A message to you, from TranslatinOtaku!!

Hello everyone, TranslatinOtaku here!


I Hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the novels.


Here at Translatin_Otaku, one thing we have been clear about from day one is: That we will never force people to pay in order to read our translation.


Translation is fun, we enjoy it, and we love the novels we are working on. However, it is also time and effort consuming. Between the management of the site, its maintenance and hosting on one hand, and low CMP rates and ad-blockers on the other, our ad revenue is insignificant.


Our Translators release the chapters here for free, and their one and only financial reward for translation is your support through Patreon. That’s how they manage to work less, to translate more.


If you like their work and want some early access to freshly translated chapters, please consider supporting them through the links in this Page.


You can also support by giving the novels you like a high ranking on Novel Updates, and sharing the chapter with your friends!


If you have any thoughts, feel free to comment down bellow; and remember: No matter how you decide to support us, we are very grateful.


Thank you so much!






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