metabolism for recovery are effects limited to women.


“How long can a man maintain that burst of Chakra Nechan?”


“The record is around 10 minutes.”


Ryo understood why he never saw men use such techniques. After years if storing Chakra in the seal, one gets 10 minutes, with no special Jutsus like Tsunade’s Creation rebirth.


“Oy Nechan, this technique is a bit lame!”


“What do you mean?” Kushina often hears strange words come out of Ryo’s mouth, but what he’s saying now is quite reasonable.


“I mean it’s of no benefit for me, it might be a waste to even use it. I mean, as you’re saying, this does nothing for me it seems. It’s an S class seal but I can’t get anything out of it.”


“You don’t have to learn it then. I’ll just engrave it for you.” Hearing that Ryo wasn’t interested in this seal, Kushina didn’t try to force him into learning it. Instead, she engraved a diamond-shaped seal on his arm.


Even though they’ve known each-other for just a few months, few people were as close as Ryo to Kushina. She had no holds barred on what to teach him.


Ryo spent the whole day listening to her explaining seals. Excluding the Biju sealing techniques, Kushina taught Ryo the basics of all major seals.


“Minato! Come here.” After she showed him the [Double Tetragram Seal], Kushina seemed hesitant for a moment, and then called her boyfriend.


After the two negotiated for a bit, he was nodding in agreement.


“Ryo, the Uzumaki’s have also a forbidden seal. After consulting with Minato, we decided to teach you this technique together.” She then looked the way of Minato, who picked up on her words:


“Ryo, this technique is called [Reaper Death Seal]! It can only be used once, and it’s truly forbidden.” Minato looked more serious than ever.


“Yes, with this technique, the user will cause both his and his enemy’s deaths. After it’s completed, the Shinigami will swallow their souls, and both will die, and spend an eternity fighting each other in his belly. They can never be set free.” Kushina’s explanation was chilling to the bone.


Ryo knew all about this technique. It was what was used to split the Kyubi. Actually, in the Manga, Only the Rikudo Sennin and the Shinigami were able to split the Biju. The former split the Juubi into 9 Bijus, and the latter split Kurama into two. The Shinigami was to Ryo a being that might even surpass the Rikudo Sennin.


Ryo was more or less of an atheist. To him, a god is just another man who just happened to accomplish what other people couldn’t, or more of a transcendence of a man to a new level of being.


“Ryo, this is a really dangerous technique, and I hope you’ll never have to use it.”


“I understand Nii-san.”


After Ryo accepted learning the Seal, Minato went on to show him the hand seals involved. The sequence was only too long to be memorized: Snake → Boar → Ram → Rabbit → Dog → Rat → Bird → Horse → Snake → Clap Hands.


After the he was able to capture the sequence, Ryo became the second non Uzumaki ever to learn this exclusive forbidden seal, with Minato being the 1st.


After the destruction of the Village Hidden by Whirling Tides, most of the Uzumaki’s where already dead. Most living ones had fake last names. That seal was already a rarity waiting to be forgotten.  There were no more people to enforce the hiding of the secret. Kushina taught it before to Minato, and now he’s showing it to Ryo.


Without them noticing, the night fell upon them. Tomorrow is Ryo’s departure day. Minato invited all of them for barbecue as a parting gift to Ryo.


“Then, Kushina Nechan, Minato Nisan, Kakashi, I will see you again!” After the barbecue, Ryo and the bunch bid each other farewell.


Going back to his home, he found his mother already asleep. Ryo didn’t bother her. He just spoke to Inoichi who just got back from a mission, and told him to take care of her.


Early in the morning the next day, Ryo used Summoning and Summoned Fukasaku.


“Ready, Ryo Chan?”


“Yes, Fukasaku sama!”


“Then let’s go!” Ryo saw a Huge lotus before him, Looking around, he was no longer in Konoha!


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    Lol with the yin seal being handicapped so much for men, i see the reason no one would use it as a core part of their strength contrary to women who get crazy OP powers from it…

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      also correct me if im wrong, but in the main series, didnt Tsunade learn the yin seal from Katsuya in Shikkotsu???

      EDIT: ok i looked it up and the author got it kinda correct
      *from narutopedia*
      After focusing and storing an amount of chakra over a period of time in the Strength of a Hundred Seal on the user’s forehead, the user can release any amount of chakra with this technique by dispersing the seal and pumping the stored chakra back into the user’s body. After the stored chakra from the Strength of a Hundred Seal is used, if there is any leftover chakra, the user may use it to re-form the seal.

      • Th3Hom3Slic3

        wait, this is WAAAAAAAAAY stronger than what Kushina explains… also after this description the seal is a 1-time use seal that he has to learn in order to reform it. The chakara is also able to be resealed so it is basically like a powerbank for chakara if you know how to reform the seal

        • I’m digging the monologue, and the side dialogues too XD

      • Kin

        You need ‘hands’to form a ‘seal’ . I think this alone can answer your question

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          not the fuinjutsu seals, you just need a tap something to place a seak, like Minato’s FTG seals. This could very well be done with a slimy tentacle…

          • Kin

            About ftg seal- Its not just a seal, its a combination of multiple letters/symbols to form a seal formation that contain jutsu. Its not similar to tsunade’s yin seal that still need hand seal activation

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            the ones that need hand seals to activate are the advanced seals, and some techniques derived from seals. Tsunade’s creation rebirth is a technique made from use of the stored chakara in the yin seal

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            She did actually, in chapter 169 manga.

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            hmm, i smell as kishimoto breaking his own rules…?

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            Its the advanced jutsu whichs not require hand seals. It was stated by madara in chapter 578 manga

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      I have a feeling Ryo has a pseudo-yin nature because of his Ice/Nature affinity. Either that, or he’ll be able to develop a Yang* seal and develop a fire affinity as the story progresses (he is technically an uchiha after all). It’s almost impossible for a shinobi to develop a new nature, and Ryo has already learned wind which he wasn’t born with. Because of the inability to learn new natures, people like Kakazu exist that steal the hearts of other shinobi.

      • Th3Hom3Slic3

        well in the original story, inborn mastery of fire release was a trait of the Uchiha, but Ryo’s father was renowned for not having fire release and only lightning release, which is why Ryo doesn’t have fire but lightning. Also the whole yang seal idea, i like it but Ryo is(currently) not interested in the yin seal, but he could become interested when he uses the yin seal and feels its power/utility.

        As i’ve also mentioned in the original series you can reseal the chakara if you know how to form the yin seal, and therefore it is a “why not” technique because there is literally no drawbacks as far as i can see.

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