Chapter 17: Strength


Maito Dai didn’t expect him to succeed, after all, in history, there isn’t a lot of people who even thought of upgrading the Hachimon Tonkou. 
A lot of them were genius.
But none of them succeeded
But… Naito… he really did it!
A ninja who couldn’t cast Ninjutsu, in Dai’s opinion, a genius doesn’t describe the monster he saw in Naito!
Just right now this kid created a new forbidden technique!
What a shock!
Dai couldn’t calm down for a while while the look on his face showed how much he was in a shock, Naito was very ashamed when he said: ” I Am sorry… Although I succeeded, am afraid I can’t teach you. “
The reverse Hachimon Tonkou, it can’t be done unless you got the earthquake power.
Dai will always be able only to open the first 7 gates only, the eighth gate will always be the gate of Death in this case.
After he explained it, Naito apologized to him.
After all, he couldn’t think about a solution to upgrade the normal technique.
It took him a while to wake up from the shock, but he didn’t get jealous actually he was very happy, he laughed then said: “it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter! you’re such good boy, I Am very happy for you!”
Naito: “…”
Although Naito didn’t say anything, Dai understood the reason behind his silence, he knew that someday he will need to open that last gate.
In fact, he will.
At home, Naito was resting.
The limits of the heart itself have been broken, every beat every blood flow, it gets stronger and stronger, but that takes some time.
About three or four days, this processing has been completed.
So far, the first gate of the reverse Hachimon Tonkou improvement is perfect!
The reverse Hachimon Tonkou was the name of the new technique.
Two kinds of Hachimon Tonkou, every kind has its own advantage and disadvantage.
The biggest advantage the one Naito created was that it has no side effects.
It’s a step by step method, it can’t give you the same effect, it’s like learning a martial art, instead of breaking the limit instantly, it gives you stable permanent power.
But the advantage itself can be a disadvantage.
Because it has no side effects, the power is much weaker than the normal Hachimon Tonkou.
In term of strength or speed, the normal one is much superior.
But the persistence makes up for that.
The normal technique almost has no resistance, it’s burst of power that passes away just like youth.
But that’s not the case for the new one, the power is permanent!
Actually, the reverse technique is not weak, it increases normally!
That’s mean when it increases to the same power of the normal technique, the speed, the strength, the chakra it will last forever.
“Chakra huh.”
He Gripped his fist then he smiled, it has been difficult to just smile before, but now with the reverse Hachimon Tonkou, he can!
With chakra, Naito couldn’t help but think about practicing some ninjutsu.
Although with his current body, with the power of the Gura Gura no mi and with the reverse Hachimon Tonkou he becomes very strong, almost enough to deal with any sorts of situations, this thing with the Ninjutsu always make him want to practice it.
“Kawarimi no Jutsu!”
“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu”
“Henge no Jutsu”
With the new amount of chakra he had, after he perfectly opened the first gate, Naito succeeded in learning these three techniques.
After all, Naito problem wasn’t in his talent, in fact, the problem was in the chakra itself, but now after has a normal chakra, he instantly learned three techniques, his talent is stunning.
“However… it’s still hard to extract the chakra, I want to get more amount of chakra in the future, only if I open all the eight gates I will get that.”
Naito tried again to extract chakra, but he found it still quite hard.
the only solution is to master the reverse Hachimon Tonkou.
With each gate, his strength will increase a little by little, including chakra, physical strength, and even the power of the shock.
At this point, without opening the first gate, Naito managed to destroy a C-Class ninjutsu with only the power of the shock.
the range of the attack is no longer one meter, now he can expend it to two or three meters,
nearly reaching three meters.
He can destroy a B-Class ninjutsu from this distance, but still, it’s not that far away.
Natio’s level now is almost like the level of a Shinobi, or maybe even comparable to the level of a shinobi.
In this case, it won’t take him three months…
Maybe in one month, he will be the ungraduated kid who has the power of a shinobi!
In this world there are occasions when the status is different from the strength.
Maito Dai is just a genin, but once he opens the seven gates, he can even beat the Jonin.
But this after all a minority.
The status is generally the same as the strength.
Genin, Chūnin,Tokubetsu Jōnin, Jonin,Anbu, Sannin, Kage!
This is the Shinobi Organisational System.
Naito point of view doesn’t devise between the strength of the Jonin and Anbu, he can even add the roots to the list.
There are some special Jonins with some strong secret techniques they can even threaten the kage, such people can be at the same power as a kage.
Kage… as a matter of fact, there is a lot of shinobi who can be a kage in the world.
But only five people in this world can have this Title a Kage.
But their strength is somewhat uneven.
Of course, there’s some Kage who are stronger than another kage, but that’s so far away from Naito’s level, and he’s not in hurry to know who’s the strongest too.
After he cleared his head, Naito was ready again to continue his training.
Because now, Naito almost completely found the clearest path.
He doesn’t need to bother himself learning Ninjtsu who generally need hand signs to cast it because this doesn’t suitable his style.
Rasengan in other hands can be merged with the power of the shock and create something powerful, but no need to hurry.
Naito want’s to keep it simple, first, he wants to practice the power of his devil fruit more, and he will stick to basics and learn few ninjutsu, such the Substitute Technique…
Then he will open the second gate, to get more power!
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