Chapter 50: The Real Purpose

Chapter 50: The Real Purpose


Then, the captain took out a yellow scroll and shook it for a little bit.


“There are many scrolls hidden in the Valley, however, finding them won’t be easy. you will need to be patient also a good judgment in following the traces.”


“The moment you get a scroll, go back here to the tower and give it to me, get one and you will have ten points, get two and you will have twenty, and so on.”


“I want to remind everyone that candidates can fight each other for the scrolls… so while you need to be careful while looking for the traces…. this is the first round of the training.”


“killing is extremely forbidden, this is the only rule. of course, fighting can lead to accidents, but as long as it’s not dead, there will not be a problem.”


“This training will be monitored all the way long.”


The captain was explaining the first round of the training with a calm tone.


“If everything is clear, I declare the start of the first round of the training now!”


Everyone was listening carefully to the captain’s instructions.


Then they looked at each other and they all walked out from the tower to the Valley.


Whoosh! !


And at the same time, every single one of them starts to run in every direction looking for the traces.


“This is really worthy of the Anbu department… it’s even harder than the Chunin exam in the original story.”


Naito also did the same, then he climbed the highest tree in the place and looked around.”


Every official member of the Anbu is an elite ninja.


This training alone will test our ability to search, fight, escape and also track and determine.


Almost all the basic needed abilities in every Anbu.


All these abilities are needed for tracking the trace and then searching and delivering the scrolls to the forest again.


Suddenly an idea came Naito.


“No! No!”


“these process… the whole point of this training is not to test the all-around ability of an Anbu.”


“The real purpose is to find the best specialists from all those people!”


It’s impossible to be a perfect ninja to be excellent in everything, and that’s what the training asking as to be.


The difficulty is extremely high.


Ninjas who are good at searching for information and tracking targets may find it easy to get a large number of scrolls, but they will not be able to hold to them for long.


Those who have a great ability to escape, they will be able to deliver the scrolls but they will need to wait for an opportunity to get it.


As for the ninja with a strong fighting ability, he will not be able to find a scroll but taking someone else’s scroll will be the answer!


The real purpose of this training is to determine the best side of each candidate in order to train him for his role as a scout ninja or a combat ninja.


“So this was he meant by monitoring?”


After he thought about that, a smile raised on Natio’s face.


Now that he understands the real purpose of the training, he will not look for a scroll.


There’s no one at the same level of a Jonin among all these candidates.


The only people with a high rank in here is the captain himself.


In other words, for Naito, there’s no one can stand against him!


In the Valley, some ninjas already found the scrolls.


And at that moment the real training has started.


Everyone started to fight for those scrolls.


The purpose of this training is not teamwork.


But individual strength.


However, under the eyes of the captain and rule of not causing any deaths.


There was only injuries and not death.


Soon someone came to deliver his scroll.


And of that moment, Naito was standing quietly outside in front of the tower.


He didn’t enter the Valley at all.




Since the destination is the tower, it’s okay to stand directly in front of the place!


There’s no need to go to the Valley!


Of course, there’s a little problem with this way, because nobody knows who’s the strongest one among the candidates.


It’s very likely that you will get surrounded by a lot of opponents.


That why everyone expects Naito thought about that and didn’t choose to do it.




The candidate who was carrying the scroll rushed forward the moment he saw Naito.


He couldn’t see his face but judge from his appearance he knew that Naito was a kid.


He thought that Naito didn’t dare to go to the Valley so he decided to give up on this round from the very beginning.


The candidate shook his head.


However, he still needed to be careful so cast a Wind release B-Class Ninjutsu while he was rushing forward.


He thought that this Ninjutsu will crush Naito, and he will just pass.


It was a good idea.


However, the reality is not that simple.




The air got cracked.


The B-Class Ninjutsu got completely shuttered by Naito’s fist!


“It’s you?!”


The candidate watched his B-Class Ninjutsu smashed with just a punch from Naito.


This ability is very familiar, even if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he has heard a lot of story about it.


Isn’t this the ability of the most talented kid in the Ninja school, the famous Yuu Naito?!


Then there is no doubt about it the person in front of him is Yuu Naito!


The moment he thought about that, his face revealed an unbelievable expression.


It’s not because Naito becomes an alternate member of the Anbu… but because he just blows out a B-Class Ninjutsu!


Is this a joke!


He just became the most talented kid in the Ninja school, how did he grow up to this level.


The result of the life and death duel between Naito and Samui was hidden by the higher ups so no one knew the true strength of Naito.


Even a lot of the Anbu doesn’t know anything about it.


Not to mention the alternate ninja in front of him.


He only knew that Naito became very famous after he won against Minato at the final and become the most talented kid in the Ninja school.


Therefore, after he recognized that this kid was Naito and saw what he did to his B-Class Ninjutsu.


He felt that this was unbelievable.


However, he saw that with his own eyes.


“Give me the scroll.”


Naito looked calmly at him.

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