Chapter 36: Prophecy

Chapter 36: Prophecy


Fukasaku admits that he has nothing special to teach Ryo about Ninjutsu. What he can actually teach him is a Taijutsu style called Kawazu Kumite that is used by the toads of Mount Myoboku.


This style was based on the use of natural energy around the user as an extension to one’s body, thus creating an “invisible” attack.


It is not difficult for toads to learn. They only need to guide the natural energy around them.


After Fukasaku explained the details to Ryo, it didn’t take him long to master it in his Sage mode.


One of the benefits of discovering such a style is that the Kawazu Tataki (Frog slap), the main attack it used, didn’t actually consume Senjutsu Chakra. This meant that Ryo could use this Taijutsu style freely in Sage mode without losing time.


“Ryo Chan, now that you’ve also mastered Kawazu Kumite, do you plan on returning to Konoha?”


“Fukasaku sama, I don’t plan to return to Konoha for the time being. I want to stay in Mount Myoboku for a while.”


Ryo wanted to practice his for some time. He has already prepared enough M.R.Ps and soldier grain pills to last him months.


Over the next few months, he plans on becoming more familiar with Sage mode. He didn’t have that many Jutsu’s in his arsenal.


The amounts of Chakra that he consumed before in his ice elementization were immense. So he didn’t really feel the need to work on many water-based Justus. But now that he solved that problem, what he learned over the years suddenly felt like it was no longer sufficient.


Since Jiraiya was in Mount Myoboku, Ryo planned on taking this opportunity to learn some Justus from him.


“Well, it’s too late for practice this evening. My third child Gamahiro is back from outside the mountain. You can get to know him.”


“Oh I see, I hope I won’t bother you tonight.” Ryo was really polite to his elders.


In the evening, Ryo, Jiraiya and Fukasaku went back to the latter’s place. There, Shima had already prepared a table full of insect dishes.


Jiraiya looked frightened seeing the huge meal.


“Oh Jiraya Chan, and Ryo, you’re back!”


“Hey Shima sama.” The two greeted Fukasaku’s wife.


“You guys came here just in time. I just finished cooking. Come on in and eat with us.” Shima welcomed them in warmly.


“No, No, we just finished eating, isn’t it Ryo?” Jiraya winked at Ryo, who also didn’t want to eat the insects. He nodded in affirmation.


“That’s a pity, Jiraiya Chan. anyway, you two come in so you get to meet Gamahiro.” Shima sounded sad as she said that.


Ryo remembered the huge body of Gamahiro in the Manga. Fukasaku’s place isn’t big enough for him to get in.


A moment later, a light-blue toad jumped into the house, carrying two short swords. While he looked like he was 7 to 8 meters tall in the Manga, his size now was nothing like Ryo remembered.

At this time, he was the size a regular man, looking nothing like what he looked like in the during Pain’s attack.


“Hiro Chan say hello to the guests.”


“Ok, Oyaji. Hi. My name is Gamahiro, you can summon me at anytime.”


“I’m Ryo Yamanaka, pleasure to meet you.”


“Call me Jiraya!”


After the three got acquainted, Ryo and Jiraya learned from Gamahiro that he had been looking for weapons in Iron country, until he was summoned back by Ojiji Sama.


Ryo was still curious about the Great Toad Sage. He wanted to meet him in the future as he was the only one of the great sage toads that he didn’t meet.


“Speaking of Ojiji Sama, tell me, Jiraiya Chan. Did you find the child of the prophecy he told you about?” Fukasaku suddenly asked him.


“It’s basically confirmed.” Jiraiya was so proud saying that.


“What prophecy?” Gamahira didn’t hear about it yet.


“I’ll tell you. The great toad sage gave me a prophecy about one of my disciples. He said he will bring great change to the world of ninja. This change being peace and stability or destruction is unknown.”


“That’s really important. Even this one is a bit confused, Ojiji sama’s prophecies are never wrong.” Gamahiro answered.


“Hiro Chan, How dare you to say that Gamahiro sama is confused?!” Fukasaku wasn’t happy with his son’s use of words.


After chatting a bit more, Ryo and Jiraiya left the place. They went to have dinner as they didn’t want to eat insects along with the toads.


More than a month later, Ryo was practicing sage mode. Jiraya tagged along when Gamahiro came looking like he’s in a hurry.


“Ryo, Ojiji Sama has had a prophecy about you.” Gamahiro said that while wiping his forehead.


“Really? Please take me to him” Gamahiro led the way while Ryo and Jiraya followed him to the Great Sage Toad. They stopped at an old house.


“Ryo Chan, Jiraya Chan, come on in! Don’t make Ojiji Sama wait for you for too long.” Fukasaku’s voice came from inside the house. Ryo entered right away.


“Hello Ogama Sennin. I’m Ryo Yamanaka!”


“Oh oh welcome!” The Great Sage Toad Gamamaru opened his eyes slightly looking at Ryo for a second.


“Now, I called you because… who are you again?” The same scene from the Manga was repeating itself. Despite the fact that Ryo was ready, he barely was able to hold his laughter.


“I’m Ryo Yamanaka, Ogama Sennin.”


“Yes, yes, it is Ryo. In my dream just now, you led a battle that determined the fate of all Ninjas.”


“Ogama Sennin, with whom did I lead it?” After waiting for a long time, without the Ogama sennin adding anything, Ryo could not help but ask.


“No, there have been many changes in the recent dreams. I can only see that you led the war.”


After leaving the house, Jiraya looked at Ryo. He leads the war deciding the fate of all Ninja? Who would even launch such a huge scale war?


“Hey, little devil! Fukasaku Sama’s prophecies never fail. This made me even more interested in you. Since you’ll be leading the war determining the faith of all ninja, I’ll do my best to guide you.”


Believing the prophecies of the Great Sage Toad, Jiraiya also believed that Ryo will be the one carrying the will of fire. Since he is a Yamanaka, he’ll certainly be on Konoha’s side. Actually, this responsibility of making Ryo strong was something he felt from the beginning.


Ryo never believed in a pre-determined fate. Even in this dark world, with great power, everything can change.


Therefore, Jiraya’s words did even more than the prophecy to make him happy.


“Then Jiraya San, please teach me a lot.” The Chace of being Jiraya’s disciple would never be rejected by Ryo.


This is the Sensei of 2 Hokages, along with the leading figure of the strongest evil organization in Naruto.


Genjutsu aside, he can’t get a better teacher. And this is, after all, Ryo’s favorite character of all times. Now he gets to learn from him. He was so grateful for the prophecy of the Great Sage Toad.



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