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T.S.H Chapter 125: The War Is Coming! (Vol.1: End!)

“He’s… The captain?”
“He’s just a child who just graduated from the school, how could he be the Captain!”
“Hey, you didn’t know, he’s Yuu Naito, he didn’t just graduate, he was graduated early last year, he’s the genius of Konoha.”
“Even if he got graduated early, he’s still too young… he cannot be a captain, he will be the first to die!”
At the moment when Jiraiya announced his name, the field got really noisy, a large group of people got surprised by this decision.
Nawaki who was standing beside Naito got a little bit shocked too.
Yet he felt a little be proud, and a little bit embarrassed, he just announced that he’s gonna be the Hokage yet Naito managed to be a captain at this early age.
He didn’t expect this.
“Cough, Yuu Naito… Are you sure you can do it?”
Nawaki looked very worried.
Naito was too lazy to replay to the doubts of the people around him, he looked at Nawaki and said: “If you think you can do a better job, you can take my place.”
“Cough, what are you…” Nawaki was very confused, he didn’t think that Naito will give up his post so easily.
Nawaki kept quiet for a little time.
“However, since you don’t want to do it, then…”
Just when he thought about standing so proudly and announcing himself as the new Captain, his heart sunk in fear and couldn’t do it.
“Everyone quiet!”
With one shout, they all got silent immediately.
Jiraiya calmly said: “These are absolute orders, and everyone needs to obey them!”
It was already very strange to set Naito as the third captain, and if it’s got changed to Nawaki, who literally just graduated, it will be even worse!
In an instant, the whole troop got lined up behind Naito who was standing in the front.
Naito was too lazy to give a speech, he turned and left the camp immediately, then the whole troop followed him.
Jiraiya watched the departure of Naito and his troop, and couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity as he watched Naito’s movements.
Why does he feel so familiar?
He couldn’t remember.
He thought maybe he still remember his movement from his fight against Minato a year ago.
The Rain Country.
The clouds were covering the whole sky, and the rain was falling as always.
However, the rain couldn’t wash the bloody ground of the battlefield.
The pressure was so high, and the air seemed very thick as the armies on the battlefield were breathing it, the killing instinct was all over the place!
This wasn’t the presence of one person, it was the presence of all the Shinbois in the place.
This is was the battlefield of the war between Konoha and the Rocks.
At this moment, there are already at least hundreds of Shinobi engaged in the battle, but basically, they were all Genins and Chunins.
These forces were only meant to be cannon fodders.
However, as the number of the Rocks troop was raising, Konoha’s side was getting behind, and they start to lose.
After all, one hundred Shinobi who were all ranked Chunins cannot fight against this large number.
The Shinobis of Konoha continued to reach the battlefield, but they did not directly enter the battle, they were just supporting the squad from behind.
Konoha’s side looked different, the Jonins had a different uniform from the Chunins.
The Chunins didn’t wear any special uniform they only had their forehead protector.
In addition, there were some people wearing masks, standing quietly at the side of the battlefield.
Indeed the true battle was about to start.
Konoha wasn’t the only side who had Anbus, there was Anbus from the Rocks too, and the two parties were facing each other.
As for Sakumo, he didn’t show up as the Anbu Captain, but as the Regimental Commander of Konoha’s army, standing behind, facing the Rocks army.
Onoki was standing on the other side looking at Sakumo so confused, all that he was thinking of was that Anbu who ruined all of his plans for this whole time.
“You need to be careful fighting the Anbus of Konoha.”
He looked at the Anbus of Konoha and his eyes revealed his worries, then he looked back at his side.
“There’s a strong member in the Anbu who managed to destroy a lot of our units so far, he even managed to wipe down our Surprising Troop.”
After he said that, Onoki narrowed his eyes looking for the Anbu Captain and that special Anbu.
Sakumo stood there calmly, yet so focused waiting for his time to shine.
Sakumo was at the edge of his limit, it was a matter of time before he could pull the performance that made him gain the nickname Konoha’s White Fang.
In this kind of situation, there’s no need to remind everyone to be vigilant, everyone is so focused!
At this time, a scout came and reported to Sakumo: “Sakumo-Dunno, the next troop arrived.”
Sakumo looked at him and said: “Tell the current squad to stop approaching, and let the next one advance.”
Opposite than Konoha, the rock side had already a large number of Shinobis in the battlefield.
Suddenly a scout came to Onoki to report.
“Tsuchikage-Sama, Konoha’s army arrived.”
“It seems Konoha’s side want to take it easy if this is the case… tell our side to push more.”
After he shook his head, Onoki continued on looking at Sakumo.
This small fight wasn’t important, there were already hundreds of people fighting on the battlefield, yet their number was still small.
Onoki didn’t care even about the next squad he was sanding.
The only people he cared about, was Sakumo, and that special Anbu.
These two people were the only one who had his attention, as for the battlefield where there was only a bunch of Chunin fighting each other, it didn’t even need to be observed, they were only sacrifices that the two sides needed to take to decrease the numbers of two sides for the last battle.
There’s no way that one of the two sides gonna fall from this small clash.
Finally, the first troop fell back and a new troop entered the center of the battlefield.
At the same time, Naito’s side joined the battle.
“It finally has begun.”
Having his first step on the battlefield, Naito whispered these word softly while he was standing there and looking at the Rock’s side.
Nawaki was by his side, swallowing his glaze, looked really afraid, but he didn’t want to expose it, he looked at Naito and wanted to ask him if he was still scared.
Suddenly, he couldn’t find him, he looked forward, then he saw Naito rushing so fast toward the Rock’s army.
Jiraiya was also looking at the battlefield, and suddenly noticed Naito and said: “What is that idiot doing? does he have a death wish?”
Sakumo who was watching the scene, couldn’t help but smirk, Orochimaru who was standing behind revealed an evil smile as he was watching Naito from the very moment he took his first step in the battlefield.
The war… Finally broke out!
——Vol.1: End——


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