Chapter 28: The New Famous Name In Konoha

Chapter 28: The New Famous Name In Konoha

Once you can deal with a B-class Ninjutsu, means you can deal with a class of Ninjutsu the Chunin and the Jonin use.

That’s why even a Chunin will have to think twice before he crosses his blade with Naito.

People who focus on their Bloodline can achieve things that shouldn’t be reached.

That’s why the Uchiha and the Hyuga clans are strong, as long as they have these eyes they will always be stronger than the other Shinobis who are at the same level! 

The earthquake has the power to destroy any Ninjutsu, it seems to be stronger then any Dojutsu, it’s more overbearing!

When he reaches the next level… defeating Naito will be impossible!

“You win…”

Minato tone was a little bit bitterish, but with no more moves, he declared his defeat.

His physical strength and chakra are almost exhausted, and indeed even the outcome of the fight wasn’t in his favor.

With a deep look he approached Naito, his heart was slightly in an unease, but he was a very good person from the very beginning to the end.

“Naito, I am glad to have this fight with you… I will continue on challenging you in the future.”

“You’re welcome.”

Naito gently nodded to Minato.

With Minato admitting his defeat.

The final comes to the end, and the test was finally over!

The examiner took a deep breath and then raised Naito’s hand.

“The Winner… Yuu Naito!”


The audience once again got noisy.

Yuu Naito… is actually the winner!

Minato is a history, the ninja school has a new genius!

A lot of students didn’t expect Naito to reach this level, you know, just a few months ago, he was that stupid kid who couldn’t even control his chakra!

After awakening his bloodline, everything turned around!

Some people thought that in the future the bloodline of the earthquake will have the power to make all the world tremble. 

Ignoring all the noise around him, Naito went fast to the strands to see Kushina.

“Just like I promised, I did it.”

“The first place.”

He pointed his finger at her and started laughing while shaking a little bit.

Kushina was just staring at Naito.

Just a minute ago, she thought that Naito will lose, she didn’t expect the outcome will be reversed.

But Naito won, he’s the winner!

From the very beginning of the exam to the end, neither his body or his clothes got damaged!

Even Minato couldn’t even leave a scratch on Naito’s body.

Kushina tipped her small mouth, and suddenly tears came out of her beautiful eyes.

It was tears of joy.

She was happy for Naito.

People may not have been concerned about Naito before this exam, but she has been watching him from the very beginning.

She knows how hard it was for him.

In school, in the middle of the night when no one was there … Naito was doing extremely hard training.

In her opinion, Naito isn’t lucky, he wasn’t a genius from the very beginning, but he was a genius in hard work!

And his hard work has finally got paid off!

“Why are you crying?”

Looking at her, Naito couldn’t help but smile, he extended his hand and gently with his fingers wiped the tears from her eyes.


Kushina reacted at the same time, and suddenly a lovely blush appeared on both her cheeks.

And with a dummy face, she stared at Naito then she hummed: “Well! being the top isn’t the only thing you should be proud of today, stealing my heart is also an achievement.”

Kushina shocked Naito with her sentence.

it took him a moment to react, then suddenly a rose blush appeared on his face.

Then the two of them showed a dumb expression.

Even if she wanted, she couldn’t deal with such a heavy scene, so she just ran again.

And just at a glance, she disappeared.

Naito twitched his mouth, but in the end, he couldn’t help it and laughed.

“Minato… actually loose…”

On the High-profile stand, Jiraiya was so down, so angry at the outcome of the fight, while he was leaving he tripped and fell on the ground, everyone made an exaggerated expression while laughing.

The moment he stood up everyone twitched their mouths.

on the other side, Tsunade had the same idea Jiraya had about Minato, she turned to the field to see Naito, her beautiful eyes were shining with lights from her appreciation.

Naito’s moves, style… everything in him made her want’s him more.

If Jiraiya’s gonna choose Minato, she definitely will not hesitate to choose Naito.

“Ha ha ha… you really made me see a wonderful battle, a rare contest between geniuses.”

Orochimaru leaned back from the wall with a smile, “No one can see the real peak of those two… oh, I forgot the boy called Naito, he still got some problem to solve first.”

After saying this, he just walked away with an evil smile on his face.

This sentence Orochimaru left, suddenly made Tsunade expression change a little bit, she gloomed a little bit, and then looked to the side of Sarutobi.

After the talk he had with Danzo, Sarutobi went into a deep thought, no one could guess what he was thinking.

In the exam of the school Ninja, someone beat Minato and won the first place.

The name of the genius, Yuu Naito spread out in all Konoha.

Everyone got shocked from the news, they’re no longer think of his action as an arrogant one, 

he dared to challenge Uchiha Samui, and now he actually achieved this!

Because he had beaten Minato and won the first place, he became the most famous genius in all Konoha.

A lot of people changed their opinions about his duel with Samui after this event.

Just yesterday he was that arrogant kid who offended an Uchiha and dug his own grave.

But now, he turned to a brave talented young man.

A young boy, who has a great talent can be a little arrogant.

The opinions have changed a lot.

But just to clear any misunderstanding, most people still think that he doesn’t have any chance against Uchiha Samui.

Maybe he’s the top kid in the Ninja school, Maybe his strength can be comparable to other Shinobis in other ranks.

But Samui is An Uchiha, and he’s in whole different level, the Uchihas are stronger than the average Shinobis.

A duel between a Chunin and an ungraduated kid from the school Ninja, the gab is like the distance between heaven and earth, it’s simply can’t be measurable.

Naito after he awakened his Bloodline, he suddenly became the most talented kid in his generation, maybe in all generations, it’s a great leap forward, but it’s still not enough.

Another great leap crossing the level of a Chunin is totally excluded.

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