Chapter 12: The Power of the White Fang


Early the next morning, Konoha’s council gathered in the Hokage’s office. The hokage and his advisors, all turned to Danzo Shimura.


“How do you explain the knowledge of the whole village of Sakumo’s mission details ?” The 3rd was really angry with Danzo.


While he trusts that Danzo works for the good of the village, and while he gives him with his Root group a lot of independence, it does not mean that he can tolerate harm to the people in the village. In his older days, he became softer and more lenient, but now, he is furious because of what happened to Sakumo


“Hiruzen, you’re too soft! The ninja is a tool. It’s unforgivable to fail because of his own feelings.”


“Let’s relax and not lose it now. Isn’t Sakumo alive? Why should we get angry!”one of the 2 advisers Koharu Utatane tried to calm Hiruzen down .


“I don’t think that Danzo san did anything wrong. Actually, I think Sakumo san was wrong to give up his mission. Danzo san has made this matter open to the villagers and they have done nothing wrong.” The words of the other advisor, Homura Mitokado were in the other direction.


“Does that me that he should die?” the 3rd was really pissed off by the trio’s attitude.


“You should not misunderstand me Hiruzen, I think that he should be responsible for his actions not die!” Homura’s words made the 3rd slow down a bit.


“Knock Knock!” the Knocking door interrupted the conversation.


“Come in!”


Sakumo Hatake went in through the door and saluted the council with the due respect!


“Sakumo? You recovered? Why don’t you take more rest?” the look on the faces of the Hokage and the rest of the council members was not too good due to their ongoing conversation.


“Hokage sama, do not worry. Ryo’s medical ninjutsu was really amazing and I have nothing serious.”


“Oh? It’s good to get your compliment. That little kid is really good!” The hokage was very pleased with the excellent new medical ninja.


“Hokage sama, I have something to ask you.”



As soon as he woke up last night, Sakumo was told by his wife that an Anbu was sent to his place.


With his wisdom and experience, Sakumo realized that this might have a relationship with Danzo. Danzo should know that Sakumo’s pride would make him unable to accept living with being turned on by everyone including his nakama, and it would drive him to kill himself. With an anbu in his house, his doubts grew larger.


“If you have anything to say, please say it!”


“Hokage sama, did you send an anbu to my home yesterday?”


The hokage silently glanced at danzo and said:


“No, yesterday, none of my Anbu were out yesterday.”


“What about Danzo sama?”


“Yes, I did send one, we were afraid you would hurt yourself because of the situation.” Danzo didn’t deny it and made it sound like it isn’t a big deal.


“You guys at root don’t understand how thing should go. Getting into my house at random, he was killed by me.”


“You insolent Sakumo! How did you dare kill an Anbu!” Danzo sent people to monitor Sakumo’s actions. But he never thought that Sakumo would kill one of them. Root members are konoha ninja after all.


“How about killing him?” Now that all the cards are out, Sakumo’s attitude towards the three with the Hokage is no longer relevant!


Without saying a word, Danzo rushed to sakumo with a direct punch.

At this time, Danzo didn’t have the stolen Sharingans, nor did he have Hashirama’s cells, but he was still at a level close to that of a Hokage…

But he missed.

In a flash, the white fang Sakumo hatake pulled out his Chakra white blade, with an indifferent look in his merciless dead eyes.

This was the 1st time he showed his strength in the village. Besides the 3rd, no one in the office could see the drawing of the swords. It was too fast and any attempt to stop it was too late, Danzo’s right hand was chopped right off by Sakumo.

His expression didn’t change in the slightest after that action. The people around were stunned. The two other council members were by no mean low level ninja. After all, back when they were younger, they were part of team tobirama. And then they had this dignified position of many years. They saw a lot of powerful feats in their life, and they were still shocked by Sakumo’s strength.


“Enough! Sakumo, Danzo. Do you just disregarde my presence completely!”

at 1st, the Hokage didn’t stop them, it was obvious that Danzo wouldn’t be able to hurt Sakumo, but what he didn’t put in account is that Sakumo would cut Danzo’s hand mercilessly.


“Hokage sama, you are my Hokage, NOT THEM! I am the white fang of Konoha, I am willing to tear through all obstacles before them. I can sacrifice on the battlefield, but I do not want to die in my own village. Now if you’d excuse me Sandaime.” Sakumo turned and left the office.


“Why didn’t you stop him?”


“Koharu, it’s not that I didn’t stop him, I couldn’t stop him! No one can expect such power from him. Even if I interfered I wouldn’t be able to change anything.” Hearing the words of the 3rd, the advisors stayed silent.


“Hatake Sakumo, Konoha’s white fang!” Danzo picked up his hand and left.


“Well, this is the end of the matter! You shouldn’t offend Sakumo afterwards. I believe he will always be the sharpest knife of Konoha!”


“Okay, we are gone, Hiru.”

The two advisors turned away and left side by side.


“Ah! Danzo is my comrade-in-arms. This is all I can do. Sorry Sakumo.” The 3rd sighed and smoked his pipe in front of the window.


With all of the events in the hokage’s office unknown to him, Ryo was still lying in the hospital bed of and did not wake up.


Yesterday, he saved the life of Sakumo Hatake, who was already “dead”. The Konoha Hospital saw that the little guy was no small deal. In that evening everyone from the head doctors to the janitors knew about the glorious deeds of Yamanaka Ryo.


Outside his room, people were gathering surrounding it. Everyone wanted to see this genius who was only five years old. But he spent a lot of Chakra yesterday, and along with situation he was gonna stay asleep for a good while.

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