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R.P Chapter 1: The Avenger


During the night of a second-tier city, the heavy traffic on the street was somewhat annoying. The night was the best time for young people to enjoy their youth.


Su Xiao sat on top of the roof of a cottage’s second floor. The wind blows made him feel cold.


He wore a large black hood to hide his body in the darkness of the night.


This kind of clothes during the summer, even at night, will still make you feel sultry, but comparing it with his unfortunate experiences, it’s just pieces of cake. Now he has already waited for two hours here.


At Su Xiao’s age, he’s supposed to have sweet college life, but he was learning some other knowledge such as human anatomy, fighting, pick-locking and so on, only because of the hatred in his heart.


The long wait started.


After two hours, a black luxury car slowly drove into the cottage’s courtyard, the dull engine’s sound could be heard, the door opened, and a drunk middle-aged man walked out of the luxury car.


Because of drinking too much, the footstep of the middle-aged man seemed a bit tenuous.


Su Xiao who is at the top of the cottage took the sword beside him, it was long with a black blade which made it hard to detect during the night.


Jumping from the top of the five-meter-high roof, Su Xiao’s arms grabbed on a steel pipe coming out of the cottage to lower the speed of his fall.


Arriving at the ground smoothly, Su Xiao stood in front of his enemy. Without saying any nonsense, the long sword held in Su Xiao’s hand cut through the air and with a horrible sound, he cut his enemy’s throat, and the blood spews out. Though Su Xiao tried to avoid it, his shirt and the back of hands were still splashed with blood.


The drunk enemy hasn’t realized what’s going on, but he already lied down on the ground.


This kind of pain was similar to death. Su Xiao immediately ran into a street with fewer people, at the same time, he stared at the security guard with a uniform.


Though he killed, he still didn’t run directly, because he hid his appearance very well.


In the next moment, he felt cold, and his hair stood straight. The security guard took a gun from his wrist, it was a long black pistol, it was obviously a silencer.


How can a security guard have a gun, but Su Xiao had no time to think about it carefully.


There’s a cottage house in front of him while the distance between a security guard and him was roughly twenty meters. If he chooses to run, the evidence which he killed a person will be revealed, and he will become a living target.


Su Xiao chose to solve the danger instead of running. Thus, he runs forward to the man in an S-shaped path to avoid being shot.


“Puff puff…”

The gun only made two slight sounds as it was shot toward him.

Su Xiao just felt weird when he only ran for 5 meters, then he felt the pain coming from his chest. He knew he was shot, though he was seeking revenge, he has never been shot before.


A powerless feeling spreads in his body, Su Xiao didn’t have any fear, but he was a bit unwilling.


Because he will die without taking his revenge, especially since he was killed by an anonymous enemy, which was a slap in his face.


So he exhausted the last efforts to throw the long sword which was held in his hand.


This sword basically did what he aimed for, as the god seemed to perceive Su Xiao’s unfair experiences. After the sword spun several times quickly in the air, it miraculously penetrates into the security guard’s chest.


Su Xiao lied down on the ground with a smile. Since he put neurotoxin which is mixed genres into the sword, the security guard will definitely die.

After feeling his head was strongly hit, Su Xiao’s conscious started to blur, and his vision turned black.


Su Xiao roughly heard before losing consciousness.


“Hunter, “Reincarnation Paradise” opened for you.”


{Body transfer}


{10%, 50%, 100%, the transmission was completed, Hunter’s body is hurt, waiting for recovery}


{The Hunter’s consciousness didn’t awaken, postponed the direction for recovery, and maintained the lowest living situation. the time it can be maintained is 10 minutes.}


{Drip… found the hunter’s talents. the survival time is added by two hours.}


Some pale blue text floated in the air in the darkness, under those light blue words, Su Xiao was covered in blood and hovered in the air.


His fingers twitched, and Su Xiao gradually woke up, after waking up, he seemed a bit stunned, but after remembering everything, he wanted to stand up immediately.


At the same time, a strong pain from his body attacked him. Su Xiao almost fainted again.


He was struggling to sit, then he glanced around the environment, there’s only darkness except for those light blue words surrounded by darkness.


{Hunter, welcome to“Reincarnation Paradise”}


Text appeared in front of Su Xiao, but he didn’t look at the sentence and began to check his injuries.


His calf was broken down, the flesh of the wound is rolled up, and even the fingers can penetrate it easily.


Su Xiao only frowned nothing else as he saw this kind of bloody scene, because he had experienced scenes which were crueler ten times than this, so it didn’t influence him.


The injury at the chest was far more severe, but there’s no bleeding anymore.


“I’m not dead?”


He touched his chest, feeling his heart beating strongly.


{Hunter, you are not dead, would you like to join “Reincarnation Paradise”, there’s everything you want.}


Su Xiao had already noticed those weird words, but he didn’t react because of awareness of unknown things.


The situation was a bit weird now because he got hurt which will definitely kill him, but he was still alive and there are bloody numbers in front of him which was like a countdown.


{1:35:10} , {1:35:9}….


One hour and thirty-five minutes and nine seconds. If Su Xiao was right, this is the meaning of those numbers, and the numbers keep counting incessantly.


This bloody numbers brought an unfortunate feeling to Su Xiao, it seemed when the number becomes zero, he will lose his life.


{Hunter, please communicate with “Reincarnation Paradise” as soon as possible for making a contract. Otherwise, you will die after one hour and thirty-five minutes.}


Those numbers did present the time which he can stay alive, Su Xiao had speculated it because the injuries he got were too grave, and he was supposed to die.


“my sword?”


Su Xiao didn’t care about any “contract” or “Reincarnation Paradise”, but asked for his sword which was the only memory that his parents gave him a military sword from his grand grandfather inherited to his generation.


{The property from reality cannot be brought into “Reincarnation Paradise”, please make a contract as soon as possible.}


Su Xiao didn’t speak, the pale blue text was flashing, maybe it hadn’t met this kind of

“Hunter” like Su Xiao before.


“Contract? So what should I give you, and what can I get from it?”


The survival time was going down gradually. Su Xiao didn’t have too much time to waste.


He felt that meeting some “supernatural things” may influence his emotions.


Su Xiao needed power for revenge, and “supernatural” things may come with huge risk and extraordinary power at the same time.


{Signing the contract, you will go around the derivative planes to accomplish missions from Reincarnation Paradise, acquiring “source of the world”, we will measure how much “source of the world” you got before deciding whether we give out your reward or not.}


{“Reincarnation Paradise can do everything”}




A bunch of words appeared and Su Xiao read them carefully.


“can you do everything? Can you revive dead people?”


All light blue texts were static in the air suddenly and then disappeared.


{With your identity as a Hunter, no.}



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